Revolutionizing SaaS Security: Insights from Cycore’s Kevin Barona

SaaS security solutions

In this Software Spotlight episode, Kevin Barona, founder of Cycore, discusses revolutionizing SaaS security. He shares insights on cybersecurity challenges for startups, innovative solutions, and the importance of compliance in the tech industry. Barona's expertise offers valuable guidance for SaaS companies navigating the complex world of digital security.

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Navigating the Complex World of SaaS Security

In today's digital landscape, security is paramount for any business, especially for Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. As these organizations handle sensitive data and face increasing regulatory scrutiny, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been greater. Enter Kevin Barona, the founder of Cycore, a company that's revolutionizing how SaaS businesses approach security and compliance.

SaaS security solutions
Kevin Barona discusses cybersecurity challenges and innovative solutions for SaaS security.

In a recent episode of the Software Spotlight podcast, hosted by Michael Bernzweig, Barona shared his insights on the challenges facing SaaS companies and how Cycore is addressing these issues head-on.

The Journey to Cycore

Barona's path to founding Cycore was paved with extensive experience in the cybersecurity field. “I've been a long-time cybersecurity consultant. I worked in the big four space for over 10 years or so, building a lot of cybersecurity programs at the enterprise level,” Barona explained. This background gave him a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of security in the business world.

As he observed the changing dynamics, Barona noticed a shift in how businesses approached cybersecurity. “Security isn't what it was, you know, even like five years ago or even less, two years ago. It's something that's become more at the forefront of a lot of business owners,” he noted. This growing awareness, particularly among startups and mid-market companies, inspired Barona to create a solution tailored to their needs.

Challenges Facing SaaS Companies

One of the primary challenges Barona identified for SaaS founders is the lack of focus on comprehensive security measures. He explained, “I think definitely when they realize that, you know, security security comes into play is again, when they're when they're looking for you know, they're either trying to raise money, right? And then, you know, you have your private equity, venture capital, folks come from the outside in and look at, you know, they do their due diligence as well.”

This reactive approach often leaves companies scrambling to implement security measures when they're already under scrutiny. Barona emphasized the importance of proactive security planning, stating, “Founders trying to think of, Hey, do I need an actual cybersecurity expert or do I need someone who's going to just take care of compliance for me?”

Cycore's Innovative Approach

To address these challenges, Cycore offers a unique, productized service that combines security expertise with practical, implementable solutions. Barona described their approach: “We first want to build trust with our customer, right? And at the end of the day, like when you think about security, like it's all about building that trust, right?”

Cycore's services include:

  1. Blueprint Development: A 20-day sprint that provides companies with a comprehensive gap analysis and roadmap for their security needs.
  2. Implementation Support: Offering both co-managed and fully managed options for implementing security controls.
  3. Ongoing Maintenance: Providing continuous support to ensure companies maintain their security posture over time.

The Importance of Compliance

Barona stressed the critical role of compliance in today's business environment. “There's major frameworks within the security space that a lot of organizations look for even before they do purchase, you know, your product,” he explained. Frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 have become essential for SaaS companies looking to build trust with potential clients and investors.

Cycore helps companies navigate these complex compliance requirements, making the process more manageable and less time-consuming. “We're giving them their current compliance assessment, so like where they're at right now, what it looks like, right? Like what percentage of the way are you for any framework that you're looking for?” Barona detailed.

The Human Element in Cybersecurity

One of the most insightful points Barona made was about the human aspect of cybersecurity. “Computers only do what humans tell them to do, right? I mean, up to this point, hopefully. So ideally, you know, it's more security at the end of the day is more human-focused than you think it is,” he emphasized.

This perspective underscores the importance of education and awareness in any cybersecurity strategy. Cycore's approach includes educating clients and their employees about best practices and potential threats.

Looking to the Future

As SaaS companies continue to grow and evolve, so too will the cybersecurity landscape. Barona sees Cycore as a key player in helping these businesses stay ahead of the curve. By offering scalable, customizable solutions, Cycore is positioned to support companies from their early stages through to maturity.

“We're keeping in mind all of these points that you don't necessarily find for other consulting firms that take on a variety of industries, a variety of sizes,” Barona explained, highlighting Cycore's specialized focus on the tech industry.


The insights shared by Kevin Barona on the Software Spotlight podcast offer a valuable perspective for SaaS founders and leaders grappling with cybersecurity challenges. By emphasizing the importance of proactive security measures, compliance, and the human element in cybersecurity, Barona and Cycore are helping to shape a more secure future for the SaaS industry.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, companies that prioritize security and compliance will be better positioned to succeed and build trust with their customers. With innovative solutions like those offered by Cycore, even small and growing SaaS businesses can access enterprise-level security expertise and protection.


What is Cycore's main focus in cybersecurity?

Cycore specializes in providing security and compliance solutions tailored for SaaS companies, particularly startups and growing businesses.

How does Cycore help with compliance frameworks?

Cycore offers gap analysis, roadmap development, and implementation support for major compliance frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

What is the “20-day sprint blueprint” offered by Cycore?

It's a comprehensive service that provides companies with a detailed gap analysis and security roadmap within a 20-day timeframe.

Why is human-focused security important according to Kevin Barona?

Barona emphasizes that cybersecurity ultimately depends on human actions and decisions, making education and awareness crucial.

How does Cycore differ from traditional consulting firms?

Cycore specializes in the tech industry, offering scalable solutions tailored specifically for SaaS companies at various growth stages.

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