Taming the Tech Jungle Webinar

Choosing the Right AI Tools for Your SMB

Don't BE Left Behind: Navigating AI tool selection

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    • Wednesday, May 29, 2024
    • 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST

    What you’ll learn

    Navigating AI tool selection

    With new AI tools launching daily, SMBs face a jungle of options. We will share insider tips on identifying your unique business needs, evaluating tool capabilities, and finding the perfect fit to boost efficiency and growth.

    Understanding AI tool types

    As businesses embrace digital transformation, navigating the expanding jungle of AI tools can seem daunting. From chatbots to computer vision, each AI technology serves distinct purposes.

    Risks of AI tool implementation

    AI adoption risks real, but planning and partners unlock potential. Avoid integration issues, bias, security gaps, and more. Overcome hurdles with phased rollouts & expert support.

    Discovering task-specific AI tool Selection

    Ditch repetitive tasks! AI tools analyze data & automate your workflow. Find the perfect fit & skyrocket your productivity. The future is now – join us to explore!