Start A Network Revolutionizes Group Connectivity for Businesses in the Digital Age

Listen And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

Watch And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

Bill Mueller, co-founder of Start a Network, discusses how his platform revolutionizes group connectivity by providing tools for managing networking groups of all types. Key features include customizable websites, member portals, AI-assisted content creation, and seamless social media integration. Mueller emphasizes the importance of in-person gatherings while using the platform to build camaraderie and lift one another up between meetings.

Start A Network

In today's increasingly virtual work environment, developing strong communities and networks around your business is more vital than ever for success. Bill Mueller, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Start A Network, recognized this need and created a comprehensive group management solution to revolutionize how groups connect and engage online.

Merging In-Person Networking with Online Technology

“Our goal partially has been to merge in-person and online technology and social media technology,” explained Mueller on a recent episode of the Software Spotlight podcast. “We want an avenue to not only meet in person but to continue that dialogue throughout the week and build on that relationship that we made during our meeting.”

Start A Network virtual group management platform. Co-founder Bill Mueller discusses key features merging in-person networking with digital engagement.
Co-founder Bill Mueller discusses merging in-person networking with digital engagement.

Start A Network provides features like activity feeds, and group and private texting to allow networking groups to stay in touch between in-person meetings. “What Start a Network does is we have an activity feed, we have a group and private texting, so we're staying in touch,” said Mueller.

The idea for the platform was born out of Mueller's own experiences building his networking group, the Grownup Texas Business Alliance. “After doing that, I realized there are some things that would help us manage this,” he said. Meeting his co-founder through another networking group further solidified the vision.

Building Trust and Relationships is Key

Mueller emphasized that the real value in networking comes from taking the time to build genuine relationships. “It's that in-person relationship and it's taking the time to get to know people and asking questions, finding out what's important to the other people rather than just going in there and dumping on them your sales pitch,” he advised.

To facilitate deeper connections, Mueller encourages members to invite spouses to networking events. “Oftentimes those spouses may be more interested in some of the products in the group and the people in the group…I think it just helps you get to know the person and understand it once you get to meet the family.”

Capabilities to Build Community

Some key features of Start A Network that help build engaged communities include:

  • Public-facing websites for groups, with member profiles that are SEO-optimized
  • Activity feeds for each group, similar to a social media feed
  • The ability for members to easily switch between multiple networks
  • Tools for group owners to improve communication and member retention

“In running a networking group myself, that's one of the things that we looked at is how are we going to make the owner's job easier? How are we going to allow them to monetize this if they want?” said Mueller. “The better they communicate, the more that they share, the higher the retention rate is going to be in their group.”

Endless Possibilities for Different Types of Groups

While initially designed for professional networking groups, Mueller sees potential for Start A Network to benefit a wide variety of organizations. “I think this is morphed…from something that was designed for professional networking groups into something that can help almost any organization, group of any size,” he said.

Some examples he provided include:

  • Realtors using it to manage and promote their vendor lists
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • Industry-specific networking groups
  • Groups with different membership levels or pricing structures

“There's just really no end to the different [types of groups]. I think thousands of businesses could be spawned by this very platform,” Mueller stated. He even wrote an ebook, available on the Start A Network website, detailing the many varieties of networking groups that could leverage the platform.

Empowering Group Owners

For those looking to launch their networking groups, Start A Network provides the infrastructure to get up and running without years of development. “I think a lot of companies are looking for a way to launch something like this without having to invest the years of startup and research and tech development to get a solution like this off the ground,” said podcast host Michael Bernzweig. “Being able to be part of what you've already started is an amazing opportunity for a lot of different folks.”

Mueller highlighted several benefits for networking group owners, including the ability to:

  • Choose the founding members and culture of the group
  • Determine the format and focus areas
  • Target a specific clientele based on the group's location
  • Give yourself a “raise and a bonus” by strategically growing your network

“As the owner, I get to choose all that stuff,” Mueller emphasized. With Start A Network handling the backend infrastructure, owners can focus on optimizing the experience for their specific community.

Get Started Today

Ready to leverage the power of virtual networking to grow your business in 2024 and beyond? Visit to learn more and get started building your thriving online community. Be sure to scroll down the page to access Mueller's free ebook on the different types of networking groups you could create.

As we navigate an increasingly digital business landscape, solutions like Start A Network will be essential for entrepreneurs and organizations to develop the strong relationships required for long-term success. Seize the opportunity to revolutionize how you connect and engage with your network today.


What types of groups is Start A Network best suited for?

Start A Network can benefit a wide variety of groups, from professional networking organizations to industry associations, chambers of commerce, fraternities/sororities, and more. Any group looking to build an engaged community can leverage the platform.

How does Start A Network help group owners be successful?

Start A Network provides tools to make running a group easier, including public websites, activity feeds, cross-platform communication features, and monetization opportunities. Owners can focus on optimizing the experience for their specific community.

What are some key features for building community on Start A Network?

Key community-building features include SEO-optimized public websites with member profiles, activity feeds for each group, the ability to easily participate in multiple groups, and tools for owners to drive member engagement and retention.

How can I use Start A Network to grow my business?

By creating or actively participating in relevant networking groups on Start A Network, you can develop the strong relationships and trust required to drive referrals and new business opportunities. The platform makes it easy to stay on top of mind with your network.

What are the benefits of creating my networking group vs just joining one?

Owners get to choose the founding members, culture, format, and target audience for their groups. You can strategically grow your network to include your ideal clientele. Start A Network provides the infrastructure so you can get up and running quickly.

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