Listnr Review: How This AI Text-to-Speech Platform Stacks Up Against Top Competitors

What is Listnr?

Listnr is an advanced AI voice generator that allows you to create realistic text-to-speech voiceovers and videos with just a few clicks. With Listnr, you type or paste text, and the AI will convert it into natural-sounding speech using various voices and languages.

In this comprehensive Listnr review, I'll cover the key features and benefits of using Listnr. I will also dive into how it compares to top competitors like Synthesia,, WellSaid Labs, Descript, and Amazon Polly. We will cover the platform's best use cases, pricing, and subscription options. I will also review the step-by-step setup instructions.

It is my goal to demonstrate how Listnr can save you time creating voiceovers and videos so you can decide whether it is the right text-to-speech generator for you. Let's explore if Listnr is the right solution for your audio and video needs and my final verdict after testing it out.

Listnr Review: Best AI Text-to-Speech Platform Comparison
AI voice generators

Create lifelike voiceovers effortlessly. Listnr review covers this AI voice generator. Experience natural-sounding speech in multiple languages and voices.

Price: 9 – 19

Price Currency: $

Application Category: AI voice generation software. text-to-speech (TTS) software

Editor's Rating:


  • Wide variety of natural sounding voices and accents (over 100)
  • High-quality audio output
  • Easy to use interface
  • Useful for creating podcasts, voiceovers, audio articles
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Good customer support


  • Limited number of free word conversions per month
  • Some voices sound more robotic than others

Benefits of Using Listnr

Human-Like AI Voices

Listnr utilizes advanced deep learning to produce incredibly realistic human-sounding voices. The AI voices mimic natural cadence, tone, and emphasis to make speech sound truly human.

900+ Voices in 142 Languages

With support for 142 languages and over 900 voice options, Listnr provides unparalleled voice diversity. You can find the perfect voice for any project, demographic, or global audience.

Text-to-Video Conversion

In addition to generating voiceovers, Listnr can convert text into full animated videos. This makes it easy to create engaging video content at scale.

Custom Voice Styles and Effects

Further customize voices by adding effects like whisper, excitement, sadness, and more. You can adjust speed, pitch, and volume to fit your needs.

Downloadable MP3s and Integrations

Export generated voiceovers as MP3s and integrate them into videos, presentations, podcasts, and more. Listnr fits seamlessly into your workflow.

text-to-speech for videos:

Listnr offers text-to-speech for videos by converting scripts into realistic voiceovers for explainer videos or tutorials. The solution provides an AI voice for videos by using text-to-speech to automatically create voiceovers from scripts for explainer, marketing, or eLearning videos. The solution generates AI voices for e-learning materials and online courses by converting educational text into lifelike narration.

Listnr AI Voiceovers: Create Voiceovers from Article URLs or Text Editor
Effortlessly generate high-quality voiceovers with Listnr AI by choosing between article URLs or the convenient text editor option.

How Listnr Compares to Top Competitors

Listnr vs. Synthesia

While both can generate animated videos from text, Synthesia has more advanced video customization, while Listnr has more voice options. Synthesia is better for branded video content, while Listnr excels at voiceovers.

Listnr vs. specializes in creating custom voices using AI voice cloning. But Listnr has a much more comprehensive selection of instantly available voices. offers personalized voices, while Listnr provides more variety. The solution enables AI voice cloning by using their speech synthesis technology to replicate the sound of a natural person's voice from samples.

Listnr vs. WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs focuses solely on custom synthesized voices. Listnr offers a complete AI voice generator platform beyond just customized voices. WellSaid is better for unique voice cloning, while Listnr provides an end-to-end solution.

Listnr vs. Descript

Descript is an advanced audio and video editor, while Listnr specifically focuses on text-to-speech generation. Descript has more editing capabilities, but Listnr offers better text-to-speech quality and speed.

Listnr vs. Amazon Polly

Amazon Polly is a robust cloud text-to-speech service. But Listnr has a more user-friendly interface and a better selection of natural voices. Polly offers more control for developers, while Listnr is better for simple voiceovers.

Best Use Cases for Listnr


Quickly generate high-quality voiceovers for podcast intros, ads, trailers, and more. The MP3 exports integrate seamlessly into your podcast workflow.

Video Creators

Add voiceovers to explainer videos, tutorials, animated content, and more. Listnr saves hours of recording and editing time.

Audiobook Narration

Convert eBooks or blog posts into audiobooks or audio articles using Listnr's human-like voices. The solution also produces high-quality AI voice narration for podcasts by converting text to natural-sounding speech.

Voice Assistants

Use Listnr to create the voice for your chatbot, virtual assistant, GPS navigation system, or any other AI application. The software provides customizable AI voice assistants that understand text commands and respond with human-like synthesized speech.


Improve accessibility for those with visual impairments by converting text content into speech using Listnr.

Listnr dashboard image displaying account overview and voiceover list
Effortlessly manage voiceovers and settings with Listnr's intuitive dashboard. Get an overview of your account and access options like Podcasts, Voiceovers, Audioplayer settings, TTS voices, TTS API, and settings.

Listnr Pricing and Plans


  • 100 words per month
  • One voice option
  • Great for trying it out


  • $19/month
  • 10,000 words per month
  • Access to all voices
  • MP3 downloads


  • $59/month
  • 100,000 words per month
  • Advanced analytics
  • Video credits
  • Volume discounts

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Listnr

  1. Go to Listnr and sign up for a free account
  2. Copy and paste or type the text you want converted into the text editor
  3. Select your preferred voice language and adjust speech settings
  4. Click “Generate Voiceover” and preview the audio
  5. Download the MP3 or integrate the audio into your project
  6. Upgrade to a paid plan for more features and usage
  7. Explore tools like the video maker to unlock additional capabilities
Image of Listnr AI Voice Generator interface for embedding audio on your website
Discover the power of Listnr AI Voice Generator's interface for embedding audio on your website using an iframe embed code. Choose from various player types to enhance user experience. Listnr allows AI voice creation using advanced speech synthesis algorithms to generate human-sounding speech from text.

Is Listnr the Right Choice for You?

Listnr is ideal for content creators, developers, and anyone looking to add high-quality voiceovers or videos using AI text-to-speech software. It's an affordable, easy-to-use alternative to manual recording or hiring voice actors.

However, other solutions may better serve those needing advanced custom voices or specialized industry-specific audio. But for general voiceover needs, Listnr offers cutting-edge AI at a reasonable price.

ICS notes, "The development of voice AI can be traced back to the 1950s, with the creation of the first speech recognition systems. These early systems were limited in their capabilities, recognizing only a few words or phrases. Over the decades, advancements in computing power, algorithms, and data processing have enabled the evolution of voice AI into the sophisticated and versatile technology we see today."

Listnr Review Conclusion

In my experience testing out Listnr, the AI voices are remarkably human-like, and integrating them into videos and podcasts is seamless. The variety of languages and voice options is awe-inspiring. When I tested Listnr, I felt that the wide variety of natural-sounding voices was valuable for quickly creating voiceovers for different types of content. With over 900 voice options in 140+ languages, I could tailor the perfect voice for explainer videos, podcasts, audio articles, and more in just minutes.

Based on the intuitive editor, ability to customize through pitch, speed, tone adjustments, and seamless exporting to share anywhere, I highly recommend Listnr for anyone needing AI-generated speech audio. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner, Listnr streamlines audio production so you can get high-quality, realistic AI voiceovers without the costs of hiring voice actors or recording equipment. For affordable, efficient text-to-speech, Listnr delivers.

Visit Listnr and sign up for a free trial today and experience the future of AI voice generation for yourself!

Listnr FAQ

Is it possible for AI to create a video based on text?

Yes, AI video generators like Listnr, Synthesia, and Invideo can now create short videos from just text input. This text-to-video capability uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic voiceovers, stock footage, transitions, and music automatically that match the text description. The resulting videos can be used for marketing, training, summarizing content, and more. However, while quality is improving, accuracy and context understanding by AI still have limitations compared to human-created video.

Which AI technology is capable of transforming text into video?

Tools like Listnr, Invideo, VEED, and Synthesia utilize advanced AI to transform text into professional-quality videos quickly. Just type a script, and the AI generates footage, voiceovers, music, and more tailored to your prompts. These text-to-video converters make engaging video content accessible for anyone without special skills. Additional AI platforms like Fliki,, and offer similar automated video creation from text using their own proprietary algorithms. Overall, AI is revolutionizing video production, opening new creative possibilities for brands and individuals looking to level up their visual storytelling.

How can text be converted into a video using AI?

Listnr AI offers a text-to-speech tool to generate voiceovers from text. Enter your script to produce realistic audio in over 140 languages. The MP3/WAV files integrate seamlessly into video editors. Invideo, Listnr, and VEED also provide text-to-video conversion, combining AI narration, stock footage, and images to create social media videos in minutes. Overall, these generative AI platforms streamline producing videos at scale, saving creators time and money versus manual editing or hiring voice actors.

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