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Mindy J. Assembly Review

Mindy J.

United States
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Streamlined Peer-to-Peer Feedback

The peer feedback features in Assembly have made our review cycles so much smoother. I can easily provide anonymous feedback to colleagues and also request feedback on my own performance. The prompts and templates ensure I give constructive, actionable feedback. It's helped us build a culture of continuous improvement.

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Michael H.

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Simple Employee Recognition Software

I love how easy Assembly makes it to recognize my coworkers for their great work. With just a few clicks I can send a customized recognition message and reward points. It's seamlessly integrated into our Slack which makes the process fast and fun. This tool has really helped improve employee morale and engagement.

Assembly Features Overview

All-in-One Internal Communications and Knowledge Management

Assembly combines workplace search, document management, team collaboration, knowledge sharing, employee recognition, and more on one intuitive platform. It is a centralized hub for employees to find information, connect with colleagues, and work more efficiently.

Powerful Search and Knowledge Management

Assembly's workplace search allows employees to quickly find answers across documents, conversations, people profiles, and more in seconds. Teams can organize knowledge into shareable wikis, FAQs, and topic hubs.

Team Collaboration Tools

Assembly provides channels for team chat and conversations, project management workflows, and tools like polls, praise, and peer recognition to foster better collaboration.

Employee Engagement Capabilities

With peer recognition, values-based praise, employee profiles, and engagement analytics, Assembly helps build transparency, alignment, and camaraderie across distributed teams.

Secure Access and Integration

Assembly enables single sign-on via Google or Microsoft 365. It also integrates with Slack, MS Teams, HRIS systems, and more. Access permissions and controls keep proprietary data secure.

Intuitive Interface and Adoption

The modern, consumer-like interface makes Assembly easy for employees to use intuitively. Onboarding tools, nudges, and adoption kits drive engagement across the organization.

Assembly provides an all-in-one workplace platform tailored to the needs of modern digital employees. It enables organizations to break down silos and connect teams with the information and tools they need to work smarter.

Popular Assembly Alternatives

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines chat, video meetings, calling, and Office 365 apps.
  • It deeply integrates with Microsoft's suite of products like Word, Excel, and SharePoint and is excellent for organizations using Microsoft 365.


  • Slack is the leading team messaging app that brings chat, shared channels, apps, and workflows together in one place.
  • It has an open ecosystem with thousands of integrations and is widely adopted by teams for collaboration.

Workplace by Facebook

  • Workplace by Facebook provides a familiar Facebook-like collaboration experience tailored for businesses.
  • It offers group chat, video calls, file sharing, groups, and integrations suitable for large enterprises.

Google Workspace

  • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) combines messaging, docs, spreadsheets, storage, and meetings under one platform.
  • It enables real-time collaboration between Google services and is ideal for organizations invested in Google's ecosystem.
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Zoho Cliq

  • Zoho Cliq offers team chat, audio/video conferencing, collaboration tools, and integrations between Zoho's business apps.
  • It provides an affordable alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Assembly Pros & Cons


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful search across content
  • Team collaboration tools
  • Employee recognition features
  • Integrations with MS Teams, Slack, etc


  • It can be overwhelming for smaller companies
  • The steep learning curve for admins
  • Expensive compared to essential intranets

Assembly Best Use Cases

Assembly is a digital workplace platform ideal for medium- to large-sized organizations that want to improve internal communications, knowledge sharing, and employee engagement. The solution provides a flexible no-code platform to streamline organization collaboration, communication, productivity, and engagement.

Team Collaboration

  • Assembly provides a unified workspace for teams to communicate, collaborate on projects, share knowledge, and track tasks.
  • The platform is designed to break down silos and connect distributed teams.
  • Teams can create custom flows or use templates for daily standups, retrospectives, 1-on-1s, and more.

Employee Engagement

  • Assembly makes it easy to recognize achievements and milestones and show employee appreciation.
  • Insights provide data on participation levels across teams and flows.
  • Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams bring engagement into everyday workflows.

Productivity Optimization

  • Automate repetitive tasks like standups, check-ins, and reporting.
  • Track work and projects with custom flows tailored to team needs.
  • Reduce meetings and streamline workflows for greater efficiency.

Knowledge Management

  • Create a centralized knowledge base with documents, resources, and best practices.
  • It enables quick access to information vs. email searches.
  • Securely store and organize company data.

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