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Janet L. CrankWheel review

Janet L.

United States
Verified Review

Closed more deals with CrankWheel

I've closed many more deals since using CrankWheel for sales calls and demos. I have been using it for about a year. Being able to walk customers through our product and pricing visually has increased conversions. It's easy to use and helps build trust—no client downloads or signups are required for customers. I just send a link and can instantly share my screen.

Arcos A. CrankWheel review

Arcos A.

United States
Verified Review

No-Fuss Screen Sharing

Sharing my screen with CrankWheel takes seconds. Customers simply click a link I send them and can view my screen immediately. No complicated installation or signups. It's boosted our customer support and sales efforts. As a small business owner, I have my entire sales team using the software daily. We are seeing less friction and more sales overall.

CrankWheel Features Overview

CrankWheel makes screen sharing instant, easy, and reliable while providing tools to capture more leads, collaborate effectively, and build trust through visual demos. The software removes friction from the selling process.

Easy Screen Sharing

CrankWheel allows you to instantly share your screen with anyone on any device without requiring downloads or plugins. Send your customer or prospect a link; they can view your screen directly in their browser, even on mobile. This makes it easy to visually show your product, give demos, and explain concepts on sales calls.

Remote Control

CrankWheel's remote control feature lets you give control of your screen to your customers or prospects. This allows them to click around and interact with your software or product demo themselves, getting hands-on without being in the same room. Remote control builds trust and confidence.

Lead Capture

Capture more leads right from your website using CrankWheel's lead capture forms. Website visitors can request a demo or screening sharing session directly, and CrankWheel will connect them instantly with your sales team – no scheduling required. This allows you to communicate with prospects immediately while their interest is piqued.

Screen Recording

Record your CrankWheel screen-sharing sessions with CrankWheel's built-in recorder. You can save essential demos and presentations to review later or share via email. Screen recordings are helpful for training, collaboration, and creating marketing assets.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate better as a team with CrankWheel. Easily loop in colleagues to join your screen-sharing sessions, share control, and work with customers in realtime. Smooth collaboration leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Custom Branding

Make your CrankWheel screen sharing reflect your brand. Customize the lobby and email templates with your logo, colors, and messaging to provide a seamless branded experience. This builds familiarity and trust with your prospects.

Reliable Connection

CrankWheel uses WebRTC technology to establish direct peer-to-peer connections between you and the viewer. This removes reliance on intermediary servers, ensuring a fast, reliable connection for flawless screen sharing every time.

Popular CrankWheel Alternatives

Leading CrankWheel alternatives offer various video conferencing, screen sharing, and webinar solutions for different needs. Top options include Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, join.me, BlueJeans, and Whereby.


Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. It offers features like screen sharing, recording, chat, and webinars.

  • Video meetings for up to 100 participants
  • HD video and audio quality


GoToMeeting provides a seamless online meeting experience with HD video conferencing, screen sharing, and cross-platform support.

  • Host meetings with up to 3,000 attendees
  • Record meetings to review later


Webex by Cisco is a leading enterprise video conferencing solution. It enables screen sharing and messaging and integrates with other business apps.

  • Highly secure and reliable
  • Customizable interface


join.me is a lightweight screen-sharing tool for small teams. It's easy to use with no downloads required.

  • Simple screen sharing
  • Free for up to 10 participants


BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing service that connects distributed teams via video, audio, and web conferencing.

  • Interactive features like polling and Q&A
  • Seamless integration with conference room systems


Whereby (formerly appear.in) provides a browser-based video conferencing solution for teams. It's simple and requires no software installs.

  • Virtual meeting rooms with shareable links
  • Custom branding options

CrankWheel Pros & Cons


  • Lead capture forms
  • No downloads are required for prospects
  • Instantly share screen from any device
  • Remote control for prospects
  • Team collaboration


  • Limited custom branding options
  • Lacks advanced webinar functionality
  • Expensive compared to basic screen-sharing tools

CrankWheel Best Use Case

CrankWheel's instant screen-sharing software is ideal for sales teams that need to visually demonstrate products and concepts on sales calls. It allows reps to share their screen instantly without requiring the prospect to download anything.

Instant Demos for Sales Teams

CrankWheel enables sales teams to instantly share their screens with prospects to demonstrate products, services, or platforms visually. The instant demos feature allows reps to respond to inbound leads and shorten sales cycles rapidly.

Onboarding and Training Customers

Customer success managers use CrankWheel to onboard new users onto platforms and applications. Walking customers through the setup and initial use with real-time visuals improves onboarding and training.

Troubleshooting for Customer Support

Support agents can quickly troubleshoot issues by sharing their screens with customers to show them solutions visually. Agents can demonstrate how to navigate an interface or fix problems.

Presentations for Sales Pitches

Sales reps can easily present sales decks, calculators, brochures, and other materials over the phone to prospects with CrankWheel's screen sharing. Visuals improve remote sales pitches.

Compliance with Regulated Industries

Agents in regulated industries like insurance and finance use CrankWheel to remain compliant when selling remotely. They can visually share licenses and other verification.

Remote Collaboration for Teams

Teams working remotely collaborate with CrankWheel by sharing screens, annotating, and working together in real time. The software facilitates remote teamwork.

Webinars and Online Events

CrankWheel enables presenters to broadcast their screens to an audience for webinars, online training, and virtual events. Presenters can engage attendees with visuals.


Leave Your Competition In The Dust With CrankWheel

Left behind on sales calls without visuals? Crankwheel makes visual selling easy, helping agents close 60-80% more deals.

Blow past your competition by visually engaging prospects on any device. Try Crankwheel free for 14 days and accelerate your sales today!

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