The Oasis RankTM is Software Oasis's proprietary software review scoring methodology. It is designed to provide an objective, standardized rating to help users evaluate and compare software products.

  • The Oasis RankTM is based on a scale of 0 to 5 in 0.1 increments.
  • It is an aggregate score based on ratings in four criteria: Pricing, Usability, Features, and Support.
  • The criteria are weighted equally, with the average of the four scores making up the final Oasis RankTM.
  • Software Oasis expert reviewers assign scores based on extensive hands-on testing and evaluation.

Scoring Criteria


The Pricing score evaluates the value for money of the software, considering factors like:

  • One-time and recurring license fees
  • The number of users supported
  • Inclusion of support, updates, etc.


The Usability score rates how easy and intuitive the software is to use, including:

  • Ease of onboarding/getting started
  • Navigation and interface design
  • Availability of help documentation


The Features score judges the breadth, depth, and usefulness of the software's capabilities such as:

  • Core functionality
  • Integrations with other software
  • Customizability/configuration options


The Support score reflects the accessibility, responsiveness, and effectiveness of support channels like:

  • Online knowledge base/documentation
  • Community forums
  • Email, chat, and phone technical support

Calculation Methodology

The Oasis RankTM scoring methodology follows a standardized process:

  1. Reviewers thoroughly test software and assign a rating from 0 to 5 for each criterion.
  2. The average of the four criteria scores is calculated to produce the final 0 to 5 Oasis RankTM score.
  3. The aggregated scores across reviewers are averaged to produce the final published score.
  4. The methodology emphasizes accuracy, consistency, and transparency in providing trusted software intelligence to our users.

The Oasis RankTM scoring scale provides a scientific and reliable system to help identify the highest-quality software products for your needs. Please explore the Software Oasis review data below for the latest software reviews and rankings.

Oasis RankTM Reviews Data

Review PagePricing ScoreUsability ScoreFeatures ScoreSupport ScoreFinal Rating
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Bitskout Review: Ultimate Tool For Efficient Data Extraction4.
Synthesia Review: Ultimate AI-Powered Video Creation Platform4.
EmailWritr Review: Effortlessly Create High-Converting Email Campaigns4.
December 2023 Software Reviews
Review PagePricing ScoreUsability ScoreFeatures ScoreSupport ScoreFinal Rating
NordPass Review: The Ultimate Password Manager4.94.884.944.904.90
Discover The Future Of Chatbots: A Comprehensive Review Of Chatbase4.
WordHero Review: Effortless High-Quality Content Creation4.54.74.574.94.66
Monday.Com Review: Streamlining Workflows And Boosting Productivity4.
Unveiling The Future Of Document Analysis: A Review Of Humata AI4.
Speak Ai Review: Transforming Unstructured Data Into Insights4.
NordLocker Review: Secure Cloud Storage With Advanced Encryption4.
Pluckd Review: Uncover Hidden Talent With Modern Talent Management Solution554.94.94.95
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TubeBuddy Review: The Ultimate YouTube Growth Tool4.
Notion Reviewed: All-In-One Workspace And Productivity App4.
Murf AI Review: Ultimate AI Voiceover Generator For Creators4.
FoxyApps Review: Leverage AI To Create Lead Magnets Without Coding4.954.94.94.92
Tykr Review: Discover Undervalued Stocks With Tykr’s AI-Powered Analysis Software4.
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Riding The Wave Of The Future With Exploding Topics – Our Review4.
November 2023 Software Reviews