Unleashing the Power of WordPress: Monica Pitts Shares Insights on Web Design

Exploring WordPress Web Design

Monica Pitts discusses leveraging WordPress web design for her web design and development studio in an exclusive interview.
Discover Monica Pitts' expertise in solving business challenges, the design process, and staying up-to-date with WordPress in this exclusive interview.

In an exclusive interview on the Software Spotlight podcast, Monica Pitts, the founder and CEO of Maycreate Design, a leading WordPress web design and development agency, shared her invaluable insights on leveraging the power of WordPress to create effective websites that solve real-world business challenges.

The Journey to WordPress

Monica's journey with WordPress began unexpectedly. With a degree in agriculture, she found herself designing websites for an agency, questioning her career path. It was her mother's encouragement that led her to start her own business, Maycreate Design, at the age of 25. “At 25, I started my own business, and now 18 years later, we are still up and rolling. So we're still building websites, believe it or not, just a completely different type of website.”

Initially skeptical about WordPress, Monica's perspective changed when she discovered the platform's flexibility, community support, and ability to solve problems. “When I first used WordPress, it just clicked in my head,” she recalled. “It was so well-supported, and it is written in a language that I could easily pick up and understand.”

Listen And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

Watch And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

In this exclusive interview, Monica Pitts, the founder of Maycreate Design, shares her expertise in leveraging WordPress for web design and development. Explore her insights on solving business challenges, the design process, and staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving WordPress ecosystem.

Solving Business Challenges with WordPress

One of the key themes that emerged from the interview was Maycreate Design's commitment to using WordPress as a tool to solve real-world business problems. Monica shared examples of how they have helped clients streamline processes, increase conversions, and improve user experiences through thoughtfully designed and developed WordPress websites.

“We like to think of websites like an employee or a member of your team, not just a website. It should solve a problem for you,” Monica explained, highlighting the importance of understanding a client's unique needs and tailoring solutions accordingly.

The Design Process at Maycreate Design

Monica provided listeners with an inside look at Maycreate Design's approach to the web design process. From initial consultations and prototyping to design, development, and ongoing maintenance, she emphasized the importance of clear communication, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the client's goals.

“We always start with the initial conversation so that way we can make sure that everybody's expectations are in line and that their budget's in line,” Monica said, describing the initial phase of their process.

Staying Up-to-Date with WordPress

Throughout the interview, Monica shared valuable advice for website owners and aspiring web developers alike. She stressed the importance of regularly updating WordPress and plugins to maintain security and functionality, as well as staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices through resources like newsletters and conferences.

“I make it a priority to read them every time they come out. They're not people trying to sell things to me. They're people that are syndicating knowledge about WordPress,” Monica said, emphasizing the value of staying informed.

Real-World Examples of WordPress Solutions

Monica shared a compelling example of how Maycreate Design leveraged WordPress to create a powerful online giving platform for non-profit organizations in Mid-Missouri. Over 10 years, the website evolved from a simple email form to a comprehensive platform with peer-to-peer fundraising, volunteer sign-ups, and more.

“Last year, that website helped those nonprofits collectively raise like over $2 million. So we feel like it solved a huge challenge by bringing in more donors to those nonprofits,” Monica proudly stated, showcasing the impact of their work.


What makes WordPress a suitable platform for web design?

WordPress is a flexible and well-supported platform that allows for easy customization and integration with various business solutions. Its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin ecosystem make it a powerful choice for web design and development.

How does Maycreate Design approach the web design process?

Maycreate Design starts with an initial consultation to align expectations and budgets. They then move into a prototyping phase, followed by design, development, client training, and ongoing maintenance. Clear communication and understanding of the client's goals are key throughout the process.

What advice would you give to website owners looking to revamp or create a new website?

Analyze your existing website data to understand what's working and what needs improvement. Consider your target audience and provide an easy path to the information they need. Research your competitors and aim to offer a better user experience. Understand your current and future goals for the website to ensure scalability.

How important is it to regularly update WordPress and plugins?

Regularly updating WordPress and plugins is crucial for maintaining security and functionality. Outdated software can leave your website vulnerable to hackers, so it's essential to have a plan in place for consistent updates.

What sets Maycreate Design apart from other web design agencies?

Maycreate Design prides itself on being responsive and approachable, not just order-takers. They aim to understand their client's business challenges and provide holistic solutions through their websites, offering consulting services and ongoing support.

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