RentPrep vs Competitors: In-Depth Comparison

What is RentPrep?

RentPrep is an online tenant screening service used by landlords and property managers to perform background checks on rental applicants. It provides various screening tools to help evaluate a prospective tenant's qualifications, including credit reports, criminal records, eviction history, identity verification, and more. I will summarize it quickly by saying that RentPrep is currently the best tenant screening option we evaluated.

In this comprehensive review, I'll look in-depth at RentPrep's features, benefits, and pricing and how it compares to competitors like SmartMove, MyRental, Avail, RentSpree, and Innago. My review will focus on how each solution stacks up based on pricing, usability, features, and support. I'll outline the best use cases for RentPrep, walk through the setup process, and help you determine if it's the right fit for your rental property business. I aim to give you all the details to decide if RentPrep is worth investigating further.

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RentPrep Review vs 5 Best Tenant Screening Competitors
background check for tenants fast

Our RentPrep review compares top options. Run credit reports, criminal records and more. Get reliable tenants. Fast, compliant screening. Protect your property.

Price: 21 – 40

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Tenant Screening Service, Property Management Software, Risk Management & Fraud Prevention, Legal Compliance Software

Editor's Rating:


  • Affordable pricing starting at $21 per applicant
  • Customizable screening packages with add-ons like income verification available
  • User-friendly online platform and application process
  • Provides credit reports, background checks, eviction reports, etc.
  • Access to private Facebook community for connecting with other landlord


  • Credit checks only show pass/fail, not full credit details
  • Some important checks like income verification cost extra

Our RentPrep Testing

As a landlord who wants to find reliable, long-term tenants, one of the most important things you can do is thoroughly screen applicants. I know some landlords skip this step or only do a basic check – but in my experience, that's asking for trouble down the road. Proper tenant screening takes more time upfront but saves huge headaches later. In my testing of the RentPrep solution, I will walk you through the steps you will go through as you get started with the solution.

Dashboard View

Once you have signed up for your RentPrep account, you will be greeted by your dashboard. From this main view, you have access to everything that you will need for screening your tenants. You can see your existing screening orders and check on their status, view all of your properties, and get order help and support.

Dashboard view of RentPrep for quick tenant background checks
Quickly sign up for RentPrep and get fast tenant background checks. Fast and easy online rental applications with comprehensive tenant screening protect rental income.

Properties View

In the properties view within the RentPrep dashboard, you can manage or enter all your properties. You can see all of your tenants by property and by unit. It is your jumping-off point for organizing your portfolio within RentPrep.

Properties view for adding individual properties within your rental portfolio
Easily add properties for rental application credit checks with RentPrep. Instantly screen rental applicants with fast criminal and eviction checks for reliable tenants.

Orders View

In the orders view, you can enter screening orders for new potential tenant applicants. You can see a summary of all of your orders, which includes the order date, order type, applicants, status, amount, and reports. Just click on the big plus to create new orders to get the ball rolling on your screening.

A screenshot of RentPrep's Orders View, showing pending and new screening orders for rental tenants.
The Orders View in RentPrep's online renter screening platform displays pending and new screening orders. Instant credit reports verify tenant financial responsibility to reduce rental property risks.

Benefits of Using RentPrep

Thorough, Customizable Background Checks

RentPrep offers various background screening services customized to your specific needs. Their basic package includes identity verification, nationwide eviction search, and checks for bankruptcies, judgments, and liens. You can add on services like credit reports, criminal records, sex offender registry checks, and income verification for an additional fee.

Manual Review by FCRA-Certified Screeners

Unlike some automated tenant screening services, RentPrep has actual people manually reviewing and compiling background check reports. Their screeners are FCRA-certified and comb through records thoroughly to validate the information and ensure compliance. This human touch provides an extra layer of accuracy.

Integration with Property Management Software

RentPrep integrates with popular property management systems like AppFolio, Buildium, Entrata, and Yardi. This allows for a streamlined workflow by syncing applicant info and screening reports between the software and RentPrep.

Educational Resources for Landlords

Beyond just tenant screening, RentPrep provides a wealth of educational resources like video tutorials, guides, checklists, and podcasts to help landlords navigate the leasing process. Their focus on education sets them apart.

Great Customer Service and Support

RentPrep is known for providing exceptional customer service through phone, email, and live chat support during business hours. Their team can provide guidance on using their service, interpreting reports, and general property management best practices.

How RentPrep Compares to Competitors

RentPrep vs. SmartMove

SmartMove is operated by TransUnion so that they can pull credit reports without the applicant's consent. However, RentPrep offers more customizable packages, while SmartMove only has 2 set bundles. Both provide criminal records and eviction checks. RentPrep has better pricing for a la carte add-ons. Both provide excellent support options.

RentPrep vs. MyRental

MyRental has a more extensive records database but turns around reports slower than RentPrep. However, MyRental includes sex offender checks in their basic package, while RentPrep charges extra. RentPrep offers superior customer service and more robust educational offerings. MyRental delivers solid applicant screening, but RentPrep edges them out with judgment and lien checks, along with competitive pricing starting at $21 per applicant. Both services provide great customer support from our testing.

RentPrep vs. Avail

Avail provides an end-to-end property management solution, while RentPrep focuses solely on tenant screening. Avail has integrated rent payments and maintenance coordination, but their background checks lack manual review. RentPrep has more transparent and competitive pricing. Avail focuses more on end-to-end property management capabilities, while RentPrep specializes in customizable, affordable screening packages from $21 per applicant. Both offer user-friendly platforms.

RentPrep vs. RentSpree

RentSpree offers online rental applications and tenant screening with automated instant reports. RentPrep provides more thorough screening with human review. However, RentSpree is better for high-volume portfolios. RentPrep excels for small-medium landlords. Both solutions offer good customer support via a ticketing system.

RentPrep vs. Innago

Innago best suits short-term rentals, while RentPrep focuses on long-term tenant screening. Innago automatically approves applicants in seconds, which can be risky. RentPrep applies more scrutiny with manual verification. But Innago is faster. Both services provide helpful customer support.

Best Use Cases for RentPrep

Landlords with Smaller Portfolios

RentPrep shines for landlords who manage a handful of rental units. The a la carte pricing structure and lack of monthly fees make it cost-effective for smaller portfolios. Dedicated customer service also appeals to small-scale landlords.

Screening Short-Term Tenants

For landlords renting out short-term furnished rentals via platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo,, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and HomeAway RentPrep allow them to vet guests on a per-screening basis without long contracts. Flexible pricing and fast turnaround times facilitate this.

Supplementing Existing Property Management Systems

Many mid-sized rental businesses rely on software like AppFolio but find tenant screening is a weak point. RentPrep perfectly supplements existing systems by filling the screening gap.

Validating Information from Rental Applications

RentPrep can help landlords verify the information collected on rental applications is accurate. Background checks validate identity, income, rental history, criminal records, and other claims applicants make.

RentPrep Pricing Options

RentPrep offers flexible pay-as-you-go pricing with no monthly contracts or subscription fees. Volume discounts are available if you manage multiple units. Overall, transparent and competitive pricing.

RentPrep Background Check – $21

  • SSN Validation
  • Nationwide Evictions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgment and Liens

Optional Add Ons

  • Nationwide Criminal & Sex Offender Search (+$6.00)
  • Credit Decision Report powered by TransUnion (+$11.00)
  • Income Verification (+$10.00)

RentPrep TransUnion Full Credit Report – $40

  • Full Credit Report
  • Resident Score, and
  • Rental Background Check.

Optional Add Ons

  • Judgment and Liens (+$7.00)
  • Income Verification (+$10.00)

Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up RentPrep

Setting up an account with RentPrep is quick and straightforward:

  1. Go to RentPrep and click “Get Started” to create a free account.
  2. Enter your basic contact and company info to register.
  3. Confirm your email address to complete the signup.
  4. Login to your new RentPrep account dashboard.
  5. Click “Order Screening Reports” and select your desired package.
  6. Enter the rental applicant's info, such as name, DOB, and SSN, to populate the report.
  7. Pay via credit card to complete your order.
  8. The screening process will begin automatically and be complete within one business day.
  9. You will receive an email when the report is ready to view & download.

That's it! Very simple and intuitive to get started.

Is RentPrep Right For You?

RentPrep is an excellent option for small-medium landlords and property managers seeking an affordable and reliable tenant screening service. Key advantages include:

  • Comprehensive background checks with manual verification
  • No subscription or monthly fees
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with volume discounts
  • Integrations with top property management software
  • Educational resources and active community
  • Responsive customer support agents

If you manage an extensive rental portfolio, require instant tenant approval, or need end-to-end property management tools, RentPrep may not be the ideal fit. But for most independent landlords, RentPrep delivers fast, accurate, and customizable tenant screening.

According to Time, "Beginning in the 1820s, however, credit reporting began to modernize, as the density of business transactions made the old system too cumbersome. New bankruptcy laws also made loans a riskier proposition. The result was a series of experiments in standardizing credit evaluation."

RentPrep Review Conclusion

In closing, RentPrep is a top-rated tenant screening service used by thousands of landlords to evaluate rental applicants safely. Their detailed reports, manual verification process, and responsive support make them a trustworthy screening partner. They provide you with direct access to the screening tools you need to make land great tenants in your properties effectively.

If you're ready to take the guesswork out of tenant selection, I recommend signing up for a free RentPrep account today. Visit RentPrep now to get started screening your rental applicants with confidence. Use the site's live chat feature if you have any questions. Here's to finding your ideal tenants!

RentPrep FAQ

Is RentPrep legitimate?

RentPrep offers easy online background and credit checks to help landlords safely choose tenants. With over 150,000 clients and 2 million screenings since 2013, their accuracy and reliability are proven. Their reports include address history, nationwide criminal records, evictions, income verification, and more. Users praise the convenient online system, transparent pricing, and helpful landlord community and resources. For small-to-midsize rental owners seeking quality tenant data, RentPrep delivers essential insights with a personal touch.

What background check do most landlords use?

Most landlords rely on tenant screening services to run comprehensive background checks before approving applications. Standard reports review credit history, past evictions, criminal records, income verification, and rental history. Top services like SmartMove, Avail, and RentPrep provide custom packages to fit needs, costing $20-50 per applicant. Thorough checks give landlords confidence in a tenant's ability to pay rent on time, properly maintain the unit, and ensure community safety. While requirements vary, core tenant standards help avoid future headaches. Ultimately, tenant screening is essential due diligence to make informed, fair choices.

What credit bureau does RentPrep use?

RentPrep uses TransUnion as the credit bureau for both their essential credit check add-on and their full TransUnion credit report option. This allows landlords to easily view applicant credit data from TransUnion when screening potential tenants through RentPrep's platform.

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