World in Your Words: How WordFinder Conquers Language Barriers

WordFinder Global Multilingual

Based on my exclusive interview with Ola Persson, President and CEO at WordFinder, we learned that communication is an important skill to master in our increasingly globalized world. As businesses expand across borders, effective communication is crucial for success. However, language barriers can hinder progress and lead to misunderstandings.

That's where WordFinder comes in.

Founded in 1990, WordFinder provides instant access to over 500 dictionaries and terminology in over 28 languages. This allows users to communicate, translate texts, and understand language nuances seamlessly.

I spoke with Ola to learn how the platform enables effective global communication.

WordFinder Global Multilingual
Enhance global communication with WordFinder Global Multilingual Dictionaries.

Solving His Own Problem: The Origin Story

What inspired Persson to create WordFinder? Ironically, he struggles with communication barriers.

“I was too lazy to go to the bookshelf five six meters away… So sometimes one word became two sentences,” Persson recalled.

Rather than consult a dictionary, he would rephrase sentences with simpler words when writing business correspondence in English.

Persson knew there had to be a better way. An “a-ha moment” with his friends sparked the idea for an integrated, on-screen dictionary tool.

“We started to discussing, why can't we have the dictionary on the screen at the same time when we are typing?” said Persson.

Soon after, WordFinder was born.

Bridging Communication Gaps for 30+ Years

Since launching in 1990, WordFinder has grown tremendously. It now serves:

  • 25,000+ businesses
  • 500,000+ users globally

The company has expanded from a Scandinavian focus into a leading provider of cloud-based dictionary and terminology solutions worldwide.

“It's the same type of clients. Multinational corporations, law firms, accounting firms. banks and insurance companies,” noted Persson.

Conquering Language Barriers with 500+ Dictionaries

The key to WordFinder's global success? It's an unmatched dictionary selection.

Users enjoy instant access to over 500 specialized dictionaries spanning 28 languages – more than any competitor.

There are technical, medical, legal, financial, and industry-specific dictionaries to meet diverse needs. Whether you work in healthcare, engineering, law, or other fields, WordFinder has targeted terminology resources.

Persson's team continually adds new dictionaries, with a rigorous vetting process to ensure quality. Recent additions include a 30,000-term automotive dictionary tailored for German corporations.

Enabling Seamless Communication

With extensive dictionaries at their fingertips, WordFinder enables users to communicate seamlessly.

Its integrated tools allow users to:

  • Instantly look up words and phrases while typing in other applications
  • Translate terms and texts on the fly into 100+ languages
  • Access dictionaries offline – ideal for traveling without internet access
  • Share custom glossaries across teams and departments

These capabilities make WordFinder invaluable for global enterprises, language professionals like translators, or anyone needing to communicate accurately across languages.

With solutions available across desktops, mobile devices, browser extensions, and more, these tools are accessible anywhere at any time.

“It's very, very efficient to work,” said Persson.

Expanding Horizons in New Markets

While WordFinder has an established presence in key regions like Europe, expansion in fast-growing markets presents major growth potential.

Persson noted plans to accelerate presence in Turkey, Japan, and Poland in 2024 through newly-inked partnerships.

“We just need partners to sell,” he said, noting the ease of incorporating new dictionaries.

As emerging markets continue gaining economic might, expect WordFinder to be at the forefront of enabling communication globally.


With over three decades of experience pioneering dictionary technology, WordFinder stands in a league of its own. Its unmatched breadth of dictionaries, seamless integrations, and accessible format empower professionals worldwide to communicate effectively across languages.

As businesses expand globally, expect WordFinder to remain at the forefront as a vital platform for conquering communication barriers – wherever work takes you.

Listen to our exclusive Software Spotlight podcast as WordFinder founder Ola Persson joins the Software Spotlight podcast to discuss the origin and growth trajectory of his dictionary software company. Launched in 1990 to enable instant in-text dictionary lookups, WordFinder now provides access to 500+ dictionaries in 28 languages for 25,000+ business users. Persson credits strong user focus for WordFinder's expansion from a Scandinavian tool into a global SaaS leader.


How many languages and dictionaries does WordFinder offer?

WordFinder provides instant access to over 500 specialized dictionaries spanning 28 languages. Whether you need English, Spanish, German, or other languages, there are extensive general and specialized dictionary resources available. From law to medicine and everything in between, you will find it all in WordFinder

What industries use WordFinder?

Leading global enterprises across healthcare, law, engineering, finance, and more rely on WordFinder for accurate terminology. It's invaluable for anyone needing precise communication across languages.

What applications work with WordFinder?

The tools integrate across desktops, mobiles, browser extensions, and online – you can access dictionaries anywhere. It also seamlessly integrates with everyday applications like Word, Outlook, and Chrome for efficient lookup while working.

How does the subscription work?

WordFinder offers flexible subscription plans so you can choose the right fit. Options range from single dictionary access to the full 500+ dictionary “Unlimited” plan, with fees starting as low as $5.99 monthly.

Can I try before buying?

Yes, WordFinder offers a free 7-day trial so you can evaluate the solution before subscribing. Sign up online to test drive the product firsthand.

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