We Reviewed Housecall Pro Vs 5 Top Competitors: See Our Results

What Is Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one field service management software designed specifically for home service businesses like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, landscaping, and more. This review will cover the key features and benefits of Housecall Pro, how it compares to top competitors, best use cases, pricing options, a setup guide, whether it's right for your business and our overall recommendation.

Review Methodology

I compared pricing, usability, features, and support for Housecall Pro and the other solutions reviewed in my testing. When I tested Housecall Pro, I felt the scheduling and dispatch features were handy for efficiently coordinating jobs and technicians in the field. The software also makes it easy to create professional estimates and invoices from your phone or tablet while onsite with customers. So based on the user-friendly interface, robust feature set, and excellent customer support, I highly recommend it for running a smooth home service business.

We Reviewed Housecall Pro Vs 5 Top Options: See Our Results
Housecall Pro Calendar

Get insights into our findings as we reviewed Housecall Pro vs top 5 options. We reveal the best field service management software for home service contractors.

Price: 49 – 129

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Field Service Management (FSM)

Editor's Rating:


  • User-friendly interface and easy to use
  • Single feature rich platform
  • Includes scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, payments, and marketing
  • Good customization options and reporting
  • Great customer support
  • Specifically designed for home service companies


  • Can take some time to setup fully
  • Limited mobile app features compared to desktop interface

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Benefits Of Using Housecall Pro

Streamlined Scheduling and Dispatching

Easily schedule jobs, dispatch techs, track locations, and communicate in real time for more efficient operations.

Professional Estimates and Invoices

Create detailed, branded estimates and invoices from your mobile device to look polished and close more sales.

Integrated Payments

Get paid instantly and offer financing options to customers to improve cash flow and increase jobs.

Customer Management CRM

Store complete customer profiles and service history for personalized communication and marketing.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Built-in tools to manage online reputation, collect reviews, create email campaigns, offer online booking and generate leads.

Our Housecall Pro Testing

During my review of HouseCall Pro, I went through the software setup through the eyes of our hypothetical Plumber, Alex. Below I will show you the steps to setting up the solution to get his business up and running on the platform. Along the way, I will show you the various screens and their functionality so that you can understand precisely how it will work for your actual business to solve the challenges that you have each and every day.


When you first log in, you are treated by a six-step wizard that will walk you through getting up and running. Just answer the questions and follow the steps to onboard your business quickly.

Housecall Pro: 6-step getting started guide for new users. Complete your profile and try it free for 14 days.
Follow the 6-step guide to set up your Housecall Pro account quickly.

Main Dashboard View

Next, you are treated by your main dashboard and a welcome message. From the main dashboard, you can see an overview of your company. The layout is intuitive; you can consider it your launching pad for managing your daily operations.

Housecall Pro main dashboard showing open invoices, estimates, unscheduled jobs, service plans, and more.
A comprehensive view of your business on the Housecall Pro main dashboard.

Calendar View

Remain active and keep things in order. Alex's calendar can be filtered by teammates or technology to prevent overlapping bookings, show and monitor all job details, and be accessed from the office or the field.

Housecall Pro: Stay busy and organized with Alex's calendar. Filter by teammate or tech, track job details, view from office or field.
Filter, track, and view job details with Housecall Pro's calendar.

Call Scheduling

Once a customer calls, scheduling the job is easy. A customer has just phoned Alex to book a job for Wednesday at 12 pm. Click on ‘Job' to schedule it!

Housecall Pro - Schedule jobs with a click. Alex received a call to schedule a job on Wednesday at 12 pm. Click 'Job' to schedule.
Alex received a call to schedule a job on Wednesday at 12 pm. Click ‘Job' to schedule.

Job Entry

Alex can input all the job details in one location, including the line items for future invoicing, the assigned technician, and the customer information retrieved from a searchable database.

Housecall Pro image: Job details, invoicing, technician assignment, and customer details from a searchable database.
Housecall Pro allows Alex to add job details and invoice line items, assign technicians, and access saved customer details from a searchable database.

Status Notification Updates

Ensure that your customers are informed at all times. Alex's customers receive automatic notifications when a job is scheduled, when a technician is en route, when the job is completed, and when a review is requested after the job is finished. Click ‘OMW' to send the notification to the customer.

Housecall Pro - Keep customers updated with automatic notifications for scheduling, technician arrival, job completion, and review requests. Click 'OMW' to send notification.
Housecall Pro keeps customers informed with automatic notifications for scheduling, technician arrival, job completion, and review requests.

Mobile Customer Notifications

Alex can input all the job details in one location, including the line items for future invoicing, the assigned technician, and the customer information retrieved from a searchable database.

Housecall Pro: Keep customers informed with automatic mobile notifications for a worry-free business.
Stay connected with customers through Housecall Pro's automatic mobile notifications.

Digital Invoicing

Now it's time to receive payment. The work is finished! Alex and his assistant Sara can easily send electronic invoices from any location, allowing customers to pay using their phones with just a click.

Housecall Pro - Get paid easily with digital invoices that can be sent from anywhere.
Alex and Sara can send digital invoices with a click of a button from anywhere.

Receive Payments

Alex receives faster payments by sending invoices to his customers' mobile phones by text. Once the invoice is sent, the customer can conveniently pay online, add a tip, and securely store their card information for future transactions.

Housecall Pro: Alex sends invoices to customer's phone for faster payments, tips, and card storage.
Alex uses Housecall Pro to send invoices to his customers' phones, enabling faster payments, tips, and card storage.

Track Finances

It's easy to keep track of your finances. Regardless of how a customer pays, Alex can monitor his finances in one place.

Housecall Pro - Simplify Finances with QuickBooks Integration
Easily track finances with Housecall Pro's QuickBooks integration

Reporting Dashboard

The dashboard gives Alex the information he needs to manage his business. He can check the dashboard from his phone or computer. It shows him how his technicians and his company overall are performing. He can easily see the metrics and understand his construction business financial reporting.

Image of Housecall Pro: Track all metrics on one dashboard. Revenue, Profitability, Tech performance and more.
Housecall Pro provides customizable reporting with insights into revenue, profitability, tech performance, and more.

How Does Housecall Pro Compare to Top Competitors

Housecall Pro vs Jobber

Housecall Pro provides more advanced features like dispatching, custom forms, and QuickBooks integration for growing service businesses managing multiple technicians. Jobber is better suited for tiny teams with its more straightforward interface and lower pricing.

Housecall Pro vs ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan offers more enterprise-level capabilities for much larger businesses but at a significantly higher cost. Housecall Pro beats ServiceTitan for smaller home service companies with lower pricing, a more manageable learning curve, and better support.

Housecall Pro vs ServiceFusion

Housecall Pro edges out ServiceFusion regarding ease of use with its more intuitive interface. Housecall Pro offers better support and additional features like custom forms and equipment tracking for the same price.

Housecall Pro vs Workiz

Housecall Pro simplifies scheduling and operations for small service businesses. Workiz targets larger companies, integrating communication tools, field technician apps, and advanced features that are lacking in Housecall Pro. Work is pricing is less transparent.

Housecall Pro vs Field Promax

Housecall Pro offers basic scheduling and operations features but is easier to use. Field Promax has more advanced capabilities like analytics and real-time tracking but a steeper learning curve. Housecall Pro is better for smaller businesses, and Field Promax is for larger ones.

Best Use Cases

We have interviewed small business owners from various professions to see how they use the solution. Our survey results were interesting and showed the following feedback from these service professionals. I hope that the actual use cases help you better understand how the solution can impact you in your business.

Plumbing Companies

Skilled plumbers use Housecall Pro's easy-to-use software to schedule appointments, update customers, make professional invoices, and collect payments. This technology allows plumbers to focus on providing excellent residential and commercial plumbing services. These services include emergency repairs, drain cleaning, and installing water heaters while growing their business.

Small Construction Crews

Skilled construction teams are able to go paperless using Housecall Pro's easy software to schedule jobs, estimate costs, track hours, and bill clients. This tool lets teams focus on doing great residential construction work. They can provide services like kitchen and bathroom remodels and add home additions while growing their business.

Cleaning Businesses

Cleaning crews use Housecall Pro's easy software to schedule jobs, estimate costs, invoice clients, and collect payments. This tool lets crews focus on providing top-notch cleaning services for homes and offices. Many offer various services, including move-out cleaning, construction site cleaning, and regular office cleaning.


Using Housecall Pro's streamlined software, electricians can schedule service calls efficiently, provide estimates, generate invoices, and collect payments. As a result, they can focus on providing exceptional residential and commercial services centered around panel upgrades, wiring, and lighting installation.

HVAC Technicians

Skilled HVAC technicians utilize Housecall Pro's streamlined software to schedule service calls efficiently, provide estimates, invoice clients, and collect payments while delivering exceptional residential and commercial HVAC services focused on heating repair, air conditioning installation, and duct cleaning.

Appliance Repair Technicians

Skilled appliance repair techs use Housecall Pro's easy software to schedule service calls, estimate costs, invoice clients, and collect payments. This tool lets them focus on giving great appliance repair services for homes. Many offer services, including fixing refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines.


Skilled handymen use House Call Pro's easy software to schedule jobs, estimate costs, send invoices, and collect payments. This tool lets them focus on providing excellent home repair services like furniture building, drywall fixes, interior painting, essential plumbing, and small electrical jobs.


Skilled landscapers use House Call Pro's easy software to schedule jobs, estimate costs, send invoices, and collect payments. This tool lets them focus on providing outstanding services like lawn mowing, designing landscapes, and installing sprinkler systems.

Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaning companies use Housecall Pro to schedule customer appointments and route technicians efficiently. Features like appointment reminders, payment tracking, and customizable forms make operations more straightforward, so pool service companies can grow their business while providing outstanding service.

Pest Control Technicians

Pest control companies use Housecall Pro software to schedule appointments easily, route technicians, send estimates and invoices, process payments, and communicate with customers. Features like appointment reminders, payment tracking, and customizable forms simplify day-to-day operations so pest control businesses can grow while providing exceptional service to their clients.


Expert locksmiths leverage House Call Pro's robust software to streamline scheduling, dispatching, estimating, invoicing, and payment collection. This allows them to focus on increasing revenue for emergency unlockings, lock installations, rekeying, and access control services. 


Skilled carpenters leverage House Call Pro's robust software to schedule furniture building, cabinet installations, and wood framing and finish carpentry projects efficiently. This application integrates essential features to streamline the operations of carpenters relying on quality craftsmanship.


Skilled painters leverage House Call Pro's robust software to schedule interior and exterior painting jobs efficiently while providing premium prep work, paint application, and cleanup services relied on by painting service contractors.

Window Washers

Skilled window washers leverage House Call Pro's robust software to schedule exterior and interior window cleaning jobs efficiently while providing premium washing, drying, and detailing services.


Roofers leverage Housecall Pro to streamline operations with robust scheduling, estimating, invoicing, and reporting tools. Essential features like job dispatch, crew management, and customer data centralization boost productivity.


Efficient moving crews utilize Housecall Pro's streamlined software to seamlessly schedule moving jobs, provide binding estimates, invoice clients, and collect payments while delivering exceptional residential and commercial relocation services focused on local moves, long-distance moves, and piano moves.

Janitorial Services

Efficient janitorial crews utilize Housecall Pro’s streamlined software to schedule cleaning jobs seamlessly, provide estimates, invoice clients, and collect payments while delivering exceptional commercial cleaning focused on office cleaning, school cleaning, and hospital cleaning.

Pricing Options

Housecall Pro offers monthly subscriptions based on the number of users on the account. Below are the current pricing tiers:


$49/mo billed annually for 1 user
Best for owner-operators


$129/mo billed annually for 1-5 users
Ideal for most small service teams of 1-5 employees


Custom pricing 1-100+ users
Scales for Growing Businesses

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to get started with Housecall Pro:

  1. Signup for a 14-day free trial account at Housecall Pro
  2. Download the mobile apps for Android or Apple iOS
  3. Complete company profile and user profiles, and integrate with QuickBooks (optional)
  4. Customize forms, SMS templates, and email templates to match your brand
  5. Set up online booking and payment methods
  6. Import customers and create jobs
  7. Configure dispatch board and scheduled jobs
  8. Take it out in the field to create estimates and invoices!
Listen to our exclusive interview as Housecall Pro's co-founder Roland Ligtenberg joins the Software Spotlight podcast to discuss how their all-in-one field service management platform helps over 40,000 home service professionals streamline operations and scale their businesses. Leveraging mobile technology and growth marketing strategies, Housecall Pro provides an integrated suite of software tools for scheduling, invoicing, customer management, marketing, and more.
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Is Housecall Pro Right For Your Business?

Housecall Pro is best suited for small to medium-sized home service businesses with 1-15 employees. It streamlines operations for mobile technicians by providing scheduling, dispatching, estimates/invoices, payments, and more right from your phone or tablet.

If you're running a larger enterprise with more complex needs, a solution like ServiceTitan may be better. And if you’re starting out as a solopreneur, Jobber could be a more affordable option. But for most growing home service companies, Housecall Pro hits the sweet spot with an intuitive platform and robust capabilities.

Housecall Pro Review Conclusion

I highly recommend using Housecall Pro based on its user-friendly and feature-packed platform to run a smooth field service business. The software saves you time on administrative tasks to grow your business and provide an exceptional customer experience. With excellent customer support and low pricing compared to competitors, Housecall Pro is a great value for home service companies.

Having run multiple small businesses myself, I can tell you that the overall cost of the solution is insignificant amount when compared to the hours it will save you. The solution is well thought out and set up and includes all real-world checks and balances required to keep issues, small or large, from falling through the cracks. You can focus on providing excellent customer service and rest easy knowing you will get paid for every job. If you are still doing things the old way, run, don't walk to your computer, and sign up today. You will be thankful you made the choice.

Signup for a 14-day free trial account at Housecall Pro

Is Housecall Pro a worthwhile investment?

Yes, for home service businesses, Housecall Pro provides an affordable all-in-one platform to manage operations. It is an intuitive tool for scheduling, dispatching, estimates, invoicing, and more that saves vast amounts of time. Integrations with accounting, payments, and advertising also streamline workflow. While missing some advanced features like detailed job costing, for most small team budgets, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and cleaning professionals do well with it. Housecall Pro delivers on core functionality that improves organization and productivity.

Can Housecall Pro integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, Housecall Pro field service software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. The integration syncs data like customers, invoices, and price lists between the platforms with one click. This saves you time by eliminating duplicate data entry. Transactions flow directly into the appropriate QuickBooks accounts. The integration works both ways too. Overall, Housecall Pro and QuickBooks make accounting a breeze so you can focus on your service business, not paperwork.

Is employee tracking available in Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro does offer GPS tracking to locate employees on a live map during listed business hours. The map auto-updates every few minutes to reflect current locations. Employees must have location services enabled on their phones. Individual customer and pricing data entered by pros stays private, while service data may be used internally or as legally permitted. Overall, Housecall Pro aims to empower field service businesses with tools like scheduling, invoicing, and fleet tracking while protecting sensitive data.

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