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The Software Spotlight podcast interviews Chad Brown, serial entrepreneur and Founder of Orangedox, a secure file-sharing and team collaboration platform empowering businesses to work smarter through integrated tracking, access controls, and seamless Google Drive integration.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Orangedox

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Orangedox enables secure document sharing from Google Drive with real-time access controls, customizable branding, and detailed analytics.

Secure Document Sharing for Smarter Teamwork: Exclusive Interview with Orangedox Founder

Orangedox founder Chad Brown joins the Software Spotlight podcast to discuss his secure file-sharing and collaboration platform built to streamline business communication. Originally a business consultant for over 20 years, Brown identified friction in client file sharing that sparked the idea for Orangedox in 2015.

Solving Communication Friction

As a consultant, Brown experienced firsthand the difficulties companies faced securely sharing documents with clients and tracking document engagement. This friction inspired him to create a secure document-sharing platform that empowered teams to work smarter through built-in tracking metrics and access controls.

In Brown's words:

“We created a product, very simple one. That was first version of Orangedox…And hence why Orangedox Dropbox, we sort of keep that sort of like idea of keeping a similar name.”

Seamless Integration

Today, Orangedox focuses on secure virtual data rooms that are deeply integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. Brown shares that this integration is key:

“I think that's really where our sweet spot is and we've grown like two and a half times in the last year just having that.”

By syncing permissions, Orangedox data rooms leverage the underlying security of platforms like Google Drive for seamless access control.

Empowering Teams

With Orangedox, teams can securely share documents from Google Drive or Dropbox without requiring recipients to create user accounts. Access permissions attach files directly to approved devices.

As Brown explains:

“It's purely the idea that I wouldn't want to do that. So why would I ask my customers to do that?”

This balances security with accessibility for dealmaking and fundraising.

Customer Success

The solution has already helped many companies raise funding rounds and even sell their businesses. As one customer told Brown:

“We actually were able to have our company acquired by using Orangedox.”

The Road Ahead

As Orangedox continues rapid growth, the roadmap includes expanding into integrated document e-signature capabilities to empower teams further.

By listening to customer needs, Orangedox aims to provide seamless and secure solutions, enhancing how teams collaborate across devices. According to Brown:

“I think a lot of startups, everyone says that, but not everyone does it. It's sort of funny. People really do focus a lot on money, on like raising money, getting whatever. But, you know, if you've listened to your customers and listen to what they want and really focus on providing really good customer support and talking with their customers as people, I think you'll have a successful startup.”

With an unwavering customer-centric vision, Orangedox helps teams work smarter through frictionless document sharing deeply integrated into today's leading collaboration platforms.

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