Podcast: How CrankWheel Helps Insurance Salespeople Close More Deals

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In this episode of the Software Spotlight, childhood friends Gilsi Sigvaldason and his co-founder created screen-sharing software CrankWheel to simplify sales calls and demos. Integrating email, calendar, and tools to capture interactions effortlessly, CrankWheel’s timeline visualizations help agents sell faster by sharing screens on any device without prospects downloading anything.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight featuring CrankWheel

In this episode of Software Spotlight, Michael Bernzweig interviews Screen Sharing expert Gilsi Sigvaldason, the co-founder of CrankWheel, a unique software selling solution designed for various industries, focusing on the health insurance sales industry.

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Inspiration behind CrankWheel

Gilsi and his co-founder, who were childhood friends, came up with the idea of CrankWheel after realizing the amount of time spent on the phone trying to book meetings and see people in the insurance sales industry. They wanted to create a screen-sharing solution that would allow salespeople to go as far as possible in the first call without spending valuable time on the phone.

CrankWheel Features

CrankWheel is a screen-sharing solution that allows salespeople to connect with prospects or customers within seconds. It supports tele-sales and can be used for inside sales and cold calls. The solution is available to users worldwide and is used in various industries, including financial products, insurance, and digital agencies.

CrankWheel offers several ways to connect with prospects, such as sending an SMS, copying a link and sending it through chat or WhatsApp, or using the lobby approach where the prospect chooses the presenter and connects through a security bridge.

The solution also includes a post-URL redirect feature, allowing the presenter to decide where the viewer will go after the screen-sharing session ends. This can be used to direct viewers to a landing page, a referral form, or any other relevant page.

CrankWheel is designed to be easy to use and compliant, making it suitable for various industries, including healthcare, wealth management, and solar as a service.

Challenges in Health Insurance Sales and CrankWheel's Solutions

One of the biggest challenges in health insurance sales is connecting with prospects, especially those who are not tech-savvy or hesitant to download software. CrankWheel addresses this issue by providing a simple, one-click solution that does not require any downloads.

CrankWheel supports every browser and device, ensuring that agents can deliver a screen-sharing session within seconds without rescheduling meetings or using specific browsers.


CrankWheel is currently working on integrations with various CRM systems, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, to provide a seamless experience for sales teams.

In summary, CrankWheel is a screen-sharing solution designed to help salespeople connect with prospects quickly and efficiently. With its ease of use, compliance, and support for various industries, CrankWheel is a valuable tool for sales teams worldwide.

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