One-Click Workflow: Master Scheduling, Dispatching, Invoicing with Housecall Pro

Contractor Scheduling Software

Contractors face many challenges when running their businesses. Juggling schedules, dispatching crews, creating estimates, invoicing clients, and collecting payments can be extremely difficult without the right tools. Thankfully, contractor scheduling software like Housecall Pro exists to help streamline these critical business operations so contractors can work more efficiently.

Why Contractors Need to Streamline Operations

For most contractors, the typical workday involves a constant stream of phone calls, texts, emails, and driving between job sites. Trying to schedule appointments, dispatch technicians, create estimates, invoice clients, and collect payments all through manual methods like phone calls and paper invoices creates:

  • Confusion about appointment times and locations
  • Difficulty ensuring the right technicians are dispatched to each job
  • Lost and inaccurate paper invoices and estimates
  • Late or missing client payments

This broken workflow costs contractors time and money. Studies show inefficient scheduling and dispatching can reduce productivity by 30% or more. And when invoices and payments are handled manually, up to 30% can go unpaid due to errors and lost paperwork.

Contractors need tools to streamline these critical business operations.

Contractor using scheduling software on tablet while preparing jobs in delivery trucks.
Contractors prepare jobs in delivery trucks using scheduling software on a tablet.

Housecall Pro Provides Complete Workflow Automation

Housecall Pro is a leading field service management software that allows contractors to manage scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, payments, and more – all from one simple platform.

With Housecall Pro, contractors can automate their entire workflow to improve efficiency. Here are some of the key features:

Easy Scheduling

Housecall Pro makes scheduling simple. Contractors can view their team's availability on an easy-to-read calendar and schedule appointments by clicking open time slots. Customers can even book their own appointments 24/7 through the contractor's website.

Appointments are automatically synced to technicians' mobile devices so they know where to be and when. The software sends automated reminders to customers to confirm appointments and inform them when the technician is on the way. This eliminates all the back-and-forth phone calls and confusion.

Streamlined Dispatching

Dispatching work orders to technicians is a breeze with Housecall Pro. The software automatically matches jobs to technicians based on skills, availability, and location. Dispatchers can assign jobs to technicians with one click, and the details are instantly sent to the technician's mobile device.

The software also includes GPS tracking of all technicians in the field, so dispatchers can see locations and traffic conditions in real-time and make any adjustments as needed. This takes the guesswork out of dispatching.

Digital Estimates & Invoices

Creating estimates is easy with Housecall Pro. Technicians can build estimates from their mobile devices using the app's templates and parts/labor rate settings. Photos and videos can be added to estimates to show customers exactly what is needed. Estimates are professionally formatted and can be instantly emailed or texted to customers for approval.

Once approved, estimates seamlessly convert into invoices. Technicians mark the job complete in the app, and an invoice is generated using the estimate details. Invoices are automatically emailed to customers and sync with accounting software. No more printing, stuffing envelopes, or chasing down payments.

Secure Online Payments

Getting paid is simple with HouseCall Pro. Customers can pay invoices instantly online via credit card, Apple Pay, bank transfer, or other methods. Payments are deposited directly into the contractor's bank account.

For recurring customers, credit cards can be securely saved in the software for future one-click payments. Notifications and reminders ensure customers never miss payments, eliminating late invoices. Contractors save hours of bookkeeping time and get paid 3x faster.

Benefits of Streamlined Operations

Thousands of contractors trust Housecall Pro to streamline their operations. With scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, and payments automated in one platform, contractors save huge amounts of time and money.

Specifically, streamlined operations provide contractors with the following benefits:

Increased Productivity

Automating redundant administrative tasks like scheduling calls and manual data entry frees staff to focus on value-added work like selling bigger jobs. Studies show productivity can jump 20-30% when operations are streamlined.

Reduced Costs

Optimized scheduling ensures no wasted technician trips and less overtime pay. Digital tools also reduce paper, printing, and postage costs. One contractor reported saving $26,000 a year after switching to Housecall Pro. Thanks to advanced financial reporting for contractors, stories like this are the norm.

Happier Customers

With real-time dispatching, customers get more accurate ETAs from technicians. And with automatic reminders and notifications, customers never miss appointments or payments. This results in a professional experience and stronger client relationships.

More New Business

Streamlined operations give office staff more time to focus on sales calls and marketing instead of administrative work. This allows contractors to take on more business and generate more revenue without increasing overhead costs.

Start Streamlining Your Business Now

If you're a contractor still relying on paper invoices and manual processes, Housecall Pro provides an essential set of tools to streamline your operations and go paperless. Moving to automated scheduling, optimized dispatching, digital estimates/invoices, and online payments can transform your business overnight.

The best part is there’s no long-term contract with Housecall Pro. You can start a free 14-day trial to experience the benefits first-hand without commitment.

So if you’re struggling to schedule appointments efficiently, dispatch technicians, invoice clients, or collect payments, let Housecall Pro take these headaches off your plate. Simplify your workflow and see why thousands of contractors trust Housecall Pro to streamline their business and work more efficiently.

Listen to our exclusive interview as Housecall Pro's co-founder Roland Ligtenberg joins the Software Spotlight podcast to discuss how their all-in-one field service management platform helps over 40,000 home service professionals streamline operations and scale their businesses. Leveraging mobile technology and growth marketing strategies, Housecall Pro provides an integrated suite of software tools for scheduling, invoicing, customer management, marketing, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Housecall Pro cost?

Housecall Pro offers a free 14-day trial to experience firsthand benefits without commitment. After the trial, paid plans start at $99 per month. All plans include scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, and online payments. More details on pricing can be found on their website.

What type of contractors use Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is designed for home service contractors in HVAC, plumbing, electrical, handyman services, and more. It works for contractors with small solo operations up to those managing multiple crews. Thousands of contractors across North America trust Housecall Pro to run their businesses.

Does Housecall Pro integrate with other software I use?

Yes, Housecall Pro easily integrates with many popular software programs. This includes accounting software like QuickBooks for seamless invoice and payment syncing. It also works with CRM, marketing, and field service software. Check their website for the most up-to-date list of over 40+ integrations.

How long does it take to get set up with Housecall Pro?

The beauty of Housecall Pro is you can get started in minutes. It's an entirely cloud-based platform, so there's no long implementation process. You create your free account online, connect your business information, and invite your team members. You'll receive training resources to help you fully optimize the software for your business.

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