A Brief History

Software Oasis was founded in September 1998, the same month Google launched. The Software Oasis website launched in 1999 and was originally a marketplace for downloadable software and licenses. This was a novel idea then, as most software was still sold on physical media like disks and CDs.

As times and technology have continued to change, our enduring Vision, Values, and Mission persist as guideposts as we continue to evolve along with the Software Market.


From Humble Beginnings

Software Oasis 1999


Software Oasis Products Launched

Software Oasis Back Utility

In 2005, Software Oasis released a line of 16 software titles under its own brand. These products included pop-up blockers, backup software, image editing tools, and a keyword utility for early SEO pioneers.


Software Oasis Re-Launches as a Hub for small & mid-sized businesses to learn from industry experts.

Today, Software Oasis creates unique content to help small and mid-sized businesses choose the best software for their specific needs.

Industry Specific Focus

We focus on creating industry-specific content that provides a comprehensive analysis of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions available to businesses in each industry. Our content is unique because each article and video includes advice from industry experts, tailored to the specific needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

“The auto industry is fiercely competitive. I rely on Software Oasis to provide the latest insights and analysis from SaaS software experts in the car industry. Simply put, they offer the latest real-world analysis that you will not find from any of the leading software comparison sites.”

Joe Blichfeldt, Quality Subaru

We Understand Your Pain

We know that running a small to mid-size business can be challenging. We've been there ourselves. That's why we offer clear and concise explanations of how SaaS solutions can help you solve specific pain points in your business. We also provide real-world examples of how other businesses have used SaaS solutions to improve their operations.

We are human

Let's be honest, there is plenty of information out there about the technical aspects of SaaS solutions. Here, we focus on the human side of choosing a SaaS solution for your business. You value work-life balance and want to be successful while still enjoying your life. We aim to help you find the solution that will help your business improve productivity, efficiency, and customer service while achieving a healthy work-life balance.

“The future of software is about finding the right tools for the job, not the biggest or the most expensive. It’s about finding the software that helps you be more productive, more collaborative, and more innovative.”

Marc Benioff, CEO Salesforce

future Focused

Live in the present, but keep an eye on the future. There are plenty of resources available to learn about the current state of SaaS, but we are always looking for the latest trends and insights into the future of SaaS. Follow our blog feed, learn about our expert consulting services, and subscribe to our newsletter to get exclusive content on how SaaS solutions are evolving and how they will impact businesses in the future.