The Ultimate WordFinder Dictionary Review: Uncovering the Best Business-Critical Translations

What is WordFinder?

WordFinder is an online dictionary and thesaurus service that provides access to over 500 dictionaries in 28 languages from leading publishers. This comprehensive WordFinder review will compare WordFinder to top competitors on pricing, usability, features, and support.

When testing WordFinder, I found the interactive dictionary integrations invaluable for translating text into a foreign language while writing business documentation. Based on the extensive dictionary options, customizable features, and easy-to-use interfaces, I highly recommend WordFinder for individual users and businesses looking to communicate clearly and accurately in a foreign language.

This review will cover WordFinder's key benefits, comparing top competitors, best use cases, pricing options, a setup guide, best-fit assessment, and final recommendation. Read on to see why WordFinder is my top pick for a premium dictionary service.

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WordFinder (English Subtitles)

WordFinder review of this comprehensive solution with 500+ international dictionaries. Precise business definitions and translations. Compares versus options.

WordFinder Review vs Best Translations Dictionary Options
download dictionary app

WordFinder review of this comprehensive solution with 500+ international dictionaries. Precise business definitions and translations. Compares versus options.

Price: 5.99 – 11.99

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Online Dictionary and Thesaurus Service, Multilingual Dictionary and Thesaurus Service, Language Learning Tool, Translation Tool

Editor's Rating:


  • Large selection of dictionaries in 28 languages
  • Applications available for different platforms like desktop, mobile etc.
  • Can work offline when applications are downloaded
  • Used by a wide range of organizations and users
  • Fast, easy to use, improves efficiency
  • Multi users and educational pricing available


  • It is a paid subscription service rather than a free tool
  • Results focus more on business use over consumer use

Key Benefits of Using WordFinder

Comprehensive Dictionary Selection

With over 500 dictionaries across 28 languages from trusted publishers, WordFinder offers an unparalleled selection of dictionaries for definitions, spellings, translations, and more. The extensive options ensure you can find the correct dictionaries for your needs.

Customizable Features

WordFinder allows you to create custom dictionaries and integrate the service into Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. You can also download mobile and desktop apps for offline access. These features let you customize WordFinder to boost your productivity.

Ease of Use

The WordFinder interface is fast, intuitive, and interactive. It's easy to search dictionaries, access definitions, and translations, and incorporate suggestions directly into your documents with just a few clicks.

Access From Any Device

Web Browser

Access WordFinder's 500+ dictionaries in 28 languages directly through any web browser for convenient lookups, whether on a desktop computer or mobile device. The responsive design automatically adapts for optimal viewing and seamless integration. Open your preferred browser on any device and log in to WordFinder Online to search dictionaries with speed and ease.

Windows & Mac Applications

For enhanced interaction and offline access, download the WordFinder applications for Windows and Mac. These desktop programs interface directly with other work applications for efficient workflow. WordFinder for Windows and Mac also includes additional features beyond the web version and syncs automatically with WordFinder Online.

Mobile Apps

On-the-go flexibility is no problem with WordFinder's iOS and Android apps. As free downloads, these mobile applications provide full access to your WordFinder dictionaries for searching whenever and wherever needed. The apps sync across devices so you can switch from mobile to desktop without missing a beat.

Chrome Extension

Searching dictionaries is simpler through WordFinder's Chrome Extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Just highlight any word on a web page, and the extension will instantly provide definitions from your WordFinder dictionary collection. It's an easy way to look up terminology without leaving your browser.

Offline Access

WordFinder enables offline search across all platforms, allowing uninterrupted access to dictionaries when the internet is unavailable. Desktop apps let users download complete dictionaries for offline usage. Mobile apps also provide offline search by letting users selectively download dictionaries to their devices. With downloaded dictionaries, all searches happen locally, even when online. This ensures a seamless experience without disruption.

Our WordFinder Testing

I will walk through everything you can do with WordFinder to give you a comprehensive solution tour. The massive volume of content that you have access to with the solution is mind-boggling but very simple to access. The interface is so well organized, and for power users who need accurate translations for the work they do, it is invaluable.

Downloading Apps

You can use the solution exclusively online from any device, or you can download a purpose-built app for your specific device if you prefer to use it offline. For organizations that require additional layers of security, using the local application is a great option. The solution has a purpose-built app for Windows and Mac computers and an iOS and Android app.

WordFinder download dictionary app - Access over 500 dictionaries on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS
Download the WordFinder dictionary app and access over 500 dictionaries on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. Full-time Schools and universities get a discount off a yearly WordFinder dictionary membership.

Choose Your Dictionaries

You have access to well over 500 dictionaries. You can choose from dictionaries in various languages to translate from and to. In the image below, you can see a snippet of a handful of dictionaries we selected for our testing.

Image of WordFinder's vast selection of 500 dictionaries for business critical translations
With over 500 included dictionaries, WordFinder offers a far greater selection of dictionaries than other services. Download WordFinder's dictionary database to your device for lightning-fast word searches without an internet connection.

See Dictionary Details

Before selecting a dictionary, click the information icon to see more details. You can see an overview of what to expect from the dictionary and the language and publisher details. In this case, we selected an English-to-Spanish dictionary for a translation test we tried with the tool.

Image of WordFinder Buy Dictionary Subscription - English to Spanish Translation using Peter Collins Publishing Ltd.
Selecting Peter Collin Publishing Ltd. dictionary for English to Spanish translation on WordFinder. WordFinder subscriptions enable complex dictionary queries by criteria like date added, word length, lexical category, and more.

Translation Options

In the image below, we decided to try out an English-to-Danish dictionary for another test we performed. It was interesting to see that the solution worked as well in other languages as in the Spanish test above. Remember that each dictionary is unique and regionalized, so you will want to try a variety of dictionaries to find the best solution for the project you are working on.

WordFinder Best Online Dictionary - English to Danish Translation
In our testing, we found that WordFinder was one of the best online dictionary solutions for business-critical translations. In this image, you can see that you can choose from English to Danish translations, among many other popular options, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, French, and German.

Enter Your Word

It starts with a word to get started with your translations. In this case, you can see all your dictionaries listed on the left and the option to end the words on the right. From there, you enter the word you want to translate, and you will see the full details appear on the right.

Image of WordFinder free dictionary trial: Select dictionaries, translate words, English to Danish example.
Explore WordFinder's free dictionary trial and access a variety of dictionary options if you decide to purchase an annual membership to unlock WordFinder's complete dictionary database with constantly updated word entries. Test drive WordFinder's intuitive dictionary search and advanced features with a 7-day no-cost trial.

See Your Results Instantly

As you can see below, we typed “abandon” in English, and we can see the translation to Spanish on the right. This translation is in the Peter Collin dictionary that we selected in the earlier step.

WordFinder dictionary service subscription
Subscribe to WordFinder's dictionary service for accurate translations. You can access unlimited definitions, origins, and usage with a paid subscription to WordFinder's premium dictionary content.

WordFinder vs. Key Competitors

Based on our comparison, WordFinder consistently surpasses the competitors in various dictionaries, has custom features to boost productivity, and has multiple support channels.

WordFinder vs. Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary

WordFinder offers affordable pricing for individuals and teams with seamless integration, while Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary has high costs for personal use.

WordFinder vs. Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

WordFinder provides intuitive lookup across many dictionaries versus the Oxford English Dictionary's complex search within its historical content.

WordFinder vs. Chambers Dictionary

Chambers Dictionary focuses solely on English definitions, unlike WordFinder's vast multi-language collection and helpful features like autocorrect suggestions.

WordFinder vs. Black’s Law Dictionary

Black’s Law Dictionary specializes in legal terms only, whereas WordFinder incorporates law alongside 500+ general and niche dictionaries.

WordFinder vs. Financial Times Lexicon

WordFinder covers a broad vocabulary for different fields, while the Financial Times Lexicon concentrates narrowly on financial terms.

WordFinder vs. Longman Business Dictionary

WordFinder provides affordable pricing for individuals and teams with seamless integration across devices, while Longman Business Dictionary offers definitions strictly for business terminology.

WordFinder vs. Collins Business English Dictionary

Collins Business English Dictionary focuses narrowly on business vocabulary, whereas WordFinder incorporates business terms within its vast 500+ dictionary collection spanning 28 languages.

WordFinder vs. Gartner Glossary of IT Terms

Unlike the specialized IT vocabulary in the Gartner Glossary, WordFinder covers a wide range of general and niche dictionaries, including IT alongside law, medical, financial, and more.

Best Use Cases for WordFinder

For any activity involving writing, editing, language learning, or accurate communication, WordFinder provides an indispensable dictionary and reference tool.

Writing and Editing

The giant dictionary and thesaurus collection assists with spelling, definitions, synonyms, translations, and more to help individual users craft accurate documents.

Language Learning

Budding linguists can accelerate learning with bilingual dictionaries and verb conjugation tools.

Business Communication

Companies can ensure brand consistency and reach global customers with WordFinder’s robust terminology and translation capabilities.

Academic Research

Students and researchers gain access to authoritative dictionary sources to reinforce arguments with credible references.

Legal and Financial Services

Law firms, banks, and accounting groups can reference industry-specialized dictionaries to define critical terms precisely.

Localization and Translation

LSPs and translators can integrate WordFinder into CAT tools to boost productivity and quality for multilanguage projects.

WordFinder Pricing Options

Single User

  • One Dictionary $5.99/month
  • Two Dictionaries $7.99/month
  • Unlimited Dictionaries $11.99/month
  • Multiple Users

Multi Users

  • 5-9 users (5%) Discount/user
  • 10-19 users (10%) Discount/user
  • 20-49 users (20%) Discount/user
  • 50-99 users (30%) Discount/user
  • 100+ users (40%) Discount/user


Unlimited Dictionaries

Compared to buying individual dictionaries that cost up to $100 each, WordFinder provides incredible value and savings with access to 500+ resources in a single subscription.

Step-By-Step Guide to Get Started

Ready to start using WordFinder? Follow these steps to get set up:

  1. Visit WordFinder and Click Try It Free
  2. Select a subscription plan fitting your needs
  3. Create your user account
  4. Confirm your email to activate the subscription
  5. Log in to access WordFinder’s dictionary collection via the web browser
  6. Download the mobile and desktop apps (optional)
  7. Search dictionaries and thesauruses by keyword
  8. Integrate WordFinder tools into your CAT tool or writing application to boost productivity

With this simple process, you’ll unlock access to 500+ trusted dictionaries instantly through WordFinder.

Is WordFinder Right For You?

WordFinder is the right fit if you:

  • Want access to the most extensive collection of digital dictionaries available from authoritative publishers
  • Seek a cost-effective and scalable dictionary solution for individuals or teams
  • Need to communicate clearly and accurately in business or academic writing
  • Require capabilities like custom dictionaries, offline access, and CAT tool integrations
  • Value robust features paired with an easy-to-use online interface

With flexible plans for diverse needs and unparalleled dictionary selection, WordFinder delivers exceptional value.

According to Merriam-Webster, "Etymology is the history of a linguistic form (such as a word) shown by tracing its development since its earliest recorded occurrence in the language where it is found, by tracing its transmission from one language to another, by analyzing it into its component parts, by identifying its cognates in other languages, or by tracing it and its cognates to a common ancestral form in an ancestral language

Conclusion and Recommendation

Finding the “just right” word, translation, or definition is easy with WordFinder. After thoroughly testing the features and comparing top competitors, I highly recommend WordFinder as the leading digital dictionary tool for writing success.

The unrivaled dictionary collection, customizable options that boost productivity, and helpful customer support cement WordFinder as my top pick. Whether you are an individual, student, business, or translation agency, WordFinder has a plan to meet your needs.

Experience efficient, accurate communication powered by trusted reference content with WordFinder. Sign up for a free trial today.

Tune in to hear our exclusive interview with WordFinder founder Ola Persson and discuss the origin and growth trajectory of his dictionary software company on the Software Spotlight podcast. With over 500 dictionaries in 28 languages, WordFinder now provides instant in-text dictionaries for 25,000+ business users. Persson credits strong user focus for WordFinder's expansion from a Scandinavian brand into a global SaaS leader in dictionaries.

WordFinder FAQ

Is WordFinder app free?

Yes, the WordFinder App is free for download and can be used with your active WordFinder subscription. You can download either the Android or iOS App at no cost.

Which is the best business dictionary?

The Cambridge Business English Dictionary is the top pick for learning business terms. Created by Cambridge University, it includes over 35,000 up-to-date words and phrases. It also has pictures, graphs, and diagrams to make complex ideas easy to understand. This dictionary covers everything from accounting to marketing. It's great for students or anyone who wants to sound smart talking business. With clear definitions and real-life examples, the Cambridge Business English Dictionary makes business language a breeze. I highly recommend it to take your career to the next level.

Which dictionary is best for translation?

As someone who loves languages, I've tried tons of apps and websites out there. In my experience, WordFinder hits the sweet spot. It lets you instantly search 500+ quality dictionaries in 28 languages. I like how you can customize it to your needs, like creating your own glossaries tailored to your work. And it saves you time by searching multiple dictionaries to find the perfect fit. Whether you're a student, translator, or word nerd like me, WordFinder makes lookups fast and straightforward. It's become my go-to translation sidekick. It is the best dictionary tool set to help with accurate translations.

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