EmailWritr Review: Effortlessly Create High-Converting Email Campaigns

What Is Emailwritr?

Emailwritr is an AI-powered software that helps you create high-converting email sequences and campaigns by answering a few questions. In this EmailWritr review, we will cover the solution email marketing software for small businesses to create targeted, effective email campaigns. We will cover the solution in detail and let you know how we believe it compares to other solutions so that you can make an informed decision. It's like having your own virtual copywriter who writes engaging and persuasive emails for you.

The software has over 2000 done-for-you email templates covering different niches and industries. So whether you're promoting your products or services or someone else's, EmailWritr can help you generate emails tailored to your needs.

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EmailWritr Review: AI Copywriting for High-Impact Emails
Email copywriting software

Our EmailWritr Review compares the solution to top competitive options. Craft high-converting email sequences with, an AI-powered email creation tool.

Price: 29 – 49

Price Currency: $

Application Category: AI-powered email marketing, email copywriting

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use interface and email creation process
  • Generates high-converting email sequences quickly
  • Good variety of email and sequence templates
  • Affordable pricing compared to hiring a copywriter
  • Helpful for those new to email marketing


  • Accuracy of AI can vary for complex products or services
  • More suited for simple promotional emails vs complex narratives

Key Features

  • Create single emails or multi-email sequences
  • Access a variety of pre-made email templates
  • Generate emails for any niche or industry
  • Create emails to promote your own or other people's products/services
  • Save your custom emails for future use
  • Get new DFY email templates every month (for pro users)

Overall, if you want to save time writing emails while improving open, click, and conversion rates, EmailWritr is a great tool.

EmailWritr AI editing interface for customizing email sequences
EmailWritr automatically generates multi-email sequences optimized for your target audience. Update and edit your email sequences with EmailWritr AI. EmailWritr uses AI to generate high-converting marketing emails tailored to your business.

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Benefits Of Using Emailwritr

Saves You A Ton Of Time

Manually writing high-converting emails takes a lot of time and effort. You must carefully craft every sentence to capture attention, nurture engagement, and drive conversions.

With EmailWritr, you only need 5-10 minutes to answer some questions and let the software generate emails optimized for your goals. This frees up a lot of time you can reallocate to other essential tasks.

Email marketing automation

EmailWritr automates email marketing by creating sequences tailored to your niche with just a few clicks. The solution offers pre-made email templates for different niches to streamline email creation.

Requires No Copywriting Skills

You don't need any copywriting experience to create great emails with EmailWritr. The software is designed to do all the heavy lifting for you.

So whether you're a business owner, marketer, or even a newbie just starting out, you can leverage EmailWritr to write emails that convert.

Gives You An Unfair Advantage

EmailWritr provides affordable email marketing software for small businesses to create targeted, effective email campaigns. Having a dedicated copywriter on your team gives you an unfair advantage when writing high-converting emails. But hiring one copywriter would easily cost you upwards of $2000 per month.

Top Performing Copy

With EmailWritr, you get the skills of a top copywriter without paying an arm and a leg. This allows you to punch above your weight and compete with businesses much more significant than yours. EmailWritr leverages AI to optimize and automate a business's entire email marketing process.

Keeps You Up-To-Date

Email marketing trends are constantly evolving. So, the emails that worked six months ago may not work so well today. Emailwritr solves this problem by releasing new DFY email templates based on the latest trends and highest-converting strategies.

Email template builder

With EmailWritr, users can easily build customized email templates for any industry or niche. As a pro user, you can access all the new templates, ensuring your emails are always up-to-date and high-converting.

Personalized email campaigns

EmailWritr creates personalized email campaigns by generating messages tailored to your products, services, and customers. The solution helps craft high-converting email marketing through AI-generated messages designed to boost engagement.

How Does Emailwritr Compare?

Emailwritr Vs ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is more of an AI writing enhancement tool, while EmailWritr specializes in creating emails. So ProWritingAid focuses more on improving writing quality through suggestions and feedback, while emailwritr creates full emails based on your niche and goals.

Main Differences

  • ProWritingAid checks for writing quality and errors. EmailWritr creates entire emails.
  • ProWritingAid covers general writing. EmailWritr specializes in email copywriting.
  • ProWritingAid gives feedback to improve writing. EmailWritr handles writing for you.

So while ProWritingAid can help refine what you write, EmailWritr will create emails tailored to your needs from start to finish.

Emailwritr Vs Ginger

Ginger is predominantly a grammar-checking and text-improvement tool. It lacks the email copywriting abilities EmailWritr specializes in.

Main Differences

  • Ginger focuses on grammar, spelling, and text improvements. Emailwritr creates full emails.
  • Ginger checks and corrects what you write. Emailwritr handles the writing for you.
  • Ginger helps you write better. Emailwritr writes high-converting emails for you.

So Ginger can help you fix and enhance what you write while EmailWritr will create entire emails optimized for conversions.

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Emailwritr Vs Grammarly Business

Like Ginger, Grammarly also focuses heavily on grammar, spell checks, and text improvements. It does not create emails or copy the way EmailWritr does.

Main Differences

  • Grammarly checks writing errors and quality. Emailwritr creates emails.
  • Grammarly helps you write better. Emailwritr handles email writing for you.
  • Grammarly focuses on grammar and style. Emailwritr specializes in email copywriting.

So, if you want to improve your writing, Grammarly is the tool. But for creating high-converting emails, EmailWritr is the better option.

Image of EmailWritr AI Email Sequence Generator with preset sequences for webinars
EmailWritr AI Email Sequence Generator offers popular preset sequences for webinars. The solution is email copywriting software that creates customized, high-converting emails using AI.

Emailwritr Vs TextCortex AI

TextCortex AI specializes in analyzing and improving writing quality through feedback and suggestions. Like ProWritingAid and Grammarly, it does not directly create copy like EmailWritr.

Main Differences

  • TextCortex checks writing quality. Emailwritr creates emails for you.
  • TextCortex gives feedback to help you write better. Emailwritr handles the writing.
  • TextCortex focuses on writing quality. Emailwritr specializes in email copywriting.

So while TextCortex can help enhance your writing, EmailWritr will create optimized emails for you.

Emailwritr Vs QuillBot

QuillBot is predominantly a paraphrasing and summarizing tool. It lacks the specialized email copywriting abilities EmailWritr has.

Main Differences

  • QuillBot summarizes and paraphrases text. Emailwritr creates full emails.
  • QuillBot enhances existing writing. Emailwritr handles writing emails.
  • QuillBot focuses on paraphrasing writing. Emailwritr specializes in email copy.

So QuillBot helps refine what you write while EmailWritr creates high-converting email sequences.

Product Pricing Options

They occasionally run promotional offers, so you may be able to get EmailWritr for cheaper so check the link above. They don't have custom enterprise pricing, but the prices above are already quite reasonable for the value emailwritr provides.

Premium ($29/month)

  • Create unlimited emails
  • Access email templates
  • Download emails as PDF
  • Track email analytics
  • 24/7 support

Expert ($39/month)

  • All Premium features
  • 2 team members
  • Priority 24/7 support
  • Custom integrations

Enterprise ($49/month)

  • All Expert features
  • 5 team members
  • One dedicated account manager
  • Custom integrations
  • API Access
  • White label reports
As indeed notes, "A well-composed professional email provides the recipient with a friendly, clear, concise and actionable message. Learning how to professionally write an email that meets all of these criteria can take practice."

Step By Step Setup Guide

  • Step 1) Go to EmailWritr and click “Sign Up”
  • Step 2) Enter your name, email, and password, and click Sign up.
  • Step 3) You'll be sent a confirmation email. Click to verify your email.
  • Step 4) Log into your account and choose your niche or industry
  • Step 5) Pick an email template that fits your goals
  • Step 6) Customize the email by answering questions
  • Step 7) When done, generate and preview the email
  • Step 8) Export or save emails for future use
  • Step 9) Integrate with your email autoresponder
  • Step 10) Start sending high-converting emails!

It's super simple and easy to get started. And EmailWritr support team is also there to help if you face any issues.

EmailWritr Email copywriting software interface with health & fitness, self-help, real estate templates
EmailWritr's Email copywriting software sequence templates by category

Is Emailwritr Right For You?

Emailwritr is an excellent fit if:

  • You want to save time writing emails
  • You lack copywriting skills
  • You want to improve email conversions
  • You need emails tailored to your niche
  • You want access to always up-to-date email templates

Marketers, agencies, business owners, affiliates, and anyone relying on email marketing can benefit from EmailWritr.

It takes care of your copywriting while you focus on other essential business tasks. And the time and money you save can significantly impact your bottom line.

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Emailwritr Review Conclusion

Emailwritr makes email marketing incredibly simple. Handling the copywriting for you allows you to create high-converting emails that drive more sales.

Whether you're short on time, lack copywriting skills, or want better emails, EmailWritr is the tool for you. And with its affordable pricing, anyone can access its professional email writing capabilities.

So if you're ready to maximize the ROI from your email campaigns, get started with EmailWritr today and let it help you turn subscribers into customers. The growth potential is massive. Use coupon code SOFTWARE-OASIS for 15% off the Expert or Enterprise plan.

Emailwritr FAQ

What is the best way to create email sequences that converts well?

Focus on one clear objective per email to guide subscribers through their journey. Personalize content based on their interests and behavior. Use continuity between emails to tell a cohesive story and create anticipation. Test different subject lines, sender names, content, and calls to action to determine what resonates best with your audience. Refine based on open and click-through rates to optimize engagement over time.

What is the best way to sequence emails?

Email sequencing involves strategically sending emails to guide prospects through a journey tailored to their needs. Map milestones from introduction to conversion, then craft targeted content for each stage. Use email analytics to identify engagement levels and optimize your sequences. Well-planned nurturing campaigns build relationships, add value, and convert subscribers into loyal customers over time through consistent yet personalized messaging.

What are the best ways to write a high-converting sales email?

Craft a compelling subject line focused on the prospect's needs. Open with a personalized greeting and highlight the value you offer. Address key pain points in a concise, scannable format. Include a clear call to action for the next step while conveying urgency. Close by, driving home your unique value proposition. Follow up promptly to build trust and nurture the relationship towards a sale.

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