Podetize CEO Reveals Podcast Growth Secrets on Software Spotlight

Podcast Growth Strategies

Tracy Hazzard, co-founder and CEO of Podetize, recently appeared on the Software Spotlight podcast hosted by Michael Bernzweig. The in-depth interview covered Hazzard's inspirational journey from passionate podcaster to tech entrepreneur, Podetize's innovative ad insertion platform, and her proven strategies for achieving massive podcast audience growth.

Hazzard shared how she and her husband Tom launched their 3D printing podcast WTFFF (What The Filament Filament Fabrication) in 2014 as a passion project related to their design business. Within just 5 months, the show had amassed over 100,000 listeners.

“People were coming at us going ‘How did you do that? How is your show so big already? What are you doing differently?'” Hazzard recalled.

She attributed this rapid success to implementing a comprehensive multimedia strategy combining video extras, detailed show blogs, aggressive social promotion, and engaging listener call-to-actions – tactics most podcasters weren't utilizing at the time.

Listen And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

Watch And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

In an exclusive interview on the Software Spotlight podcast, Tracy Hazzard, CEO of Podetize, pulled back the curtain on her company's cutting-edge podcast hosting and ad insertion technology. She also revealed the comprehensive multimedia strategies that allowed her podcast to gain over 100,000 listeners in just 5 months.

Pioneering Podcast Ad Insertion Technology

One of the biggest challenges Hazzard faced was efficiently inserting advertisements into existing episodes without re-encoding the entire file – an extremely time-consuming process.

This pain point inspired the core technology behind Podetize. Hazzard explained how she challenged her team to develop a system to “drop an ad in and take it out” seamlessly across an entire back catalog within hours, not days.

The resulting proprietary ad insertion platform allows podcasters to insert, remove, or swap out ads anywhere within episodes with pixel-perfect precision, without disrupting the audio flow.

Comprehensive “SaaS Plus” Podcast Services

While many podcast hosting companies solely focus on audio distribution, Hazzard emphasized the need for an all-encompassing strategy spanning video, blogs, social media, and more to maximize growth.

“If you look at any of the really popular shows including Joe Rogan's, they have video, social following, email lists – it's a more robust system. The podcast alone is not enough,” she stated.

Podetize provides this array of production, promotion, and monetization services under their innovative “SaaS Plus” model, allowing podcasters to either take a DIY approach or have Podetize's experts handle everything.

Hazzard cited examples of Podetize clients achieving 10-50% month-over-month audience growth by leveraging these multichannel strategies.

Podetize FAQ

What makes Podetize different from other podcast hosting platforms?

Podetize offers a “SaaS Plus” model providing not just podcast hosting, but a full suite of production, promotion, and monetization services to help podcasters rapidly grow their audiences.

How does Podetize's ad insertion technology work?

Their proprietary platform allows inserting, removing, or swapping ads anywhere within existing episodes with precise timing, without disrupting audio flow – a process that normally requires complete re-encoding.

What strategies helped Podetize's podcast gain over 100,000 listeners so quickly?

Implementing a comprehensive multimedia approach with video extras, detailed show blogs, aggressive social promotion, and engaging calls-to-action for listeners.

What kind of audience growth are Podetize clients seeing?

Hazzard cited examples of clients achieving 10-50% month-over-month audience growth by leveraging Podetize's multichannel promotion strategies.

Is Podetize just for hosting podcast audio files?

No, Podetize provides an all-in-one solution for podcasters including audio hosting, video production, blog content, social media promotion, and more.

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