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beehiiv Features Overview

Beehiiv provides robust features for creating, designing, publishing, managing, and monetizing newsletters, all from a single intuitive platform designed for individual creators and teams.

User-Friendly Interface

Beehiiv offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The platform is designed to make creating, sending, and managing newsletters seamless for beginners. The editor allows for rich formatting using a simple WYSIWYG experience.

Advanced Analytics

You can access detailed analytics on open rates, click rates, subscriber engagement, and more. These insights can help you optimize newsletter campaigns and content. Dynamic segmentation allows you to target specific subscriber groups with content.

Monetization Options

This is the biggest differentiator and one to note when choosing a platform. Monetize your audience with premium subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and promotions. Beehiiv supports paid newsletters, affiliate links, promotional partnerships, and more to generate revenue.

SEO Optimized Website

Each Beehiiv account has a free SEO-optimized website on which to publish newsletters. This expands the reach of the newsletters and positions them to be discovered via search engines.


Leverage automation to save time. Options include auto-responders, segmentation, post-scheduling, and more. Workflows can be triggered based on user actions.


Beehiiv integrates with email providers, payment processors, analytics tools, social media, and more. Zapier integration enables connecting with thousands of apps.

beehiiv Alternatives

The top beehiiv alternatives offer unique capabilities and value propositions for running a newsletter. Factors like cost, features, ease of use, and audience should guide your choice.


  • Popular newsletter platform with over 250k paying subscribers
  • Minimalist writing experience focused on content

Substack is one of the most well-known newsletter platforms, offering a straightforward writing and publishing experience. It has a large existing user base and social features.


  • Twitter-owned newsletter tool with seamless Twitter integration
  • Transaction fees on paid newsletters

Revue makes it easy to turn your Twitter followers into newsletter subscribers. Its acquisition by Twitter allows tight integration. Lower transaction fees compared to other platforms.


  • Free email marketing platform with generous limits
  • Automations and email templates

MailerLite is a full-featured email marketing platform with a generous free plan. It provides professional email templates and powerful automation workflows.


  • Focus on creators and online course businesses
  • Advanced automations and integrations

ConvertKit's platform is tailored specifically for online creators and course creators. It offers intricate automations, sales funnels, and integrations.


  • Open-source newsletter and blogging platform
  • Custom designs and themes

Ghost is a popular open-source publishing platform used by major media sites. It offers more design flexibility and customization for tech-savvy users.

beehiiv Pros & Cons

Beehiiv provides a robust all-in-one platform for creating, designing, publishing, and monetizing newsletters. The intuitive interface, powerful editor, built-in monetization tools, and generous free plan make it an excellent choice for beginners. More advanced users may be frustrated by the free plan's lack of customization and limitations. Beehiiv offers a competitive solution for launching and growing a newsletter business.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Powerful editor with rich formatting options
  • Advanced analytics and segmentation capabilities
  • Built-in monetization tools like premium subscriptions
  • SEO optimized website included with each account
  • Automation for emails, segmentation, etc.
  • Integrations with other platforms like Shopify, WordPress, etc.
  • 0% platform fees on premium subscriptions
  • Generous free plan with 2,500 subscribers


  • Limited customization options on the free plan
  • No native commenting system
  • Email automation is limited to 30 days
  • Lack of redirects and nofollow links hampers SEO capabilities
  • Support response times could be improved
  • The steep learning curve for some advanced features

beehiiv Best Use Cases

Beehiiv provides the core tools and capabilities needed to create, design, publish and monetize engaging newsletters as an individual or business. The user-friendly interface and generous free plan make it easy to get started.

For Individual Creators

  • Quickly build an audience by leveraging Beehiiv's recommendation network to get discovered. The referral program also helps grow your subscriber list.
  • Monetize your expertise and content by offering premium subscriptions and affiliate offers directly through your newsletter.
  • Own your audience data and content. You retain complete control, unlike on social media platforms.
  • The high degree of customizability for your brand with templates, domains, etc.
  • In-depth analytics provide data to optimize content strategy and grow readership.

For Teams and Companies

  • Collaborate with team members to co-author and publish newsletters efficiently.
  • Leverage advanced segmentation and automation to target content and campaigns.
  • Integrate with existing tools like CRMs, email providers, payment systems, etc.
  • Offer gated content, coupons, or trials to subscribers to generate leads.
  • They have dedicated IP addresses and domains for enhanced branding.

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Beehiiv is an all-in-one newsletter platform with powerful features for creating, designing, publishing, and monetizing email newsletters. It provides user-friendly design tools, advanced analytics, automation capabilities, and built-in monetization options like premium subscriptions and referral programs. Beehiiv offers generous free plans for up to 2,500 subscribers and competitively priced paid plans. Users praise the platform's ease of use, customization, and growth features. However, limitations exist on free plans. Top alternatives like Substack, Revue, and MailerLite offer comparable capabilities. Beehiiv is a competitive solution for launching and scaling a newsletter business. Sign up for a free trial of beehiiv today. Be sure to add a software review or find the best software by searching our reviews. This page contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.