The Raving Referrals Playbook: Crack the Code to Endless Leads

Referral Marketing System

Discover the game-changing 'Raving Referrals' system for endless high-quality referrals and new business opportunities.
Learn how Brandon Barnum's ‘Raving Referrals' system transformed his life and business.

Brandon Barnum's journey from a struggling single father making $20,000 a year to a successful entrepreneur earning $200,000 within just 18 months is nothing short of inspiring. His remarkable transformation was made possible by mastering the art and science of what he now calls “raving referrals.” sales system.

“I found that out because my mortgage company kept sending my checks back with three little letters that said NSF, insufficient funds, because once I started paying daycare, I couldn't afford it. So I had to make a change,” Barnum explained.

Mentored in the art of generating referrals, Barnum was able to 10x his income in just 18 months, going from $20,000 to a staggering $200,000 a year. Ever since he's been on a mission to help others achieve the same success through his revolutionary “Raving Referrals” system.

Struggling single dad to $200K in 18 months – Brandon Barnum achieved the impossible with his “Raving Referrals” system. Discover his counterintuitive yet game-changing playbook that unlocks an endless stream of high-quality referrals and new business opportunities, putting your marketing on autopilot.

The Counterintuitive yet Game-Changing Methods

Barnum's methods for generating referrals are often described as counterintuitive but game-changing. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on two key areas: past clients and referral partners.

“We focus heavily on two different things. One, your past clients to get more referrals from the people that already know that your service is great. And then also, yeah, and they've got a story to tell, right? They have a personal experience with your brand,” Barnum said.

While most businesses rely on referrals, only a small percentage have a system in place to actively generate them. Barnum's system addresses this gap by helping professionals co-market and cross-promote with trusted referral partners.

The Art of the Ask: A Three-Step Process

One of the most valuable insights Barnum shares is the “art of the ask” – a three-step process for comfortably asking for referrals:

  1. Set the Stage: Upfront, let your client know that you'd like to ask for referrals if you deliver a five-star experience.
  2. Listen for Referral Triggers: Watch for voluntary praise from your client, indicating a job well done.
  3. Ask to Get: Remind the client of your initial agreement and ask if they know anyone else who could benefit from your services.

“You're going to set the stage. You're going to listen for referral triggers. And then you're going to ask to get. You're going to ask to get,” Barnum said. A Revolutionary Referral Marketing Platform

Barnum's company,, is a revolutionary referral marketing platform that helps professionals in various industries generate referrals and new business on autopilot. The platform connects homeowners with trusted service providers in their communities, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

“ is really for professionals, it's the number one referral network for professionals who serve homeowners. But for homeowners themselves, it's their online hub, everything about their home and their community in one location,” Barnum explained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is a strategy that leverages word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals from existing customers or partners to attract new customers. It's an effective way to generate high-quality leads and build trust with potential customers.

How does the “Raving Referrals” system work?

The “Raving Referrals” system focuses on two key areas: past clients and referral partners. It helps professionals co-market and cross-promote with trusted partners, creating a mutually beneficial referral network.

What is the “art of the ask”?

The “art of the ask” is a three-step process for comfortably asking for referrals: setting the stage, listening for referral triggers, and asking to get. It involves setting expectations upfront, recognizing when a customer is satisfied, and then politely asking for referrals.

How does work? is a platform that connects homeowners with trusted service providers in their communities. Professionals can claim exclusive rights to market their services in specific neighborhoods and co-market with other professionals, creating a referral network.

What are the benefits of referral marketing?

Referral marketing has several benefits, including higher conversion rates (up to 400% higher than other lead sources), increased customer loyalty and retention, and lower customer acquisition costs. Referred customers also tend to have a higher lifetime value.

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