Review: How CallPage’s Callback Software Increases Conversions

What is CallPage?

CallPage is an innovative lead generation and call-tracking software designed to help businesses boost conversions from their website traffic. The platform enables you to instantly connect with visitors through automated callbacks, meeting scheduling, and other real-time engagement features. In a recent Software Spotlight Podcast Interview with Bogdan Tyskyy of CallPage, we learned how their callback software increases conversions with instant lead engagement.

At its core, CallPage installs a smart callback widget on your site that prompts visitors to request a phone call with your sales or support team. When a visitor enters their number, CallPage automatically dials your agent and the website visitor simultaneously and connects them within seconds. This provides an instant sales callback when a prospect intends to engage with your business.

CallPage was founded in 2015 in Poland and has since expanded to serve over 1500 customers across 40 countries. The company joined SAS Labs in 2021 as part of its vision to optimize sales and service interactions globally.

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View Featured Call Page Podcast: This episode of Software Spotlight features Bogdan Tyskyy, General Manager of CallPage in Poland, a software solution that helps businesses convert website traffic into sales calls. CallPage offers callback technology that prompts website visitors to request a phone call, then automatically connects them with a sales agent within seconds to increase conversion rates.

Benefits of Using CallPage Callback Software

There are many compelling benefits that CallPage provides for lead generation and conversion rate optimization:

Faster response time

Connect with leads in under 30 seconds, compared to 30 minutes for most businesses. Research shows that responding within 5 minutes increases deal closing rates by over 10X.

More sales calls

Generate up to 120% more conversations from your website traffic by capitalizing on high-intent moments.

Higher conversion rates

CallPage customers typically see a 25-30% lift in website conversion rates and a 2-5% traffic conversion rate.

Lead scoring

Intelligent lead scoring based on visitor behavior helps automatically identify and prioritize hot, sales-ready leads.

Call recording & analytics

Get insights into call volume, lead quality, agent performance, and ROI reporting to optimize campaigns.

Omnichannel attribution

Integrates with platforms like Google Analytics to track website calls alongside other marketing channels for complete impact analysis.

Flexible call routing

Route calls based on agent availability, skills, lead location, and other rules to ensure optimal distribution.

Michael Bernzweig and Bogdan Tyskyy looking at the CallPage online appointment booking software timer counting down during the filming of the Software Spotlight podcast episode.
Michael Bernzweig and Bogdan Tyskyy are looking at the CallPage online appointment booking software timer counting down to demonstrate the speed of callback during the filming of a Software Spotlight podcast episode where they discuss CallPage's capabilities for online appointment booking. CallPage callback software increases Conversions through instant lead engagement.

How CallPage Compares to Top Competitors

CallPage stands out from competitors like CallRail, Invoca, ActiveCampaign, Five9, and RingCentral in a few key ways:

Instant callbacks

Unique sub-30-second callback feature responds significantly faster than competitors.


Requires just one line of code to install versus complex setups. Ideal for SMBs.

Lead scoring

More advanced lead scoring based on web activity vs. call data.


Fully customizable widget design, workflows, data collection, etc., to match the brand.


Handles call volumes from 20 to over 25,000 per month.

Meeting scheduling

Website visitors can easily book meetings with sales reps.

CRM integrations

Deep integrations with all major CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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CallPage Product Options

CallPage offers several modules and features to optimize the lead generation process:

Callback Widget

The main widget installed on the site prompts instant or scheduled callbacks.

Call Routing

Distribute and route calls to the correct agents and teams.

Call Recording

Record calls for training and quality assurance.

Meeting Scheduler

Visitors book online/in-person meetings with sales reps.

Scoring Rules

Show widgets based on visitor behavior, like time on site.


Reporting on call volumes, conversions, marketing ROI, and more.


Fully customizable widget design, workflows, and data collection fields.


Connects with all major marketing, sales, and support tools.

Is CallPage Right For You?

CallPage is ideal for SMBs and mid-market companies that want to boost conversions from their website traffic. It's particularly effective for businesses that:

  • Spend money on online advertising and want higher ROI.
  • Have high-value products or services with longer sales cycles.
  • Operate in competitive industries where speed matters.
  • Have phone numbers on their website but get low call volumes.
  • Want to reduce time-to-lead and accelerate the sales process.
  • Struggle to convert web visitors into sales conversations.
  • Need more insights from phone calls to optimize campaigns.

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Get Started with CallPage Today

Ready to start converting more of your website traffic into sales? CallPage makes it easy to get started:

  • Sign up for a free 14-day trial
  • Install their callback widget with one line of code
  • See your website conversions improve instantly

With CallPage's innovative callback technology, your sales team can engage with every promising lead in real-time, leading to more conversations, faster deals, and ultimately higher revenue growth. The platform provides the tools and intelligence needed to optimize your sales process end-to-end. Try CallPage today to experience the difference instant lead engagement can make for your business!

Watch our podcast episode featuring CallPage: On this episode, Michael Bernzweig welcomes Bogdan Tyskyy from CallPage to discuss their callback automation software that helps businesses convert website traffic into sales calls and hot leads in seconds. CallPage's customizable lead capture tools increase conversion rates by enabling immediate contact between website visitors and sales reps when interest peaks.

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