Bitskout Review: Ultimate Tool for Efficient Data Extraction

What Is Bitskout?

Bitskout is an AI-powered data extraction tool that helps teams automate manual data entry from documents and emails into their workflows. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand the structure of documents and extract relevant data without any coding required.

With Bitskout, users can create plugins to extract data from invoices, purchase orders, CVs, business cards, and more. There are over 40 ready-made templates available that can be customized as needed. Users need to provide a few examples of the document type to map the fields to be extracted, and Bitskout's AI will learn to extract data from similar documents.

The most significant benefit of Bitskout is saving time and eliminating tedious manual data entry. The plugins run 24/7 and integrate seamlessly with popular tools like Asana,, Zapier, and Microsoft Power Automate. This allows teams to build automated workflows triggered by new documents or emails.

For example, when a new invoice arrives in an email, a Bitskout plugin can automatically extract the amount due, due date, and other fields and create a task in Asana or update a project on This automation eliminates manual data entry and ensures accuracy.

Unbiased Bitskout Review vs. 8 Best Data Extraction Tools
AI document data extraction

Bitskout review with in depth comparison to other data extraction tools. Covers features, usability, integrations and pricing. Find out if it is a good choice.

Price: 59 – 199

Price Currency: $

Application Category: AI-powered data extraction

Editor's Rating:


  • Increases productivity and efficiency by automating manual tasks
  • Easy to use interface, no coding required to create plugins
  • Integrates well with tools like Google Workspace, Airtable, Slack, etc.
  • Large library of ready-made templates for common use cases
  • Comprehensive security features to keep user data safe
  • Ongoing improvements to algorithms for better efficiency over time


  • Requires access to 3rd party tools for full functionality
  • Analytics capabilities could be more advanced
  • Some limitations in handling more complex data like tables and charts

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Benefits Of Using Bitskout

Saves Time

Bitskout can save teams up to 5 hours per week previously spent on manual data entry. The AI-powered plugins automate repetitive tasks efficiently and accurately.

Improves Accuracy

AI data extraction is more accurate than manual data entry, reducing errors. Bitskout achieves over 90% accuracy for most document types.

Easy To Use

Bitskout is designed for non-technical users. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating and managing plugins without coding simple.

Works 24/7

Bitskout plugins automate data extraction around the clock. They can process documents as soon as they are received, even outside business hours.

Seamless Integrations

Native integrations with tools like Asana,, and Zapier facilitate building automated workflows. Bitskout fits right into existing stacks.

Suitable For All Teams

The plugins and templates cover use cases for sales, recruiting, finance, logistics, real estate, and more. Bitskout can help any team automate mundane tasks.


Bitskout offers a free trial. Paid plans start from just $59/month, including 200 plugin runs, making it cost-effective for all teams.

AI email data extraction

Bitskout uses AI to extract data from emails automatically, saving time and eliminating manual work. As an email automation software, it uses AI to extract essential information from emails to streamline workflows.

Automated data entry for documents

Using AI to extract and input data, Bitskout automates data entry from documents like invoices and purchase orders.

Data capture from documents

Using AI to identify and extract relevant information, Bitskout enables data to be captured from documents like invoices and CVs.

Data extraction for workflows

Bitskout's AI data extraction integrates seamlessly into workflows, pulling data from documents and emails on demand. This AI-powered data extraction platform automates data extraction from documents and emails.

Two agents for selecting and configuring automated data entry for documents.
Bitskout plugins automate data entry by extracting information from docs and emails into Asana, Zapier, and Power Automate. During our review, we captured this screenshot where you can see how you can choose between two agents to configure and run automated data entry for documents.

How Does Bitskout Compare to 8 Best Competitors?

Bitskout vs Rossum

Rossum and Bitskout both use AI to extract data from documents. However, Rossum requires technical expertise to set up and maintain. Bitskout is tailored for non-technical users with its intuitive no-code interface. Rossum has pre-built APIs, while Bitskout allows the creation of custom plugins specific to your needs. For rapidly changing document types, Bitskout may be more flexible. Rossum pricing starts at $999/month while Bitskout starts at $59/month, making Bitskout significantly more affordable for small teams.

Bitskout vs docsumo

Docsumo also offers AI-based data extraction capabilities but is focused on the lending and insurance industry. Bitskout has a broader use case across all departments and industries. Docsumo requires technical resources to integrate, while Bitskout setup can be done by any user in minutes. Bitskout has more seamless integrations with everyday tools. Docsumo has fixed pricing plans starting at $1,000/month, while Bitskout is more flexible at $59/month. Bitskout may be better suited for smaller teams.

Bitskout vs Ocrolus

Like Bitskout, Ocrolus provides automated data extraction. However, Ocrolus specializes in financial documents like invoices and bank statements. It also offers document classification and validation capabilities. Bitskout has a more comprehensive range of templates and broader use cases beyond finance and accounting. The no-code interface also makes Bitskout easier to use for non-technical users compared to Ocrolus. Ocrolus starts at $999/month, while Bitskout starts at $59/month. Bitskout is the more affordable option.

Bitskout Vs Nanonets

Bitskout offers no-code AI to automate tasks, while Nanonets provides deep learning APIs for image recognition and OCR. and Apify focus on web data extraction. Fivetran and Hevo specialize in data integration and pipelines. Bitskout stands out with its no-code approach to task automation beyond just data extraction. It competes directly with solutions like UiPath. Overall, Bitskout complements rather than competes with more specialized data extraction tools.

Bitskout Vs

Bitskout offers no-code AI to automate data extraction, while focuses solely on web data extraction. competes with Bitskout for web scraping, but Bitskout has a broader scope beyond just websites. Bitskout complements for users needing task automation across documents, emails, apps, and more.

Bitskout Vs Fivetran

Fivetran specializes in moving data from sources into warehouses like Snowflake, while Bitskout extracts and structures data from documents and web pages. Bitskout competes with Fivetran for ETL but also works across unstructured data sources. Bitskout complements Fivetran for additional data extraction capabilities.

Bitskout Vs Apify

Apify and Bitskout offer web scraping, but Apify is more code-heavy, while Bitskout is no-code. Bitskout competes directly with Apify for web data extraction. But Bitskout also works across documents, emails, and apps beyond just websites. Overall, Bitskout offers a broader automation scope.

Bitskout Vs Hevo Data

Hevo focuses on ETL pipelines into data warehouses, while Bitskout extracts data from documents and web pages. Bitskout competes with Hevo for moving data but also works across unstructured sources. Bitskout complements Hevo by providing additional data extraction capabilities.

Bitskout AI Document Data Extraction with Integration Plugins
Select from pre-configured integration plugins for Bitskout AI Document Data Extraction. The exciting thing about the solution is that it is an AI-powered data extraction platform that can extract information from documents without human intervention.

Product Pricing Options

Solo Plan

The solo plan is $59 a month or $600 when billed yearly. This plan includes 200 monthly plugin runs and is suitable for small teams.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited number of plugins
  • $0.29 per plugin run over the limit

Team Plan

The team plan is $199 a month or $2,028 when billed yearly. This plan includes 1000 monthly plugin runs and is suitable for small teams.

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited number of plugins
  • Chat support
  • $0.19 per plugin run over the limit

Enterprise Plan

Custom pricing for large teams that require more than 10,000 plugin runs a month, premium support, and advanced features.

  • 3rd party models
  • Datalake integration
  • Auto-feedback loop
  • Exclusive templates

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Bitskout is designed to be set up in minutes without technical skills. Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Signup: Create a free account at Bitskout with your email. No credit card is required.
  2. Explore Templates: Browse the Template Library and select a template for your use case, such as invoices or CVs.
  3. Customize Plugin: Open and customize the template by uploading a sample document and mapping fields to extract.
  4. Connect Your Tools: Install the Bitskout integration in your tool like Asana or Zapier and connect your plugin.
  5. Automate Workflows: Set up automation rules to trigger your plugin when new documents arrive.
  6. Monitor Extraction: Check the Bitskout dashboard to monitor extraction results and accuracy.
  7. Expand Use Cases: Create more plugins and automations to eliminate other manual tasks.
Image of data extraction process from business cards in
Bitskout AI extracting data from business cards in

Is Bitskout Right For You?

Bitskout is ideal for any team that deals with high document volumes and wants to automate manual data entry to free up employee time. As a document automation software, it uses artificial intelligence to extract and input data from documents. If your team spends over 5 hours per week on manual data entry, Bitskout is worth exploring. AI automation can free up capacity to focus on high-value tasks.


Automate data entry from invoices, orders, shipping docs, etc.

Sales & Marketing

Extract data from sales contracts, lead lists, advertising reports, etc.

HR & Recruiting

Parse resumes, employment contracts, candidate background checks, etc.

Support & Customer Success

Analyze support tickets, feedback surveys, and conversations to improve CX.

Finance & Accounting

Digitize bank statements, purchase orders, financial reports, etc.


Extract patient data from medical forms, prescriptions, doctor notes, etc.

Bitskout Review Conclusion

Bitskout is an invaluable AI assistant for automating repetitive and mundane data entry tasks. The no-code platform is easy for anyone to use and integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and workflows.

Within minutes, you can build plugins customized for your unique documents that extract data with over 90% accuracy. This eliminates manual work, improves efficiency, and allows focus on high-value activities.

Bitskout offers a free trial of any plan to get started. Paid plans are affordable, starting at $59/month. The savings from automating manual work generally offset the subscription cost multiple times.

Ready to offload tedious data entry and get your time back? Sign up for Bitskout now and experience the power of AI data extraction!

Bitskout FAQ

What AI can read documents?

AI tools like Bitskout use advanced natural language processing to read and comprehend documents, extracting data and insights. Other leading solutions include Docsumo for parsing complex formats like invoices and statements, Automation Anywhere for structured data capture, and tools from Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Amazon that leverage deep learning for document classification and analysis. Overall, AI is revolutionizing how businesses digitize, process, and leverage unstructured content.

Can AI extract data from PDF?

Yes, AI tools like Parseur, Nanonets, and Rossum utilize advanced algorithms to automatically extract text, tables, images, and structured data from PDF files. The AI can process thousands of documents with high accuracy, saving significant manual work. These platforms output the extracted information into editable formats like spreadsheets for further analysis. AI data extraction handles large volumes of PDFs better than any manual approach. Technology continues to advance rapidly to handle complex documents more intelligently. For any business flooded with PDF data, AI promises to unlock immense time and cost savings.

What is AI data extraction?

AI data extraction provides an intelligent automation solution to convert unstructured content into actionable data, enabling more informed business decisions. It saves time and money while improving data quality.

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