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Mark J.

Verified Review

Seamless Integration Enhances Data Analysis

As a small business owner, I love how Glances offers seamless integration with the other software platforms I use like Salesforce and QuickBooks. This unified access to data from across apps allows me to easily track campaign performance and identify ways to improve results. With Glances, I don't need complex coding skills to consolidate and analyze data to gain insights. This helps me make smarter marketing decisions that increase conversions. Great support.

Doug P. Glances Review

Doug P.

Verified Review

Reliable Software to Streamline Workflow

I run a small digital marketing agency and Glances has been invaluable for increasing our productivity. By connecting all our web apps in one secure dashboard, my team can now seamlessly access real-time customer insights without constantly switching tabs. This has helped us streamline our workflows and complete projects faster. The intuitive interface also makes training new employees on using Glances a breeze.

Glances Features Overview

Unified Customer View

Glances provides a unified customer view by connecting all your apps into one simplified interface. This lets you see customer data from apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Shopify in one place, giving you a holistic view of each customer.

Real-Time Data Sync

Glances syncs data from your apps in real-time, so you can always access the most up-to-date customer information. Any changes made in your apps are instantly reflected in Glances.

360° Customer Profile

By connecting all your apps, Glances builds a 360° view of each customer with data from sales, marketing, support, ecommerce, and more, giving you the full context for each interaction.

Intelligent Search

Glances allows you to instantly search across all your apps to find any customer or piece of information quickly. It uses intelligent algorithms to surface the most relevant results.

Automated Workflows

The Glances platform enables you to build automated workflows between your apps to streamline business processes. You can trigger actions in one app based on events in another.

API Integrations

Glances offers pre-built integrations with over 100 apps through its API platform. You can also build custom integrations using the Glances API.

Mobile Access

Glances allows you to access your unified customer data on the go. With it, you can look up customers, contacts, and more from your mobile device.

Security & Compliance

Glances takes security and compliance seriously. The SOC 2 Type 2 platform is certified and adheres to industry data protection standards like GDPR.

Onboarding & Support

Glances provides onboarding, training, and customer support to ensure you get the most value. You can connect with their team anytime for assistance.

Popular Glances Alternatives

These Glances alternatives offer co-browsing, live chat, video chat, and AI chatbots to facilitate customer engagement and support. They provide secure and compliant solutions for collaborative browsing.


  • Surfly offers a co-browsing solution that allows support agents to guide customers through complex processes in real time.
  • It provides features like video chat, document sharing, and advanced security.

Sidekick Features

  • Sidekick offers features like distraction blocking, tab suspension, and fingerprint defense to boost productivity and privacy when browsing the web. It aims to make the internet distraction-free and speed up workflows.
  • Sidekick integrates web apps into its sidebar to help users stay organized. It provides global search, split-screen capabilities, and a built-in task manager to increase efficiency.


  • Acquire provides a customer engagement platform with co-browsing and live chat capabilities.
  • It offers AI-powered chatbots and video chat to engage customers.


  • Unblu provides secure co-browsing for customer support agents to guide users in real time.
  • It offers live chat, video chat, and a secure messenger for customer engagement.

Genesys Cloud CX

  • Genesys Cloud CX provides co-browsing for agents to guide customers through processes.
  • It offers omnichannel routing, speech recognition, and predictive dialing.


  • TeamViewer provides co-browsing for real-time collaboration and screen sharing.
  • It offers remote access, file transfer, and IT management features.

Glances Pros & Cons


  • Provides instant access to customer data without tab-switching
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Works across all major browsers and apps
  • Securely connects data from multiple sources


  • Requires manual setup for each data source
  • Not designed for intensive data analysis

Glances Best Use Cases

Glances provide teams with faster access to unified customer profiles that enhance personalization, context, automation, and productivity across roles like service, sales, marketing, and account management. The data centralization and integration capabilities are key benefits.

  • Customer Service – Glances combines customer data from various apps and sources into one unified profile. This gives customer service teams quick access to purchase history, support tickets, conversation history, and other essential info to provide personalized and informed service.
  • Sales – Sales teams can use Glances to access prospects quickly and customer details like contact info, company data, conversation history, and recent activity to prepare for calls and meetings. This enables more contextual and productive sales interactions.
  • Account Management – Account managers can stay on top of key customer accounts by monitoring app activity and getting alerts on essential events through Glances. This allows proactive and strategic account management.
  • Marketing Personalization – By centralizing customer data, Glances enables marketers to build detailed audience segments and deliver personalized messaging and campaigns based on interests, history, and behavior.
  • Workflow Automation – Glances integrates with workflow tools like Zapier to trigger actions based on customer events and data. This allows automating repetitive tasks to boost productivity.
  • Data Centralization – Consolidating siloed customer data from diverse apps creates a single source of truth, eliminating the need to switch between apps to find information.

Get More Done in Less Time with Glances

Glances brings all your business data together in one intuitive interface. Access customer information, sales data, accounting records, and more – no matter what apps you use. Experience the power of a unified workspace.

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