5 Tips To Make Insurance Less Confusing for Prospects

Screen Sharing for Sales

I recently interviewed screen-sharing expert Gilsi Sigvaldason, co-founder of CrankWheel, to get his insights on how insurance agents can simplify the visual insurance sales buying process for prospects.

CrankWheel provides a visual insurance sales platform that enables real-time screen sharing on any device during sales calls. This lets agents visually walk prospects through policy details, comparisons, rates, and other intricacies over the phone.

You can stream a video with a screen share. In this video, we learn how an insurance agent can be on a CrankWheel video call explaining policy details visually to a client, demonstrating how visual sales tools can help agents simplify complex insurance policies for consumers.

According to Gilsi, visuals are absolutely essential for explaining insurance in a clear, simplified way:

“To explain something complicated, for example, a policy over the phone and hoping that the end user will understand it, I think it's just impossible. You have to show it.”

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5 tips for making visual insurance sales less confusing for prospects:

1. Leverage Visuals to Explain Policies

The absence of visual insurance sales over the phone often leads to consumer confusion when trying to explain intricate policy details thoroughly. Instantly sharing your screen to walk prospects through visuals tailored to them provides clarity.

Crankwheel case study outlines the results from using real-time screen sharing.
Insurance agents use CrankWheel's visual sales platform to instantly share screens with prospects, enabling personalized policy explanations during calls. Real-time visuals help agents simplify complex policies and drive higher conversion rates.

As Gilsi explained, you have to show it:

“A lot of agents that come to us to explain actually what they like most about is how simple it is to get people connected.”

Learn how to record Figmar Prototype videos. An insurance agent presenting a visual overview of insurance basics like deductibles and copays over a CrankWheel screen share can exemplify how visuals help explain insurance.

2. Avoid Insurance Jargon

Use simple, everyday language to explain policies. Avoid industry lingo and acronyms that prospects may not understand.

According to Gilsi:

“To explain something complicated, for example, a policy over the phone and hoping that the end user will understand it, I think it's just impossible. You have to show it.”

3. Personalize Quotes and Comparisons

Generic materials often add to the confusion and require visual insurance sales agents to work harder, not smarter. Tailor visuals specifically to the prospect’s unique situation. Personalized materials are more impactful.

In this video, we can see the magic of a screen share post-meeting redirect. This functionality helps when presenting confusing insurance paperwork with question marks and represents how visual sales tools help agents clarify intricate policy details for consumers struggling to comprehend policies. The ability to have a call to action at the end of a meeting is important to closing deals.

4. Follow Up with Visual insurance sales Leads After the Call

Prospects often have questions after calls. Follow up visually to easily address outstanding questions rather than more confusing phone calls.

5. Use Screen Sharing to Overcome Objections

When prospects say, “I’m confused about X,” instantly share your screen to walk them through the specifics. Visuals provide clarity.

Simplifying Insurance Education with CrankWheel

Tools like CrankWheel simplify insurance education by enabling agents to instantly share through visual insurance sales tactics during calls.

See Your Sales Skyrocket With CrankWheel

Crankwheel is proven to boost sales performance. Agents using Crankwheel close 60-80% more deals by visually engaging prospects on any device.

Experience the power of visual selling for yourself. Start your free Crankwheel trial today and watch your sales take off!

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According to Gilsi:

“A lot of agents that come to us to explain actually what they like most about is how simple it is to get people connected.”

The ability to provide personalized, visual explanations on-demand has been a game changer. Agents can now easily educate prospects in a clear way tailored to them.

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Results from Top Insurance Agents

Agents using CrankWheel have seen dramatic improvements in sales and retention by leveraging visuals to simplify insurance education:

  • Some U.S. agents increased sales by 40-80% by showing visuals not possible over the phone alone.
  • Many agents now use CrankWheel for 60-80% of calls instead of just booking meetings.
  • SDRs use CrankWheel for short, visual policy explanations on cold calls.

The key is simplifying your pitch with visual insurance sales tactics so prospects fully understand their options. Visual selling technology enables agents to accomplish this during calls.

Key Takeaways for Insurance Agents

Here are a few critical tips for simplifying insurance education for prospects:

  • Leverage visuals to explain policies clearly. Verbal descriptions alone often confuse prospects.
  • Avoid industry jargon and tailor materials specifically to the prospect. Generic information overwhelms prospects.
  • Follow up visually after calls to efficiently address outstanding questions.
  • Use screen sharing to address confusion and objections immediately.
  • Tools like CrankWheel make visual education frictionless during calls.
This video walkthrough shows how to record and share your screen with CrankWheel. An insurance agent presenting policy terms over a CrankWheel screen share demonstrates how visuals help agents explain complex insurance jargon more clearly.

Training Insurance Agents on Visual Selling with CrankWheel

Emphasizing the Benefits of Visual Sales

Explaining the key benefits of visual sales to insurance agents is essential. As noted in an interview with Gilsi Sigvaldason of CrankWheel, visual sales build trust, simplify complex policies, and increase conversion rates. Providing an overview of how CrankWheel enables screen sharing across devices sets the foundation for agents to leverage visuals in their sales process.

Mastering Visual Sales Techniques

The remote control feature of CrankWheel is shown in this video. An insurance policy is something that solutions like CrankWheel enable insurance agents to clarify complicated policy terms and conditions visually.

Agents should learn best practices for visual selling, such as tailoring visual assets to each prospect. For example, they can build a library of customized visuals covering common policies and objections. Sharing examples of effective screen-sharing presentations to give agents ideas is also helpful. Tips for presenting digitally versus in-person help agents adapt their communication style.

Ongoing Training and Support

Continuous training enables agents to improve their visual selling abilities. Quick video updates on new CrankWheel features keep agents up-to-date. Making coaching available to troubleshoot technical issues prevents frustration. Recognizing top visual selling agents provides motivation. Consider supplemental training resources like ebooks or online communities focused on visual sales.

Insurance providers can transform customer engagement and maximize sales with proper training leveraging CrankWheel for visual explanations.

Enhancing Customer Retention with CrankWheel

Strong customer retention stems from building trust and loyalty over time through positive experiences. Visual sales tools like CrankWheel help agents strengthen retention by simplifying complex policies before and after purchase.

Reinforcing Understanding After Purchase

Following up visually after a client purchases a policy is an impactful retention strategy. Screen sharing clarifies intricate policy details that may remain unclear over the phone. Visuals also build trust by demonstrating the agent is committed to the client fully comprehending their policy.

Simplifying Complex Renewals and Changes

Leveraging CrankWheel's visual sales capabilities can simplify complicated renewals, changes, and claims processes. Visually walking clients through amendments eliminates confusion from complex policy legalese. Quick video follow-ups also conveniently address client questions, boosting retention.

Ongoing Education and Support

Agents should consistently educate clients on policy details and changes using visuals. This empowers clients to make informed decisions, reducing uncertainty. Making training resources like videos accessible reinforces learning as well. Prioritizing visual education and support is critical to nurturing loyalty.

With CrankWheel's frictionless screen sharing, agents can visually engage clients throughout the customer lifecycle, not just during sales calls. This enhances retention by building trust and simplifying complex insurance interactions.

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Conclusion on Visual Insurance Sales

Here are some of my critical thoughts on the article about making insurance less confusing for prospects:

  • Instantly sharing visuals during calls is essential. Explaining policies thoroughly and overcoming confusion verbally is difficult, if not impossible. Visuals bring clarity.
  • Personalized quotes, comparisons, and materials tailored to each unique prospect are more impactful than generic information. Customization avoids overwhelming prospects.
  • Following up visually after calls to address questions is enormous. It prevents prospects from getting confused again after another long phone call. Quick video follow-ups add clarity.
  • Leveraging screen sharing to address objections and confusion as they arise immediately is so important. Being able to show specifics tailored to the objection visually is persuasive.
  • Tools like CrankWheel that make visual selling seamless help agents simplify insurance education during calls. Easy access to visuals on any device removes friction.

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The key to visual insurance sales is using visuals to educate prospects in a personalized way that avoids confusion. Equipping agents with instant visual selling capabilities has been a total game changer for simplifying insurance discussions during calls.

The bottom line is that visual selling streamlines the insurance buying process by helping agents educate prospects in a personalized, simplified way. To experience CrankWheel’s visual selling capabilities, start a free 14-day trial here. (No credit card required)

Listen to our Software Spotlight podcast episode featuring CrankWheel: Childhood friends Gilsi Sigvaldason and his co-founder created screen-sharing software CrankWheel to simplify sales calls and demos. Integrating email, calendar, and tools to capture interactions effortlessly, CrankWheel’s timeline visualizations help agents sell faster by sharing screens on any device without prospects downloading anything.

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