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AI Content Marketing Strategies

For over a decade, Deirdre Tshien has been an entrepreneur, starting in the hospitality industry before transitioning to coaching e-commerce businesses on digital marketing. Four years ago, she launched her first podcast, the Growth Boss podcast, sharing her expertise and stories about growing an online product-based business.

AI Content Marketing Strategies - Deirdre Tshien's journey from hospitality to coaching e-commerce businesses on digital marketing.
Deirdre Tshien shares her expertise and stories on growing an online product-based business.

However, Deirdre soon realized a harsh truth that many content creators face: “You hit the publish button, and it's like, yes, that felt good. And then you very quickly realized that that's like not the end of it because you like, you have to get it out there and you have actually to get it in front of people.”

Despite her efforts in creating content, Deirdre struggled to attract her ideal audience and convert them into clients. This frustrating experience led her down a path of “really, really needing out on what are all the different ways that we can get our content out there.”

In this exclusive interview, Deirdre Tshien, CEO of Capsho, unveils her company's cutting-edge approach to AI-powered content marketing. Discover the “Honey Trap Method,” a comprehensive framework for creating an ecosystem of content that draws in and nurtures potential clients, ultimately leading them to take action.

The Birth of Capsho

Deirdre's journey eventually culminated in the creation of Capsho, a platform that helps coaches, consultants, and service providers create valuable content using AI technology, attracting a steady stream of dream clients and customers.

While Capsho initially launched to assist podcasters with show notes, Deirdre's true passion lay in the marketing and conversion side of content creation. “My heart was always in the marketing and especially the conversion side of things,” she explained.

The Honey Trap Method: A Comprehensive Content Marketing Framework

At the core of Capsho's approach is the “Honey Trap Method,” a comprehensive framework for conversion content marketing. This method revolves around creating an ecosystem of content that draws in and nurtures potential clients, ultimately leading them to take action.

Push Content

The first step in the Honey Trap Method is “push content,” which aims to generate engagement, capture email leads, and build anticipation for upcoming content events, such as podcast episodes or live streams.

Deirdre shared a three-post strategy that piques interest and encourages registration, growing the email list in the process. For example, a post might ask, “Who here wants a cheat sheet or a guide or a social media template? Say me below.”

Content Event

The “content event” is the anchor content, such as podcast episodes or videos, where experts share their knowledge and stories. Deirdre emphasized the importance of human-generated content to foster genuine connections with the audience.

Pull Content

“Pull content” is designed to draw people back to the content event and nurture them further. Deirdre highlighted the four-post social media strategy, which includes awareness, tip, community, and action posts, each serving a specific purpose in the conversion journey.

Evergreen Content

Finally, “evergreen content” transitions the focus to search-based discoverability, ensuring that valuable content remains accessible and continues to attract new audiences over time.

The Four-Post Social Media Strategy

Deirdre delved deeper into the four-post social media strategy, a crucial component of the Honey Trap Method's pull content phase.

  1. Awareness Post: This post aims to generate engagement and get the right people to raise their hands, indicating their interest in the topic. Examples include polls on LinkedIn or “unpopular opinion” statements on Facebook, designed to spark conversation and interaction.
  2. Tip Post: After capturing the audience's attention, the tip post provides value by sharing insights and learnings related to the content event's premise.
  3. Community Post: The community post allows the content creator to share personal stories and experiences, fostering a deeper connection with the audience. Deirdre emphasized the importance of tagging relevant individuals to generate built-in engagement.
  4. Action Post: The final post in the sequence encourages the audience to take action, such as listening to the podcast episode or attending a live event, ultimately leading them towards a bridge funnel or offer.

The Power of AI Assistance

While Deirdre believes in the importance of human-generated anchor content, she recognizes the immense potential of AI assistance in content creation and promotion. Capsho's AI-powered platform helps entrepreneurs streamline the content creation process, saving time and effort while maintaining a strategic and intentional approach.

“Capture the software helps to do the work so much easier. So why wouldn't you?” Deirdre exclaimed, referring to the platform's ability to generate social media posts, blog content, and other materials based on the user's anchor content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Capsho different from other AI content creation tools?

Capsho stands out by focusing on creating content with intention and strategy, rather than just generating generic content. The platform is designed specifically for coaches, consultants, and service providers who want to attract and convert dream clients through their content marketing efforts.

How does Capsho ensure the content is high-quality and valuable?

Capsho starts with the user's anchor content, such as a podcast episode or video, and then creates additional content based on that human-generated, expert-level material. This ensures that the content is relevant, valuable, and aligned with the user's expertise.

Can Capsho really help grow my email list and attract more clients?

Yes, the Honey Trap Method and the four-post social media strategy are designed to generate engagement, capture email leads, and nurture potential clients through the conversion funnel. Deirdre shared a case study of a podcaster who increased her downloads from 1,000 to 125,000 per month using Capsho.

Is Capsho easy to use for someone with limited technical skills?

Absolutely. Deirdre emphasized that Capsho's next-generation platform, Capture Next Gen, will have an improved user experience and a self-learning capability, making it easier for users to create content tailored to their tone and preferences.

What kind of support does Capsho offer to help users succeed?

In addition to the software, Capsho offers a membership program with resources and support to help users implement the Honey Trap Method and other content marketing strategies effectively. The team is invested in helping their community succeed and achieve real results

    By leveraging the power of AI content marketing with Capsho, coaches, consultants, and service providers can streamline their content creation process, attract their ideal clients, and ultimately grow their businesses. As Deirdre Tshien demonstrated, the right combination of human expertise and AI assistance can lead to remarkable results.

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