Streamline Your Sales Workflow with Integrated Tools

Sales Workflow Automation

Sales teams often struggle with disjointed workflows spread across multiple apps and platforms. This leads to inefficiency as salespeople waste time toggling between tools and manually transferring data. However, by integrating siloed apps, teams can optimize workflows to boost productivity.

According to Jason Eggers, founder of Glances, a workflow automation tool, “Many sales teams use a CRM, email tools, calendar apps, and video tools. And they're constantly switching between these apps, copying and pasting data. This creates a very fragmented workflow.”

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In this article, we'll explore key ways sales teams can streamline workflows by connecting tools to eliminate busy work.

Sales team optimizing workflows by integrating apps to boost productivity.
Do you feel the burden of an entire sales team? Are you working to optimize everything on your own? Now you can do this with Glances workflows to easily integrate apps to eliminate busy work.

Reduce Context Switching Between Tools

Constant app switching leads to a loss of focus and productivity. Integrations between tools like CRM, email, and calendar apps enable seamless data flows to minimize context switching.

As Jason explains, “Glances connect the tools you already use and share data between them automatically. So you stay focused on selling rather than busywork.”

For example, integrating email with CRM means new emails are automatically attached to relevant customer records. Appointment details from calendar apps sync with customer profiles.

Such seamless interoperability reduces time wasted toggling between apps. Reps stay immersed in customer interactions instead of manual data transfers.

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Automate Tedious Data Entry

Manual data transfers between sales platforms are extremely tedious and error-prone. Automating this process through integrations alleviates a significant pain point.

“Nobody wants to be doing manual data entry that a computer should be doing,” notes Jason. “Glances automatically transfer info between tools so reps can focus on selling.”

For instance, contact info entered in an email tool automatically updates associated CRM records. Appointment details from calendar apps populate customer profiles.

Automation eliminates the drudgery of manual entry, freeing up reps to have more meaningful customer engagements. It also results in more accurate and up-to-date data.

Unify Customer Information into CRM

Sales data often ends up fragmented across the various apps teams use. Unifying it within the CRM delivers a “single source of truth about customers,” as Jason puts it.

Instead of piecing together customer data from multiple tools, reps can access complete profiles from their CRM. Key information like emails, appointments, notes, files, and tasks aggregate into unified customer records.

With context switching minimized and data integrated, reps can better personalize outreach and provide top-notch service. Customers also benefit from more tailored and consistent experiences.

Integrating siloed sales tools through platforms like Glances optimizes workflows by eliminating busy work. This enables teams to deliver more personalized and consistent customer experiences. Sign up for a free trial today to see Glances in action and simplify your sales workflow.

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sales workflow automation FAQ

How Does Glances Integrate Sales Tools?

Glances provides over 50 native integrations with popular sales tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, and Zoom. It connects them behind the scenes to share data and eliminate manual transfers.

What Kind Of Productivity Gains Can Teams Expect?

By automating tedious tasks, Glances saves reps 4+ hours per week typically spent on manual data entry. This translates to over 200 hours per year of selling time recovered.

How Is Customer Data Unified?

Customer interactions across email, calendar, video, and other tools flow into the CRM automatically. This creates unified customer records containing complete history in one place.

Does Glances Offer A Free Trial?

Glances offers a 14-day free trial with full access to all features. Sign up at the Glances site to connect your sales tools and optimize workflows with no commitment.

What Apps Does Glances Integrate?

Glances seamlessly connects popular sales tools including Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Gong, Zoom, Calendly, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and many more.

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