Podcast: Leveraging Provalet.IO to Optimize Your Pool Service Operations

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Provalet.IO automates key friction points for pool service companies – scheduling, invoicing, and customer communication. The platform features apps connecting field techs, owners, and homeowners for streamlined operations.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Provalet.IO by Pure Coastal Technologies, Inc.

The pool service industry has remained relatively unchanged for decades, relying on manual processes like paper routing slips and handwritten notes to run daily operations. Peter Wasmer, founder, and CEO of Pure Coastal Technologies, Inc., set out to revolutionize this antiquated system by creating Provalet.IO, a pool service automation service management platform designed specifically for pool service companies.

Entrepreneurial Drive Leads to Industry Innovation

Wasmer has started multiple successful companies over his career as a serial entrepreneur, using lessons from past ventures to improve the next one. He saw an opportunity to transition pool service companies from manual systems to automation. “ProValet came about from a very personal experience as a consumer,” Wasmer explained. “I live in Florida and have a pool, which needs regular maintenance. I found it troublesome to get ahold of the people servicing it – it was not convenient or responsive.”

He realized there must be a better way to run these operations. After discussing the issues with his pool service company owner, who agreed such a platform was needed, Wasmer set out to create Provalet – a complete automation system to streamline communication, scheduling, invoicing, and more.

The Platform “Uber-izes” Pool Service Businesses

Provalet automates the key friction points for regular interval service companies:

  • Scheduling and dispatch
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Customer communications

This field service management solution features a suite of web and mobile apps connecting field technicians, business owners, and homeowners. The field tech app optimizes routes and provides turn-by-turn navigation between jobs while allowing real-time updates on services and issues.

The business owner dashboard centralizes all operations, with route planning, invoicing, QuickBooks integration, and reporting. Homeowners can easily request service or repairs right from their smartphones.

“We streamlined pool service businesses from desk to deck,” says Wasmer of the complete, end-to-end automation Provalet enables.

Benefits for Pool Service Companies

Most pool service companies still rely on paper and pencil methods decades old. As Wasmer explains, “The day starts very early with a paper binder that has the route. They tear out a sheet for the tech with their jobs for the day.”

Technicians manually record service details on these papers out in the field. Back at the office, clerks enter this data by hand or try to cobble together some form of digital system. Invoicing happens sporadically, usually requiring another round of manual work.

Provalet eliminates all these pain points:

  • Automated scheduling & dispatching – The web app sends daily routes optimized for each tech.
  • Mobile field tech app – Technicians access routes, record service data, take photos, and communicate issues in real time.
  • GPS tracking – Business owners can view tech locations on a map and ensure accountability.
  • Streamlined invoicing – Invoices are generated automatically based on services rendered.
  • Instant payments – Customers pay seamlessly via Stripe and Plaid integrations.
  • Enhanced communication – Homeowners request service or repairs directly through the app.

“It's set it and forget it after the initial setup,” says Wasmer. “The routes, invoicing, and payments happen automatically.”

This allows pool service owners to focus on growing the business instead of daily administrative tasks.

Convenience for Homeowners

Provalet also aims to improve the homeowner experience. The customer app provides instant access to all the information owners need about their pool service.

Features include:

  • Notifications when service starts/stops
  • Digital copies of service reports
  • Ability to rate service and tip technicians
  • Accept invoices and set up autopay
  • Request service repairs via text/photos

“No matter if at home or traveling, customers get alerts through the app letting them know when service begins and ends,” Wasmer explains. “It's an Uber-like experience for old-fashioned service businesses.”

Optimizing Operations

Provalet utilizes data and analytics to help pool service companies identify issues and make smarter decisions. Owners can leverage reporting to determine profitability by customer, keep tabs on business metrics, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

By eliminating manual processes, Provalet allows service company owners, technicians, and customers to communicate seamlessly. Transactions happen digitally, payments flow instantly, and data remains at everyone's fingertips.

The platform saves pool businesses time, helps increase cash flow, and enables scale. As Wasmer puts it, “We get up every day and try to find ways to put more time and money back into people's lives.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does Provalet serve?

Provalet focuses primarily on pool service companies but can adapt to other home service businesses that operate at regular intervals like lawn care, pest control, and cleaning services.

What makes Provalet different from other field service apps?

Provalet is an end-to-end platform that connects field technicians, business owners, and homeowners in a single automated system – optimizing communication, operations, and transactions for regular service businesses.

How much does Provalet cost?

Provalet starts at $149/month for one admin user and one technician. Each additional technician is $59/month.

What happens after I sign up?

The Provalet team onboards each new customer individually. They import existing data, set up routes, integrate with Quickbooks, and ensure the platform is customized for your business needs – allowing you to hit the ground running.

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