Podcast: Assembly AI-Powered Intranet for Employee Engagement

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In this podcast, Assembly CEO Jonathan Fields explains how Assembly's intranet leverages innovative technology like AI search to help companies smoothly share information, find answers instantly, and increase employee engagement – enabling organizations to substantially reduce costs, save time, boost productivity and rapidly scale by uniting distributed workforces with personalized, relevant content.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Assembly

In this episode of the Software Spotlight podcast, Michael Bernzweig interviews employee engagement software expert Jonathan Fields, the co-founder and CEO of Assembly, a company that offers a unique intranet solution for organizations. Assembly focuses on three main aspects: delivering information to employees, finding information, and employee engagement. The platform uses AI technology to help employees find information quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort.

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Assembly's unique intranet solution

  • Assembly provides an intranet that is more like Facebook or Instagram rather than static pages like SharePoint. It surfaces relevant, personalized content for each employee.
  • The solution includes an AI assistant named Dora that can instantly answer questions by searching through company documents rather than making employees dig through folders. Dora provides direct answers and cites the sources.
  • Assembly offers a no-code form builder to create surveys, recognitions, contests, etc., without needing other tools.

Employee engagement and information sharing

  • Assembly started with peer recognition and rewards to drive engagement across organizations. This had a 95% participation rate.
  • The software helps push important company announcements and information to employees across multiple platforms like Slack.
  • It gamifies mundane tasks like surveys by attaching rewards.

Challenges faced by organizations regarding intranets

  • Typical intranets like SharePoint have static, uniform content that becomes irrelevant. Employees want personalized, social, engaging content.
  • Searching within intranets is difficult and time-consuming, requiring digging through folders. Employees waste time trying to find information.
  • Organizations end up with too many disjointed tools for different needs, leading to tool fatigue.

AI technology for finding information

  • Assembly uses the latest AI to provide a radically better search than traditional keyword/folder searches.
  • The AI bot Dora can answer natural language questions in seconds by searching across company documents.
  • Dora summarizes survey results instantly, saving weeks of manual analysis time.
  • The AI provides factual answers and cites sources, avoiding hallucinated responses.

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