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Backendless Features Overview

Backendless combines a robust backend platform with visual builders for business logic, APIs, and UIs to accelerate the development of data-driven real-time applications.

Real-Time Database

Backendless offers a real-time NoSQL database that syncs data across devices instantly. Developers can build reactive UIs that update in real-time as the database changes.

  • Visual database schema designer makes modeling data easy
  • SQL-like queries allow robust data retrieval.
  • Data is synced in real-time across devices
  • Database triggers allow the execution of custom logic

Codeless Business Logic

The visual codeless builder allows the implementation of complex business logic without coding.

  • Drag-and-drop interface to build logic flows
  • Supports conditions, loops, timers, math, and more
  • Logic can be applied to APIs, databases, and UIs
  • Changes take effect immediately without redeployment

Automatic APIs

Backendless auto-generates fully documented REST APIs for every table, user object, and custom service.

  • CRUD APIs are created automatically for every database table
  • No need to manually create APIs from scratch
  • APIs can be extended with custom code
  • Reduces repetitive coding work

UI Builder

Developers can create UIs visually for web, mobile, and desktop apps via the intuitive UI Builder.

  • Drag-and-drop interface for building UIs
  • Library of responsive layouts, components, and themes
  • UIs connect to backend APIs and databases easily
  • Supports Angular, React, Vue, and jQuery

Backendless Alternatives

These Backendless alternatives provide robust backend platforms, real-time capabilities, and accelerators to build full-stack apps quickly without managing servers. Firebase, Back4App, and AWS Amplify are the top options.


Firebase is Google's mobile app development platform that provides tools for building apps quickly without managing infrastructure.

  • Realtime database, cloud functions, hosting, machine learning, analytics
  • Integrates with Google Cloud Platform

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify offers tools and services for building full-stack web and mobile apps using AWS services.

  • Provides backend, APIs, authentication, analytics
  • Integrates with Amazon Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB
  • Includes SDKs for web and mobile apps


Back4app is a backend-as-a-service platform built on the open-source Parse Server to accelerate app development.

  • Automated scaling, monitoring, backup and recovery
  • Realtime database, cloud code, and API integration


Kuzzle is an open-source backend to develop real-time web and mobile apps with a scalable database and APIs.

  • Realtime engine, automatic APIs, analytics
  • Supports IoT, mobile, web apps
  • On-premises or cloud hosting


PubNub provides real-time infrastructure and APIs to build globally scalable real-time apps and IoT devices.

  • Global data stream network
  • 70+ SDKs for web, mobile, IoT
  • Add-ons for chat, presence, geofencing

Backendless Pros & Cons


  • Cost-effective backend solution without managing infrastructure
  • Automatic scalability and reliability
  • Real-time data synchronization
  • Flexible and customizable platform
  • Visual development environment
  • Automatic API generation
  • SDKs for web, mobile, IoT apps
  • Secure infrastructure and backups


  • Can be vendor lock-in once dependent on the platform
  • Reliance on third-party infrastructure
  • Limited customization compared to coding from scratch
  • Debugging and inspecting apps could be improved

Backendless Best Use Cases

Backendless is ideal for building real-time, data-driven mobile and web apps with essential requirements for custom business logic, instant data sync, and rapid prototyping.

Real-time Apps

  • Build real-time mobile and web apps with data syncing instantly across devices
  • Enable real-time communication via chat, notifications, location tracking etc
  • Leverage real-time database triggers and business logic

Rapid Prototyping

  • Quickly build a functional prototype to validate an idea
  • Automatic APIs and UI builders accelerate development
  • Easily transition prototype to production app

IoT Applications

  • Connected devices can sync data in real-time
  • Manage and monitor devices and data streams
  • Integrate with hardware via SDKs

Mobile Apps

  • Build iOS, Android, and hybrid mobile apps with ready SDKs
  • Offload app logic and data to backend
  • Push updates to apps without redeployment

Complex Business Logic

  • Implement custom complex logic with the codeless visual editor
  • Add workflows, conditional logic, and processes without coding
  • Logic executes on backend and remains private

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