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This Software Spotlight podcast features an interview with Dustin Howes, an entrepreneur and expert in affiliate partnerships. Dustin discusses how his company Affistash uses AI to help brands efficiently find, vet, and recruit relevant affiliate partners to promote their products and drive incremental sales. The software aims to automate tedious manual tasks like lead sourcing so that partnership managers can focus more on building meaningful relationships with affiliates.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Affistash

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Find and recruit high-quality affiliates with Affistash's advanced AI technology.

Leveraging AI to Boost Affiliate Recruitment and Sales

Affiliate marketing has become an essential sales channel for many businesses today. However, finding and recruiting quality affiliates can be tedious and time-consuming. That's where Affistash comes in.

Affistash is an AI-powered software platform that automates the affiliate recruitment process to help brands efficiently discover, vet, and partner with relevant affiliates at scale. The company was co-founded by entrepreneur Dustin Howes and technical expert Victor Giurgiu to revolutionize affiliate partnership growth.

In a recent podcast on Software Spotlight hosted by Michael Bernzweig, Dustin Howes explained how Affistash taps advanced algorithms and automation to streamline tedious manual tasks like lead sourcing and outreach. This enables partnership managers to instead focus their efforts on building meaningful relationships that drive incremental sales.

The Challenges of Manual Affiliate Recruitment

Dustin brings over 14 years of experience in affiliate marketing. In the podcast, he recalled always having the ambition to use technology to find more partners to promote the various programs he managed.

However, identifying and contacting potential affiliates has traditionally required piecing together multiple tools. Affiliate managers would use keyword research software to find relevant websites, contact data tools to source email addresses, and CRMs to store partner information, and still have to craft outreach emails manually.

This fragmented process is hugely inefficient. Affistash consolidates the disparate tools of affiliate recruitment into one unified platform.

How Affistash's AI Assistant Works

At its core, Affistash leverages AI to scour the internet and suggest relevant affiliate websites. You simply provide details on your brand, niche, products, target customer, etc. Affistash's algorithms go to work analyzing millions of web pages to instantly serve up a list of vetted partners.

The software also fetches key audience and traffic analytics on each prospect to inform your outreach. You can view monthly visitors, traffic geography, site categories, and more metrics. For publishers with referral links, Affistash identifies the specific affiliate networks and platforms they are part of.

Its AI assistant even automatically composes customized partnership invites for you to send to prospects with a single click.

Why Affistash Accelerates Growth

Affistash essentially functions as an all-in-one command center to streamline, automate, and enhance various stages of the affiliate recruitment workflow.

Sourcing Relevant Prospects

The AI-based discovery engine lets you source more prospects matching your ideal customer profile from wider sources across the internet. This allows for targeted yet extensive outreach at scale.

Vetting Prospects

Audience and traffic analytics on each prospect enable you to instantly gauge the quality and relevance of affiliates to determine high-potential partners.

Outreach & Follow-Up

Personalized email templates, sequencing, and tracking help ensure your outreach campaigns hit the mark to drive responses.

Partnerships Management

Centralized CRM to oversee the entire affiliate relationship lifecycle — from onboarding to tracking performance.


Robust analytics dashboards provide visibility into key partnership KPIs to showcase marketing ROI.

Affistash elevates affiliate managers from manual grunt work to high-value strategic work. All the while massively scaling results and accelerating sales growth through partnerships.

The Road Ahead

Currently, Affistash is laser-focused on strengthening its core offering. The AI partner discovery engine provides immense value as is.

However, the long-term vision is to become the definitive affiliate relationship management platform on the market. New capabilities in development include deeper CRM functionality, sales tracking integrations, and robust reporting dashboards.

Affistash strives to be the single workspace for affiliate managers to oversee the entire partner journey – from discovery to tracking sales performance.

For businesses looking to expand growth through affiliate partnerships, Affistash presents tremendous potential. The software promises to reduce the complex multifaceted process down to just a few simple steps.

Leveraging AI and automation, it handles all the heavy lifting allowing you to focus entirely on building meaningful partnerships. To learn more and try out Affistash, visit their website.

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