Keeping Your Data Off the Dark Web: An InsecureWeb Review

What Is InsecureWeb?

InsecureWeb is a cybersecurity platform that provides Dark Web monitoring to help protect businesses from data breaches and cyber threats. It continuously scans the Dark Web and alerts users if it finds any of their sensitive information being bought, sold, or discussed online.

The Dark Web refers to encrypted online content not indexed by search engines. Cybercriminals use it for illegal activities like selling stolen data, hacking services, and malware. InsecureWeb monitors Dark Web sites, forums, chat rooms, and marketplaces to detect if your business or customer data has been compromised.

Screenshot of the InsecureWeb interface showing the organization setup screen where users can add a new organization, set up monitoring, and view organization details.
This screenshot shows the organization setup screen in the InsecureWeb web interface. It allows users to add and configure new organizations to monitor credentials and dark web data. The screen shows options to add a new organization, view and edit existing organizations, and set up tracking for organizations by adding domains, emails, usernames, phone numbers, names, addresses, etc. Details like the number of users, scans, detections, and credits are also shown for each organization. The organization setup provides a centralized way to monitor multiple entities using InsecureWeb's dark web monitoring capabilities.

Key Features

Dark Web Monitoring

InsecureWeb scans thousands of Dark Web sites 24/7 to check for compromised business data like domains, emails, usernames, IP addresses, etc. It sends real-time alerts if anything is found.

Live Scans

Perform instant one-time scans of data elements, such as passwords, names, or phone numbers. This is useful for sales demos or penetration testing.

Mitigation Resources

Get help removing compromised data from the Dark Web and securing your systems against future attacks.

API Access

Integrate InsecureWeb data into your SIEM, XDR, or other security platforms via API.

White Labeling

If you manage web development, you can rebrand InsecureWeb as your own Dark Web monitoring solution.

18+ Billion Records

InsecureWeb has amassed over 18 billion compromised records from historical breaches and exposures.

Benefits Of Using InsecureWeb

Using InsecureWeb for Dark Web monitoring provides several significant benefits for protecting your business:

By detecting compromised data on the Dark Web, InsecureWeb acts as an early warning system for impending cyber attacks. It gives you time to change passwords, secure accounts, and prevent data theft or misuse.

Reduce Risk

Knowing your weak points strengthens security and reduces risk exposure. InsecureWeb identifies leaked credentials, insecure practices, etc., to fix vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them.

Protect Reputation

If customer or employee data is being sold on the Dark Web, InsecureWeb alerts you quickly so you can contain the breach and avoid reputational damage.


Regular Dark Web scans help demonstrate compliance with regulations like HIPAA that require assessing potential threats and risks to protected data.


Compared to other cybersecurity solutions, InsecureWeb provides comprehensive Dark Web monitoring at a fraction of the cost.

Easy To Use

The platform is intuitive, with valuable dashboards and reports that simplify Dark Web monitoring for your technical and non-technical staff.

Screenshot of the InsecureWeb dashboard interface displaying graphs and numbers related to organization shared results such as number of users, scans, and detections.
This screenshot shows the dashboard interface in InsecureWeb, a dark web monitoring tool. The dashboard displays various graphs and numbers summarizing organization-shared results across users. Specific elements include a donut chart depicting the number of users, a bar graph showing the number of scans, and numerical summaries of detections and other metrics. The graphs and numbers provide an overview of usage and scanning activity across an organization using InsecureWeb to monitor credentials and data on the dark web.

How Does InsecureWeb Compare to Competitors?

InsecureWeb competes with other Dark Web monitoring tools like LastPass,, Defendify, CYRISMA, and Dark Web ID. Here is how it compares:

InsecureWeb vs. LastPass


  • InsecureWeb monitors hidden websites, chat rooms, P2P networks, IRC, and more to protect companies from data breaches. Allows searching by domain, username, email, phone number, name, or address.
  • LastPass is a password manager that securely stores passwords and allows password sharing. It offers password generation and auditing features, encrypted storage, and multifactor authentication.


  • Both use encryption to secure data.
  • LastPass offers more security features like salted hashing and supports multifactor authentication options.

InsecureWeb vs.


  • InsecureWeb monitors the dark web and notifies users of exposed credentials or changes in website status.
  • provides structured data feeds from the open, deep, and dark web for big data analytics.

Data Sources

  • InsecureWeb monitors hidden dark web sources.
  • covers open web sources like news, reviews, blogs, forums, and the deep and dark web.

Use Cases

  • InsecureWeb is better for security monitoring.
  • is better for large-scale data analytics.

InsecureWeb vs. Defendify


  • InsecureWeb specializes in dark web monitoring.
  • Defendify offers an all-in-one cybersecurity platform with features like vulnerability management, training, and monitoring.

Intended Users

  • InsecureWeb is designed for security professionals.
  • Defendify targets small businesses without dedicated security teams.

InsecureWeb vs. CYRISMA


  • InsecureWeb focuses specifically on dark web monitoring.
  • CYRISMA offers broader cyber risk management features like vulnerability scanning, data discovery, and compliance monitoring.

Analysis Capabilities

  • InsecureWeb allows searching and monitoring of credentials.
  • CYRISMA provides industry benchmarking and risk scoring.

InsecureWeb vs. Dark Web ID

  • Minimal public information is available on Dark Web ID features and pricing, so a detailed comparison is impossible.
  • Both tools provide dark web monitoring capabilities.
Screenshot of the InsecureWeb dark web monitoring tool interface showing the results of a Breaches Live Scan for compromised credentials.
This screenshot shows the results page in the InsecureWeb dark web monitoring tool after running a Breaches Live Scan. The scan checks for compromised credentials like emails, usernames, and passwords that may have been leaked on the dark web. The results show compromised credentials, including the associated breach details like date, severity, and category. InsecureWeb allows users to monitor credentials and be notified if they appear compromised on the dark web so preventative actions can be taken.

Product Options

InsecureWeb offers flexible plans to suit different business needs:


Free plan with 60 monthly scan credits for one domain, IP, phone, etc. Real-time monitoring, live scans, mitigation resources, and API access are included.


Unlimited scans are available at $0.4 per scan. No commitments or minimums are required, and users can access all features.

MSP Volume Pricing

We offer special pricing for managed service providers starting at $290/month. Pricing scales for large customer bases.

Custom Enterprise Plans

Large businesses can get customized plans with special pricing by contacting InsecureWeb sales.

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Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Setting up InsecureWeb Dark Web monitoring is quick and easy:

  1. Sign Up: Create a free InsecureWeb account.
  2. Add Data: Input any domains, emails, usernames, IP addresses, etc., you wish to monitor.
  3. Configure Scans: Set scan frequency and select data elements to scan.
  4. Check Dashboards: Review dashboards and reports for security insights.
  5. Get Alerts: Receive email/in-app alerts if your data appears on the Dark Web.
  6. Mitigate Risks: Use mitigation resources to remove data from the Dark Web and enhance security.
  7. Integrate & Customize: Use API and white labeling to integrate with other tools and customize InsecureWeb.

Is InsecureWeb Right For You?

InsecureWeb is an ideal Dark Web monitoring solution for:

  • Businesses that want affordable cybersecurity software.
  • MSPs that wish to add Dark Web monitoring to their service offerings.
  • Companies are subject to compliance regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS.
  • Organizations that need to protect customer and employee data.
  • Startups with limited security budgets.
  • Penetration testers and ethical hackers.

Any organization that collects and stores sensitive data can benefit from InsecureWeb's Dark Web monitoring capabilities. The ability to detect compromised data before cybercriminals misuse it makes InsecureWeb a valuable security tool.

Get Started With InsecureWeb Today

Don't wait until your data is sold on the Dark Web to take action. Start monitoring the Dark Web with InsecureWeb today:

  • Sign Up: Create your free account
  • Add Data: Input elements to watch, like domains, emails, etc.
  • Run Scans: Perform initial Dark Web scans.
  • Get Alerts: Be notified immediately of any compromised data
  • Mitigate Risks: Use included resources to remove data from the Dark Web.
  • Integrate & Customize: Leverage API and white labeling.

Take control of your Dark Web exposure with InsecureWeb's comprehensive monitoring and threat intelligence. Sign up now to secure your online presence.

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