We Compared Pictory AI versus 5 Top Video Creation Options: See Our Review Results

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory AI is an innovative online video creation software that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to help users quickly turn text content into professional-quality videos. In this review, I will walk you through my journey of creating a video using Pictory, the steps, and my feedback. Pictory makes video creation accessible even if you don't have video production skills. Its AI does the heavy lifting so anyone can make stunning videos that tell compelling stories to attract and engage audiences.

Review Methodology

For Pictory AI and the other solutions reviewed in my testing, I compared pricing, usability, features, and support. When I tested Pictory AI, I found that the tool was ideal for quickly creating shareable marketing and social media videos from scripts, blog posts, and long-form content. Based on its user-friendly interface, a wide range of professional templates, and robust AI features like automatic text-to-speech voices and royalty-free media libraries, I highly recommend Pictory AI for creating videos efficiently at scale. In my testing below, I turned a recent blog post into a video in under 10 minutes from start to finish.

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We Compared Pictory AI versus 5 Top Options: See Our Results
AI video creation software 1

Is Pictory AI the ultimate video creation tool? Our just released in-depth comparison reveals all. See our full results. We tested it against the top 5 options.

Price: 19 – 99

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Video Editing Software, Text-to-video creation, Social media video creation

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use interface and intuitive workflow
  • Video creation accessible for beginners
  • Powerful AI capabilities like text-to-video and image recognition
  • Delivers great results fast
  • Lots of customization options for branding videos
  • Great value for money


  • Basic editing functionality, less versatility than advanced tools
  • Templates are limited

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Benefits of Using Pictory AI

Saves Time with Automated Video Creation

Manually creating videos is complex and time-consuming. Pictory's AI technology automates tedious tasks like editing footage, adding graphics, recording voiceovers, and more. This enables rapid video production so you can make more dynamic video content faster. If you are a long-form content creator, blogger, or social media influencer, delivering results like this is fantastic.

Easy to Create Videos Without Expertise

Pictory's intuitive interface means no video, editing, design, or tech skills are required. Type a script or upload a blog post, and let the AI go to work. This makes professional video creation achievable for beginners.

Optimized for Marketing and Social Media

Share your brand story through video storytelling designed to captivate audiences. Pictory videos are created using best practices to maximize viewership, shares, and engagement across social media.

Scalable Video Production

Efficiently produce videos for your video marketing at scale. The AI technology means laborious manual work is minimized, enabling anyone to make unlimited videos cost-effectively.

Customizable Branding

Videos can be personalized with your brand colors, logo, fonts, and more through Pictory's templates. This creates consistent on-brand videos that reinforce your visual identity.

Our Pictory Testing

During our review of Pictory, we took a current blog post from the Software Oasis site and converted it to a video. The article we chose is entitled “Creating High-Converting Affiliate Content: An Affiliate Review.” We chose this article as it contains text and images and is well structured.

Step 1

We added the page URL into Pictory when prompted in this first step. The software quickly imported the text and images for us, added video and images, and created scenes for us. Pretty neat when you consider this step gets you 80% of the way to a completed video on the first pass.

Screenshot of Pictory AI interface showing Article to Video option selected in first step of AI video creation process
The first step in creating an AI-generated video with Pictory is to choose the Article to Video option and input a blog post URL.

Step 2

You can see the text that Pictory AI imports from the article on the left-hand side. It then generates the scenes we discussed above and puts them on the right side of the screen. This lets you see your story flow so that you can get a good idea as to how the final video will turn out. You can easily edit things and tweak them along the way.

Pictory AI breaks imported article into video scenes.
The image shows Pictory AI's article-to-video interface with imported article text on the left and AI-generated video scenes on the right based on analyzing the article content.

Step 3

This third step is where things get fun and start to take shape. You can either add your own voiceover by reading the script or let the AI handle the voiceover for you. The standard audio does sound pretty robotic, but the enhanced audio is out of this world, natural, and human-like. If you are not recording your own voice, I highly suggest using the enhanced “realistic voices” audio functionality. Your final product will be first-rate and polished.

Using Pictory video editing software with AI to to add voiceover to my video before publication.
In this step, I use Pictory video editing software with AI to add a voiceover to my video. The options include using premium or standard AI voices from Pictory's library, realistic voices from Eleven Labs, or uploading your recorded voiceover. The image illustrates the step where a voiceover is added to the video.

Step 4

In this next step, you can take a 10,000-foot look at where everything is at. You can go back and make any final edits or adjustments so that you get a final product that you are thrilled with. Creating videos at scale from your existing content is a great way to repurpose your creative works and reach additional visitors through other channels. You can push out your generated videos through social media, YouTube, or even in advertising. The choice is up to you, but the bottom line is that more eyeballs viewing your content will help you generate more sales, leads, and visitors to your site and business.

Pictory AI video editor interface showing video creation steps
The 5 steps in Pictory's AI-powered video creation process include finding visuals, adding AI or custom voiceover, branding, and downloading

Step 5

The next step is the one we have all been waiting for. This is your chance to confirm the final format and details and hit the big purple download button. Once you download your video, you can upload it to your channels and set your creation live to the world.

Pictory interface showing social media video format options
Pictory video editor with options to select vertical 9:16 format for mobile, square 1:1 format for Instagram, or landscape 16:9 format.

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Social Media Formatting Tips

While many will choose to upload their videos to YouTube, you can also choose to push your videos out through social media. By optimizing the video format and posting to all of the top social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit, you can extend your reach. You will want to keep your videos short to maximize your views and engagement on these social platforms.

By posting longer-form videos on your website, you can increase your visitors' average time on site for their visits to your articles. You can also promote the long-form videos in your shorts to direct your visitors to learn more by watching the longer videos. We do this with great success, and it is an idea you should try out.

Pictory AI video editor showing vertical video preview
The Pictory AI video editor displays a vertical 9:16 video preview that is ready for further refinement before downloading

How Pictory Compares to Competitors

In our head-to-head review versus the options below, Pictory is unmatched for rapidly creating optimized, shareable videos from text at scale. We found that no other platform offers the same breadth of automated video creation tailored for social media.

Pictory vs. Invideo.io

While Invideo offers some AI-powered features, Pictory specializes in automated video creation. Pictory is the superior choice for rapidly optimizing videos for social media and marketing. Pictory has lower pricing, starting at $19/month, and better usability for beginners, while Invideo has a free plan and more advanced features suited to power users. Both offer email, chat, and phone support. See our invideo review.

Pictory vs. Synthesia

Synthesia focuses on custom AI avatars. Synthesia is better for quickly creating videos viewable from a human perspective. But for versatile business video production from content, Pictory is preferable. Pictory is cheaper at $19/month and very easy to use, while Synthesia has unique AI avatars. Both provide email and chat support 24/7.

Pictory vs. Veed.io

Veed prioritizes video editing. For users wanting to edit existing footage, Veed provides more specialized tools. However, to make videos from scratch fast, Pictory is better suited. Pictory has lower pricing at $19/month and an intuitive interface optimized for novices, whereas Veed offers more editing tools and templates for general use. Both offer email, chat, and knowledge-based support.

Pictory vs. RunwayML

RunwayML is designed for developers to integrate AI. For non-technical users wanting ready-made video production features, Pictory is the more approachable option. Pictory focuses narrowly on AI text-to-video generation, which is easy to use. At the same time, Runway enables you to bring your own data to train models but requires more technical skill. Both offer 24/7 email and chat support.

Pictory vs. Steve.AI

Pictory pricing starts at $19/month, while Steve.AI pricing starts at $20/month. Both tools offer easy-to-use interfaces for generating videos from text, with Pictory.AI being particularly intuitive and beginner-friendly. For features, Pictory focuses specifically on text-to-video with customization options, while Steve.AI can also create animated videos. Steve.AI offers limited support by email only, while Pictory offers 24/7 email and chat support.

Best Use Cases

Social Media Marketing

Create video ads, explainers, testimonials, and more designed to drive engagement on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Video Blog Posts

Convert blog posts into shareable videos to publish natively or promote on social media to increase reach and readership. Some viewers will prefer to watch your content in the blog post videos rather than read them.

Product Demos

Showcase products and services in engaging video demos designed to convert viewers into customers and clients.


Produce dynamic company culture and job listing videos to attract talent and promote open positions to relevant candidates.

Lead Generation

Use video landing pages, lead magnets, and personalized outreach videos to capture more leads for your sales pipeline.

Internal Communications

Keep remote teams aligned through quickly produced update videos from leadership and video training resources.

Pictory Pricing Options

Upgrading unlocks higher resolution outputs, more videos, premium assets, access to the enhanced “realistic voices” from Eleven Labs, support options via chat/email/phone, and capabilities like API access. The free plan allows testing Pictory's video editor before paying.

Free Plan

  • Create up to 3 video projects
  • 480p resolution videos
  • Pictory branding on exported videos

Starter Plan

  • $19 per month
  • Unlimited HD 1080p videos
  • Custom branding
  • Priority email support

Professional Plan

  • $39 per month
  • Unlimited 4K videos
  • Premium library access
  • Priority chat support

Team Plan

  • $99 per month
  • Team management features
  • API Access
  • Dedicated account manager

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

  1. Sign up for a free Pictory account
  2. Upload a script, blog post, or long-form content
  3. Select or customize a professional template
  4. Let Pictory AI generate footage, visuals, voiceover, and more automatically
  5. Review and edit the video if desired
  6. Download the final video in up to 4K resolution

It only takes minutes to produce an optimized video ready for publishing with this automated process.

Is Pictory AI Right For You?

Pictory AI is the ideal video creation solution if you want to:

  • Save time creating videos at scale for marketing and social media
  • Produce professional videos without technical expertise
  • Rapidly transform written content into dynamic video assets
  • Adopt an easy automated video production workflow
  • Create videos optimized for driving engagement and conversions

Marketers, agencies, business owners, publishers, advertisers, and social media producers can benefit tremendously from Pictory's AI video platform.

For manually editing footage or producing videos from scratch, other tools may be better suited. But if you want automated video creation from text tailored for business, Pictory AI is, in my opinion, the leading choice by far.

Use coupon promo code s3btc when you check out from the link above for 20% off for the life of your subscription.

Make sure to tune in to our exclusive interview on the Software Spotlight podcast featuring Marc Gawith from Pictory AI. In this interview, Marc discusses the transformative power of their AI-powered platform, which converts text into professional videos. This innovative solution is a game-changer for content marketers as it enables them to generate more leads and increase sales. With Pictory, any written content can be effortlessly transformed into highly shareable videos in a fast, cost-effective, and scalable manner, thanks to the implementation of AI technology.

Pictory AI Review Conclusion

Videos are rapidly becoming essential for modern digital marketing and customer engagement. Yet professional video production remains out of reach for many without the budget, skills, resources, or time.

Pictory AI solves this problem through automated video creation tools powered by artificial intelligence. Now anyone can turn blogs, scripts, and long-form content into stunning videos in minutes.

When I tested Pictory AI, I was amazed by how quick and easy it was to make shareable videos optimized for social media, websites, ads, and more. The platform makes video production scalable, affordable, and achievable, no matter your skill level.

So if you're ready to level up your digital marketing and content with high-quality video designed to engage audiences, I highly recommend exploring Pictory AI.

Sign up for a free trial of Pictory's video platform today!

Pictory AI FAQ

Is Pictory free or paid?

Pictory offers a trial plan, which is free of charge and enables you to produce three video projects with a maximum duration of 10 minutes each. However, advanced capabilities like removing backgrounds, access to premium templates and stock media, collaborators, and more require upgrading to their paid Starter plan starting at $19 monthly. So while you can use Pictory at no cost during the trial, unlocking the full suite of creative features comes with a subscription fee.

What are the applications of Pictory AI?

Pictory AI streamlines video creation by leveraging AI to transform text into professional, customized videos quickly and easily. It empowers anyone to produce compelling video content for their business or brand at scale. You can create product demo videos, explainer videos, YouTube shorts, and social media videos, among other formats.

Is Pictory considered to be a reliable and effective tool?

With its AI-powered tools, Pictory makes video creation a breeze for non-editors. Just type a script, article, or prompts, and it handles editing automatically, generating professional videos using a massive library of clips, images, and music. While not perfect, for the affordable price, Pictory streamlines video production so you can focus on strategy and creativity. For YouTubers, marketers, or anyone wanting to simplify video-making, Pictory is an excellent choice.

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