NordPass Review: The Ultimate Password Manager

What Is NordPass?

NordPass is a powerful yet user-friendly password manager that helps you take control of your online security. This NordPass review covers the solution and compares it against popular options to help you decide if this is a good option. Developed by Nord Security, the cybersecurity company behind the popular VPN service NordVPN, NordPass allows you to store, organize, and access your passwords and other sensitive information from a secure encrypted vault.

With NordPass, gone are the days of forgetting passwords or using weak, reused ones that put your accounts at risk. Instead, it generates strong, unique passwords for all your logins and remembers them for you. Whether you use NordPass on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, your vault is always at your fingertips.

At its core, NordPass is focused on making password management effortless while keeping your data ultra-secure. It uses advanced encryption, zero-knowledge architecture, and other robust security protections so you can browse, shop, and bank online with total peace of mind.

NordPass Review: Comparing Secure Password Storage Options
Password vault

Our NordPass Review covers this popular password manager. Secure storage, autofill, and password generation features. Learn if it's a good fit for your needs.

Price: 0 – 3.99

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Password Manager

Editor's Rating:


  • Offers secure encrypted password storage
  • User-friendly interface
  • Password generator and autofill capabilities
  • Free version available
  • Works across multiple devices/platforms


  • Lacks some advanced features of competitors
  • Free version limited to one device
  • Premium pricing higher than some alternatives
NordPass Password vault Dashboard displaying License status, Password Health, Members, and Breach Scanner overview with statistics and graphs.
During our review, we captured an image of the NordPass Password Vault Dashboard showcasing License status, Password Health, Members, and Breach Scanner overview. NordPass enables accessing passwords across multiple devices with desktop, mobile, and browser apps.

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Benefits Of Using NordPass

NordPass offers many compelling benefits, making it a worthwhile investment to secure your online presence.

Unparalleled Security

With military-grade encryption, zero-knowledge architecture, and rigorous independent audits, NordPass offers watertight protection for passwords and personal data. Your sensitive information is always secure, even from NordPass itself. NordPass provides secure encrypted password storage using the latest XChaCha20 encryption.

Smooth Accessibility

NordPass ensures instant access to passwords whenever and wherever you need them. It syncs seamlessly across desktop and mobile to provide easy accessibility on all your devices.

Reduced Password Fatigue

Gone are the days of password fatigue. NordPass securely generates and stores unique, complex passwords for every site, so you don't have to rack your brain to create them. NordPass has a built-in password generator to create randomized solid passwords.

Form Filling Made Easy

NordPass can automatically fill in login credentials, personal info, and payment details on online forms with a single click. This saves you time and effort while shopping, signing up for services, or purchasing.

Painless Password Sharing

With NordPass, you can securely share passwords or notes with family, friends, or coworkers in just a few clicks. This simplifies access without compromising security.

How Does NordPass Compare to Competitors?

NordPass vs LastPass

LastPass offers a free subscription tier, but the features are limited compared to NordPass's free offering. NordPass provides better security with advanced encryption and much smoother form-filling capabilities. Overall, NordPass is the more robust and user-friendly option.

NordPass vs Dashlane

Dashlane is known for its very user-friendly interface and excellent form-filling. However, NordPass matches it in usability and beats it in security. NordPass also offers better value with cheaper pricing. For most use cases, NordPass delivers better all-around performance.

NordPass vs 1Password

1Password has superior form-filling capabilities and a polished interface. However, NordPass provides stronger security protections and is much more affordable. Unless you need advanced form fill, NordPass gives you robust password management for less.

NordPass Dashboard: Passwords listed with icons and last used time in dark mode
NordPass Dashboard in dark mode displaying passwords with icons and last used time

NordPass vs Keeper

Keeper is competitively priced but is not as user-friendly as NordPass. It also lacks some security features offered by NordPass, like zero-knowledge architecture. Overall, NordPass is more secure, accessible, and intuitive for the average user.

NordPass vs Bitwarden

Bitwarden offers very robust security tools for free. However, its interface is not as polished as NordPass. For non-technical users who want an easy-to-use solution with solid security, NordPass is the better choice.

NordPass Product Pricing Options

The Premium Personal and Family plans allow access to NordPass's premium features like automatic form-filling, password sharing, personal info storage, and priority customer support.


NordPass offers a free version with unlimited password storage on one device. So you can try it risk-free before opting for a paid plan if needed. There are often limited-time promotions too for discounted plans.

Premium Personal

Given the low single-user price of just $1.99/month when billed annually, the Premium Personal plan offers excellent value.

Premium Family

The Premium Family plan offers even better value at just $3.99/month for six people, making it very cost-effective for families.

Step-By-Step NordPass Setup Guide

Setting up NordPass takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Create a free NordPass account with your email address. Choose a strong master password.
  2. Download the NordPass app on your desktop or mobile devices. Open the app and log in.
  3. Install the browser extension on your desktop and connect it to your NordPass account.
  4. NordPass will securely sync your vault data between connected devices.
  5. Add logins to your password vault by saving new ones or importing from your browser or other password manager.
  6. Enable auto-fill in your browser and app settings to allow NordPass to fill in passwords automatically.
  7. Access your vault on the go by logging into the mobile app using your master password or biometric login.
  8. Share items from your vault with trusted contacts if needed for easy collaboration.
  9. Contact customer support via live chat or email if you need help with setup or using NordPass.

That's all it takes! In just minutes, you can start using NordPass to manage passwords seamlessly and browse websites more securely.

NordPass Password Manager: Adding Secure Notes with Title, Note, Folder Selection, and Save/Cancel Buttons
Screenshot of NordPass Password Manager's functionality to add secure notes with title, note, folder selection, and save/cancel buttons. At a high level, NordPass is a password manager that stores passwords securely in an encrypted vault.

Is NordPass Right For You?

NordPass is an excellent choice for most internet users who want a secure and hassle-free password manager. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • NordPass is an excellent fit with its zero-knowledge architecture if you want powerful encryption and privacy features.
  • If you need reliable autofill to simplify logins, NordPass excels at auto-filling forms and passwords seamlessly.
  • If you want smooth accessibility across devices, NordPass makes password management easy on desktop or mobile. As a cross-platform password manager, NordPass works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and browsers.
  • If you share accounts with family or coworkers, NordPass enables easy and secure password sharing.
  • If you want an intuitive interface alongside robust security, NordPass balances usability and protection.
  • If you want quality customer support, NordPass provides 24/7 live chat and email assistance.
  • If you want value for money, NordPass offers affordable, fully-featured service.

For most individuals and families looking for robust security, convenience, and value – NordPass is a strong password manager choice.

According to technopedia, "The most effective password managers store usernames and passwords in an encrypted database that is protected by the master password and two-factor authentication (2FA). The encrypted database can be stored either on the user’s device or on a remote server, depending on the type of password manager and the user’s preferences."

NordPass Review Conclusion

NordPass provides a powerful password management solution that combines next-gen encryption, convenience, and value. With military-grade security protecting your sensitive data, smooth accessibility on all devices, and valuable features like password sharing and form filling – NordPass has everything you need to take control of your online security. The solution provides secure password-sharing capabilities between password manager users.

Don't leave your passwords and accounts vulnerable any longer. Visit today to start your free trial and increase your online protection. Their affordable premium plans give you full access to the best password manager for simplifying and securing your digital life.

Try NordPass risk-free today and say goodbye to password fatigue! Your online security is worth investing in.

NordPass FAQ

What country has the weakest passwords?

The US has some of the most common and guessable passwords worldwide, like “password” and “123456”. People everywhere must create longer, more complex passwords to protect their information.

Could passkeys replace passwords someday?

Passkeys let you sign in with your fingerprint instead of a password. They're more accessible and more secure, so major tech companies are working on passkeys to replace passwords eventually.

What makes a password unhackable?

The longest, most complex passwords with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols are the hardest to hack. Aim for at least 12 characters. And never reuse the same password twice!

Why do hackers target financial companies?

Banks and investment firms store valuable personal data like social security numbers that hackers want to steal and sell. Strong employee passwords are a primary defense against attacks.

Do people base passwords on movies and music?

Yes! Pop culture passwords like “GoT12345” or “StarWars8*” are very common but easy for hackers to guess. Get creative with phrases only you know instead.

Can longer passwords stop hacking?

Absolutely – longer passwords with more types of characters take exponentially longer to crack. A 12-character password with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols could take centuries to hack!

What is SOC2 compliance?

SOC2 means a financial company passed strict cybersecurity rules on protecting customer data. Ask your bank or investment firm if they have SOC2 certification.

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