Unveiling MenuSano: The Innovative SaaS Solution Revolutionizing Food Labeling

Food Labeling Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of food labeling, MenuSano emerges as a trailblazing SaaS solution, revolutionizing the way businesses approach nutrition analysis and label generation. Developed by Konverge Digital Solutions, this innovative platform is designed to streamline operations, enhance compliance, and empower companies to make informed decisions about their products.

Food Labeling Software - Streamline operations, enhance compliance, and make informed decisions about products with MenuSano.
Revolutionize food labeling with MenuSano's nutrition analysis software tailored for the food service industry.

The MenuSano Advantage: Simplifying Compliance

MenuSano is a nutrition analysis software tailored specifically for the food service industry, catering to businesses like food manufacturers, restaurants, and cannabis edible companies. With a user-friendly interface, MenuSano allows clients to build recipes, obtain accurate nutrition analysis, and generate compliant labels for their products with ease.

As Sonia Couto, Managing Director of Konverge Digital Solutions, explains, “MenuSano is a nutrition analysis software for the food service industry. It allows companies like food manufacturers, restaurants, cannabis edible companies, anyone who needs to sell a product that requires a label, or restaurants who require calories on menus, they use our system to build out their recipes and get the nutrition analysis and labels that they need to sell their product.”

MenuSano is a game-changing SaaS solution that simplifies food labeling for manufacturers, restaurants, and cannabis edible companies. With its user-friendly interface, accurate nutrition analysis, and compliant label generation, MenuSano streamlines operations, ensuring businesses meet regulatory requirements while providing cost-effective and efficient labeling solutions.

Leveraging Government-Sourced Databases

One of MenuSano's standout features is its reliance on government-sourced databases, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the nutrition information provided. Sonia Couto elaborates, “We use government source databases to provide the ingredients in our system. So for the US, we provide the USDA databases. Right now, there's currently four, four to five. So there are branded databases, and then there's the standard USDA databases that are also used by labs.”

By leveraging these authoritative databases, MenuSano eliminates the need for costly lab testing, offering a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Streamlining the Labeling Process

Traditionally, obtaining nutrition labels required sending food samples to labs, a costly and time-consuming process. MenuSano revolutionizes this by automating the document labeling process, as Sonia Couto explains:

“With our system, it's SaaS, so they're getting a package where they can do a certain amount of recipes or unlimited for a monthly cost or a yearly cost. And you know, they can build 100 recipes. They can build 1,000. And that's going to be their cost. So it's a lot more cost-effective than sending food to a lab.”

Ease of Use and Customer-Centric Approach

MenuSano prides itself on its exceptional ease of use, a result of the team's collaboration with professional chefs and end-users during the development process. Sonia Couto emphasizes the importance of customer service, with a dedicated team available to assist clients through chat, phone, or email.

Additionally, MenuSano incorporates a customer advisory board, ensuring that the product roadmap is driven by client feedback and evolving needs. “We build our roadmap dependent on the feedback from our customers. So if 20 clients were saying, we need a feature that does this, this and that, and it's sort of similar, that goes as a priority into our roadmap,” Sonia stated.

Continuous Innovation and Growth

MenuSano's commitment to innovation is evident in its constant development and feature enhancements. From implementing AI to streamline recipe building to introducing recipe costing capabilities, the team is dedicated to making the solution even more efficient and valuable for clients.

As legislation and compliance requirements evolve, MenuSano collaborates with regulatory bodies and third-party experts to ensure its labels remain up-to-date and compliant. This proactive approach has contributed to the solution's growing popularity, with notable clients like Shake Shack, Canopy Growth, and Ballard Brands.


What types of businesses can benefit from using MenuSano?

MenuSano caters to a wide range of businesses in the food service industry, including food manufacturers, restaurants, and cannabis edible companies. Its versatile platform allows these businesses to build recipes, obtain accurate nutrition analysis, and generate compliant labels for their products.

How does MenuSano ensure the accuracy of its nutrition information?

MenuSano leverages government-sourced databases, such as the USDA databases in the US, to provide accurate and reliable nutrition information for ingredients. These databases are also used by labs, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

What makes MenuSano more cost-effective than traditional lab testing?

MenuSano operates on a SaaS model, offering packages with monthly or yearly costs based on the number of recipes or labels needed. This approach is significantly more cost-effective than sending food samples to labs for testing, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per recipe.

How does MenuSano prioritize customer feedback in its product development?

MenuSano has established a customer advisory board, allowing clients to directly provide feedback and suggestions for new features or improvements. The product roadmap is heavily influenced by this feedback, ensuring that MenuSano continues to evolve and meet the changing needs of its customers.

What sets MenuSano apart from other food labeling solutions?

MenuSano stands out for its exceptional ease of use, achieved through collaboration with professional chefs and end-users during development. Additionally, its strong emphasis on customer service, with a dedicated team available through various channels, sets it apart from competitors.

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