Learn How to effectively cyber-Proof Your Business Webinar

Cyberproofing Your Business: Leveraging Security Solutions

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    • Wednesday, July 24, 2024
    • 1:00 – 2:00 PM EST

    What you’ll learn

    Beyond Passwords: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for SaaS Environment

    Secure your SaaS data with an extra layer of protection beyond passwords. Learn about MFA and how it works.

    Data Encryption in the Cloud: Protecting Sensitive Information

    Keep your cloud data safe from prying eyes. Master data encryption techniques for a secure cloud environment.

    Threat Detection & Response for SaaS Applications

    Stop cloud threats before they strike! Learn how to detect and respond to security threats in your SaaS applications.

    Securing Remote Workforces: Best Practices for Cloud-Based Access

    Empower your remote team securely. Explore best practices for securing cloud access and protecting your data.