Pluckd Review: Uncover Hidden Talent with Modern Talent Management Solution

What Is Pluckd?

Pluckd is software designed to help SMBs unlock their team's full potential. It provides an instant, data-driven view of employees' skills and capabilities, enabling smarter talent decisions without guesswork.

The platform uses peer reviews and endorsements to map your team's talents. You get a real-time snapshot of proficiencies, experts, training needs, and more. This lets you quickly identify suitable internal candidates for open roles and build balanced project teams.

Finding and retaining top talent is one of HR managers' most significant challenges. With skills evolving rapidly, how can you future-proof your workforce and make intelligent talent decisions? Look no further than Pluckd, the talent management platform built for the modern workforce.

Pluckd Review: 6 Ways It Revolutionizes Talent Management
Pluckd talent management software

In this Pluckd review, discover how it revolutionizes talent management. Learn the 6 ways it transforms your talent management process and enhance your success.

Price: 2 per user per month

Price Currency: $

Application Category: talent experience management (TXM) platform

Editor's Rating:


  • Enables HR teams to prevent employee detachment
  • Reduces cultural friction
  • Good value for money


  • Single sign-on (SSO) only available for enterprise clients
Pluckd dashboard screenshot with 'View Skill Matrix' button." Image caption: "Screenshot of Pluckd dashboard showing the 'View Skill Matrix' button on the 'Team's top skills' card.
During our review of the solution, we looked at the Pluckd dashboard, which includes the Skill Matrix tab in the My Teams tab on the ‘Team's top skills' card. This allows users to access the team's skill matrix.  Pluckd is a skill management platform designed to help companies identify and develop talent within their organizations.

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Key Features and Benefits

Talent Search

Find the best internal matches for open positions based on skills and experience. This unlocks hidden talents and reduces hiring costs.

Peer Assessments

360-degree feedback provides an unbiased view of your team's capabilities beyond their job titles. Reviews can be for employees in physical or virtual office settings.

Team Dashboard

See talent gaps, strengths, and expertise across your workforce with Pluckd's real-time visualization.

Skill Matrices

Visualize your team's skills in a matrix backed by peer reviews. Quickly identify experts and training needs.

Mood Tracking

Collect daily feedback on your team's motivation levels to monitor engagement and burnout risk.

6 Benefits of Using Pluckd

Reduce Recruitment Costs

Pluckd makes identifying and developing talent from within easy, reducing reliance on expensive external hiring. Talent Search quickly surfaces capable internal candidates for open roles.

Improve Employee Retention

By nurturing internal growth and mobility, Pluckd boosts engagement and retention. Employees feel invested when given clear advancement opportunities.

Gain Data-Driven Insights

With real-time skill matrices and talent analysis, you can make strategic workforce decisions based on data instead of assumptions.

Promote Skills Development

Identify expertise gaps across teams and individuals. Then, develop targeted training to upskill your workforce and close these gaps.

Streamline HR Processes

Pluckd centralizes talent data and takes the guesswork out of critical HR processes like recruitment, capability mapping, and succession planning.

Increase Productivity

Get the right people matched with suitable projects and roles based on their strengths. This results in more engaged, productive teams.

Graphical representation of team skills breakdown using Pluckd talent management solution
During the solution demo, you can see a team's skills breakdown, beautifully visualized by the Pluckd talent management solution. This tool would be instrumental to any talent management strategy, helping a company identify strengths and areas for development within their team.

Pluckd vs. Competitors

Pluckd vs. Vantage Circle

While Vantage Circle offers peer recognition and rewards, Pluckd provides more robust talent analytics. Its skill matrices and talent mapping allow for data-driven talent decisions. Pluckd stands out from other talent management platforms with unique features like peer skill endorsements, talent search, and team skill matrices to uncover talent within.

Pluckd vs. Lattice

Lattice focuses more on performance management and OKRs. In contrast, Pluckd is purpose-built for talent identification, mapping, and internal mobility.

Pluckd vs. Fond

Fond provides peer-to-peer recognition and rewards. But Pluckd offers a broader range of talent management features beyond just engagement.

Pluckd vs. 15Five

15Five centers around continuous performance reviews and feedback. Pluckd takes a broader approach to talent management and workforce analytics.

Pluckd Pricing and Plans

Invest in Pluckd, an innovative talent management solution, to uncover hidden skills and potential across your workforce, starting at $2 per monthly user. Volume discounts are available on the Enterprise plan. You can also access a free 14-day trial to experience Pluckd firsthand. You can also request a free customized demo from Pluckd to see how their talent management software can help you manage your workforce. Pluckd offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Plans are available for teams of all sizes:


  • Free trial plan for up to 10 users


  • $2 per user/month for unlimited users


  • Custom integrations
  • Priority support
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
Screenshot of the Pluckd talent management software dashboard showing navigation tabs for skills, feedback, goals, and analytics.
The Pluckd talent management software dashboard provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface for tracking skills, goals, and employee development. Pluckd earns positive reviews from users as an affordable talent management solution for engaging teams and avoiding company silos.[

Step-by-step Guide Getting Started With Pluckd

1. Create Your Account

First, sign up for a free Pluckd account. You can start with the 14-day Explorer plan to test it out.

2. Integrate Your HR System

Connect Pluckd with your existing human resources information system (HRIS) or talent management platform via API. This syncs your key employee data.

3. Set Up Peer Reviews

Enable 360-degree peer reviews in Pluckd. Customize questions to assess the skills relevant to your teams.

4. Map Your Team's Skills

Leverage Pluckd's analytics to visualize your workforce's capabilities in skill matrices and talent maps.

5. Make Data-Driven Decisions

Use talent search to fill open roles internally. Identify experts to lead projects and training gaps to address.

6. Track Progress Over Time

Conduct periodic peer reviews to keep skills mapping updated. Monitor growth through Pluckd's dashboards.

Is Pluckd Right For You?

Pluckd provides businesses with an innovative talent management solution to identify skills gaps, nurture employee growth, and make data-driven workforce decisions. Pluckd is an ideal talent management solution for SMBs looking to:

  • Identify and develop high-potential internal talent
  • Assess workforce skills accurately using peer reviews
  • Reduce recruitment costs by filling open roles internally
  • Base talent decisions on data instead of gut instinct
  • Streamline skills training and address expertise gaps
  • Improve employee retention through internal growth opportunities

The platform integrates seamlessly with existing HR systems and provides robust analytics for data-driven talent strategy.

According to ADP, Talent management is how employers recruit and develop a workforce that is as productive as possible and likely to stay with their organization long-term.

Pluckd Review Conclusion

Human resource teams use Pluckd talent management software for skills tracking, peer reviews, employee development, and unlocking workforce potential. With its skill mapping, talent search, and peer feedback tools, Pluckd gives SMBs an automated, data-driven way to manage talent. Uncovering your team's hidden potential reduces hiring costs, closes skills gaps, and boosts retention.

Pluckd offers talent management software customer support via phone, chat, FAQs, forums, and 24/7 live assistance. Ready to get started? Sign up today for a free Pluckd trial to experience the platform firsthand. You have nothing to lose and a wealth of untapped talent to gain. Unlock your workforce's full potential with Pluckd.

Pluckd FAQ

Is my data safe with Pluckd?

Pluckd uses industry-standard encryption and access controls to keep your data safe and private. Your info will never be shared or sold by Pluckd without permission

What kind of support does Pluckd offer?

Pluckd provides email support from their top-notch customer success team, who can help users whenever needed.

Is Pluckd easy to use?

Yes, Pluckd has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes talent acquisition and management a breeze, even for beginners and non-technical folks.

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