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Pictory AI's Marc Gawith discusses how their AI-powered platform transforms text into professional videos, helping content marketers generate more leads and boost sales. Pictory turns any written content into highly shareable videos quickly, affordably, and at scale using AI.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Pictory AI

The Genesis of Pictory AI

Pictory was founded to help content creators efficiently turn text materials like scripts and blog posts into professional videos. Head of Business Development Marc Gawith joined in 2023 to scale targeted sales and partnerships. The founders struggled with video creation bandwidth issues at a prior 500-person company, employing only one dedicated video creator. They realized AI could empower non-video experts to produce quality video content from existing text materials.

Leveraging AI for Automated Video Production

Pictory's NLP algorithms match text to relevant media assets to automatically generate professional videos. Users input scripts, blog posts, and other text, and Pictory's AI handles the heavy lifting of video production.

Natural Language Processing Matches Text to Media

Gawith explains, “It will match the text to our stock video and stock image library. We will use AI to go through and match the text to any relevant images and videos.” For blog posts, it summarizes the content and matches text to images.

Pictory AI breaks imported article into video scenes.
The image shows Pictory AI's article-to-video interface with imported text on the left and AI-generated video scenes on the right based on analyzing the article content.

AI Editing Tools Create Dynamic Summaries

The “edit videos using text” feature allows users to upload, transcribe, and summarize long videos by highlighting key text sections. Gawith shares, “We use AI in various ways” for features like creating time-based video summaries.

Democratizing Video Marketing Through AI

Studies show video content boosts viewer retention over text. Pictory videos help content marketers reduce production costs while increasing traffic, leads, and sales. As Gawith notes, “It levels the playing field” for competing against bigger marketing budgets.

Empowering Users Through Easy Video Creation

Pictory's ease of use enables users to increase video output without advanced skills exponentially. Gawith created over 200 videos in 2023 while handling other responsibilities. He explains, “Now things are helping us be more effective.”

Solving Real-World Business Challenges

Pictory solves various business issues like explainer videos for custom government software projects. A customer service company even creates follow-up summary videos from support calls. Gawith notes, “It's allowing us to do more with our existing workforce.”

API Integrations and Automation Streamline Workflows

Integrations like Zapier help users automate multi-step workflows, pulling videos from cloud storage to summarize through the Pictory API. A future integration will even create prompt-based videos automatically. As Gawith explains, “It becomes programmatic.”

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