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Amanda J.

United States
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actionable SEO insights

As a blogger, I love how MarketMuse provides actionable SEO advice tailored to my site. From keyword gaps to content expansion opportunities, it gives me specific direction to improve my rankings. My organic traffic and conversions have increased thanks to these personalized SEO insights.

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Mark J.

United States
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Content optmization simplified

Optimizing my existing content used to be a hassle until I started using MarketMuse. It analyses my artcles and shows exactly how to improve them for higher rankings. I now know which terms to add, content to expand, and backlinks to include. My search traffic has grown as a result.

MarketMuse Features Overview

MarketMuse leverages AI and machine learning to provide in-depth insights and tools to create high-quality, optimized content targeting the right keywords and audiences. This allows you to outrank competitors by better matching search intent.

Long-tail keywords

MarketMuse's keyword research tools can suggest long-tail keywords and variants to help target less competitive search queries. This allows you to rank for more specific searches.

Audience Insights

MarketMuse analyzes your website and competitors to identify your target audiences and their intents. This ensures your content matches user search intent.

Content intelligence

MarketMuse uses AI and machine learning to analyze your content and competitors. It provides data-driven insights into optimizing existing content and creating new high-quality content.

Content Briefs

MarketMuse generates optimized content outlines to help writers quickly create comprehensive content. The briefs include headings, questions to answer, keyword suggestions, and more.

Research application

This provides keyword suggestions, topically related terms, content quality benchmarks, and other insights to inform content strategy and creation.

Compete application

Analyze your website against competitors to reveal content gaps, quality benchmarks, and differentiation opportunities to outrank competitors.

Optimize application

Optimizes existing content by providing target content quality and length goals along with related topics to cover. It tracks progress as you edit.

Popular MarketMuse Alternatives

Many alternatives to MarketMuse exist depending on your specific needs and budget. Frase, Surfer SEO, and Clearscope offer strong content optimization abilities for small teams at lower prices.


  • AI-powered content writing and optimization platform
  • Features include content briefs, outlines, AI writing assistant, a plagiarism checker, and more.

Surfer SEO

  • Specializes in content optimization for SEO
  • It helps you research keywords, write optimized content, and analyze existing content.


  • Content optimization software with easy-to-use reports
  • Provides keyword research, content briefs, and optimization suggestions


  • All-in-one digital marketing platform with strong SEO and content tools
  • Expansive features beyond just content optimization, like rank tracking and backlink analysis


  • Focuses specifically on content optimization reports
  • Provides keyword research, outlines, content scoring

SE Ranking

  • SEO toolkit with a range of features, including content optimization
  • Helps with keyword research, content editing, rank tracking, and more

MarketMuse Pros & Cons


  • In-depth content analysis and optimization
  • Automated content briefs and outlines
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Helps improve organic search rankings


  • Premium price and features
  • Steep learning curve to use all capabilities
  • It can feel overwhelming for smaller teams
  • Limited integration with other tools

MarketMuse Best Use Cases

MarketMuse leverages AI to streamline and optimize content marketing, from audits and analysis to creation and optimization. The key benefits are increased content quality, accelerated workflows, and predictable traffic and rankings improvements. It's an ideal tool for content teams looking to scale production exponentially.

  • SEO and content marketing – MarketMuse helps businesses generate more organic traffic, improve search rankings, and boost conversions by enabling them to create optimized, high-quality content at scale efficiently.
  • Content auditing and analysis – MarketMuse analyzes existing website content deeply to identify gaps and optimization opportunities and highlight top-performing pages. This informs content strategy.
  • Competitive research: MarketMuse analyzes competitors' content to reveal gaps, top-performing pages, and optimization opportunities, which informs content creation.
  • Topic research and creativity – MarketMuse suggests relevant topics and clusters based on site authority and performance. This streamlines content planning and ideation.
  • Content creation and optimization – MarketMuse helps create content briefs and outlines and provides optimization recommendations to improve content quality and alignment with searcher intent.
  • Link building – MarketMuse identifies relevant internal pages and external resources to link to from content to improve rankings.
  • SERP analysis – MarketMuse analyzes search results pages to inform content strategy and reveal optimization opportunities.

MarketMuse Articles

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