Secure Your Startup’s Data on a Budget with Orangedox

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Startups often have game-changing ideas and sensitive intellectual property that needs protection, but most operate on extremely tight budgets. Traditional virtual data room solutions that offer robust security can cost upwards of thousands of dollars per month – not feasible for early-stage companies.

Orangedox aims to change that by providing startups and small businesses with enterprise-grade security and collaboration tools at a fraction of the price. I spoke exclusively with Chad Brown, CEO and Co-Founder of Orangedox, to learn how his solution enables companies to protect documents without breaking the bank.

Affordable document security solution for startups with tight budgets.
Orangedox offers enterprise-grade security for startups at a fraction of the cost.

Affordable Data Protection for Startups

As an engineer and serial entrepreneur focused on building SaaS products, Chad recognized startups' need for affordable data security. He shared that the inspiration for Orangedox came when a potential customer gave feedback on an expired document-sharing product his team had built.

“People were always saying, yeah, I can share a file with somebody and I give them a password to it. But I mean, they're just gonna share it with a whole bunch of other people. They can easily just take that password and give it to anybody they want.”

This feedback made Chad realize there was a market need for secure document sharing that prevents unauthorized access. Orangedox was born as a solution to provide tracking metrics on file actions while also restricting document access to only approved individuals.

Over the past few years, the platform has evolved based on customer demand into an integrated secure data room solution. Some key features that set Orangedox apart include:

  • Tight integration with Google Drive and Dropbox: Files are securely synced instead of re-uploaded, keeping the workflow seamless
  • Controlled sharing: Documents can only be viewed on approved devices to prevent unauthorized access
  • Affordable pricing: Starts at just $45 per month compared to legacy solutions charging thousands

Unlike clunky traditional virtual data rooms that live in their own silos, Orangedox works directly with the cloud storage platforms teams already use daily. This means no learning new systems or changing how your startup collaborates.

Who Uses Orangedox?

Given the budget-friendly pricing and focus on security, it's no surprise that Orangedox caters mainly to startups and small businesses. Specifically, the platform sees significant use across:

  • Startups raising funding or pursuing mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial services firms sharing sensitive client documents
  • Legal teams that need to control access tightly
  • HR departments protecting employment contracts and training materials

For these organizations and more, Orangedox provides enterprise-level protection without the typical enterprise price tag.

While large enterprises aren't the target customer base today, Chad shared that the company plans to move further upmarket after launching a document e-signature capability later this year. This will round out the secure collaboration offering while keeping the user experience quick and simple.

Securing Deals and Funding Rounds

I asked Chad for examples of how companies have successfully used Orangedox to hit key milestones. One customer that stood out operated in the financial services space. They shared that successfully raising a funding round and ultimately getting acquired would not have been possible without leaning on Orangedox over the past year.

“It worked great, did exactly what I needed to do. And that was able to either raise my round in this case, was able to sell the company, which was a fairly substantial company.”

For startups that often only get one shot at locking down a funding round or strategic acquisition, being able to share sensitive documents securely can make or break these pivotal moments.

3 Top Data Protection Tips for Startups

For any early-stage company looking to protect intellectual property, what guidance does Chad have?

  1. Integrate security early: Don't wait until you have to pay customers or launch a product to lock things down. Take steps from day one to restrict access and implement role-based permissions.
  2. Prioritize affordability: Opt for budget-friendly solutions that balance robust security with reasonable pricing, allowing you to allocate funds to other critical areas like product development.
  3. Collaborate securely: Ensure documents are only viewable by approved devices and users. Relying solely on passwords leaves you vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Startups have enough things to worry about without adding data leaks. With Orangedox, you can secure sensitive company information without breaking the bank using enterprise-grade protection purpose-built for lean teams.

Secure Your Startup's Data Today

As a startup, your most valuable asset isn't code or cash – it's the innovative ideas fueling your business. Protect these sensitive documents from day one while keeping costs low.

Experience Orangedox's seamless and affordable data security, starting with a free 14-day trial. Questions? Reach out anytime to chat with an expert.

Listen to our recent Software Spotlight podcast interviews with Chad Brown, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Orangedox, a secure file-sharing and team collaboration platform empowering businesses to work smarter through integrated tracking, access controls, and seamless Google Drive integration.


What types of documents can I secure?

Orangedox works with all major file types, including PDFs, Office docs, Google files, images, CAD drawings, and more. Anything stored in Google Drive or Dropbox can be shared securely.

Does Orangedox also store my files?

No, the platform doesn't hold or backup any documents. It connects directly to your existing cloud storage provider, like Google Drive or Dropbox, for access and file syncing.

How does the pricing compare to traditional virtual data rooms?

Legacy data room solutions can charge upwards of thousands monthly and use confusing per-megabyte pricing models. Orangedox starts at just $45/month for the full business plan based on annual billing.

Can I try before buying?

Yes! Orangedox offers a free 14-day trial with full access and no credit card required. You can test features like secure document sharing, tracking analytics, custom branding, and more.

What happens after my free trial ends?

Your account reverts to the free basic plan. All previously shared files also automatically revoke access, ensuring your documents stay protected. Upgrade anytime to regain access and continue collaborating securely.

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