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AI-Powered Social Media Analytics Provide Insight

In our recent interview, Brand24's social listening software expert, Waleria Pagowska, explained how their solution provides AI-powered social media analytics. Social media generates a flood of data, but making sense of the noise is challenging. Enter AI-powered social media analytics. Brand24 harnesses artificial intelligence to help businesses extract strategic insights from social conversations. Their platform analyzes unstructured data across platforms using natural language processing and machine learning.

The AI transforms messy text data into clear metrics, trends, and recommendations. It tracks brand sentiment, identifies influencers, optimizes content, and measures campaign impact. Brand24's automated weekly reports even provide pre-packaged insights. As AI-powered social media analytics evolves, it will become even more accurate at parsing nuanced human emotions and conversations. Brands that leverage these intelligent technologies now will gain a competitive edge. Explore how Brand24 is leading the way with AI-powered social listening software.

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AI Reports

The rise of social media has created an avalanche of data that brands must navigate. With over 4 billion social media users worldwide, conversations across platforms contain invaluable insights – if marketers can interpret them. That's where AI-powered social media analytics comes in. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, these tools analyze massive amounts of unstructured social data to uncover strategic insights.

From tracking brand sentiment, identifying key influencers, optimizing content, and measuring campaign impact, AI-powered social media analytics empower marketers to monitor, understand, and engage their audiences across social networks. As these technologies evolve, they will become even more accurate at parsing nuanced human conversations and emotions to derive actionable intelligence. For brands seeking an edge, AI-powered social media analytics are becoming an essential part of the marketing toolkit.

Weekly automated insights

Brand24 offers weekly automated email reports that provide customers with insights, trends, and recommendations based on social media mentions of their brand or keywords. The reports overview any spikes in mentions, reach, and sentiment changes week-over-week. They also suggest new topics or campaigns the brand could pursue based on the social listening data.

The reports help brands stay on top of what's being said about them online and react quickly to any issues. The data-driven recommendations also give marketers new ideas and direction for future content and engagement. By automating these reports, Brand24 allows customers to monitor performance without logging in or pulling manual reports regularly. The insights come straight to their inbox.

Actionable data and visualizations

The email reports contain actionable insights, easy-to-understand visualizations of the data, and actual example social mentions. The insights highlight key trends and changes, allowing readers to grasp performance and sentiment shifts quickly. Visualizations of spikes and volumes make it easy to see how each discussion has grown or declined.

Providing sample mentions adds context and lets customers understand what is driving certain trends. The reports are designed for busy marketing and brand professionals who want high-level insights without having to dig through the data themselves. Waleria mentioned, “AI reports are something that gathers all the previous week's mentions and transforms them into insights. So it's beneficial, for example, when you start your week and have no ideas. You open one of our… reports sent automatically to your email address. You see that some spikes may be because of the 30th anniversary of Nintendo, for example.”

Customizable and integratable

Brand24 allows customers to customize what data is included in the reports based on their preferences. Brands can choose to receive weekly, monthly, or quarterly automated reports. Waleria explained that “great software provides seamless integration across platforms and devices, adapting to each user's preferences.”

The reports can also be integrated into customers' business intelligence and data tools via API for further analysis. The PDF reports allow for easy sharing across an organization. By customizing report delivery and integrating the data into existing systems, Brand24 provides the social listening insights brands need while fitting into their workflows.

Waleria Pagowska and Michael Bernzweig discussing AI-powered social media analytics on the Software Spotlight podcast
Waleria Pagowska (top) and Michael Bernzweig (bottom) discuss AI-powered social media analytics using the Brand24 software on the Software Spotlight podcast.

AI-Powered Topic Analysis

Automatically detects topics and themes in social media discussions.

Brand24's topic analysis feature uses AI to automatically detect the main topics and themes being discussed related to a brand or keyword. This allows users to see at a glance what people are talking about without having to analyze all of the data manually. The AI can pick up on nuances and connections between topics that a human may miss when reviewing hundreds or thousands of social media posts.

Interactive Map for Topic Relationships and Similarities

The topic analysis feature displays the detected topics in an interactive map visualization. This map shows the topics clustered together based on their similarity and relationships. Closely related topics appear physically closer on the map, while unrelated topics are farther apart. This gives a helpful birds-eye view of the topic landscape.

Topic Exploration: Hashtags, Phrases, and Sentiment Details

Users can click on any topic cluster in the map to drill down into that specific topic. This shows details like the most commonly associated hashtags, key phrases, and the overall sentiment for that topic. Waleria remarked, “AI-powered topic analysis uses natural language processing and machine learning to uncover hidden insights and emerging trends in unstructured text data, providing actionable intelligence.” Brands can use this to understand better the context and nature of discussions around a particular theme. The ability to dig into the topics provides actionable insights.

Brand24's AI-powered topic analysis provides an automated way for brands to identify key themes and conversations about their products, campaigns, or competitors. Waleria commented, “By analyzing vast amounts of textual data from multiple sources, AI-powered topic analysis allows for a comprehensive understanding of any topic, revealing relationships between concepts, tracking sentiment, and identifying trends over time.” The interactive map and drill-down capabilities let users efficiently explore those topics in depth to gain strategic insights. This helps guide content creation, online reputation management, and social media engagement.

AI-powered sentiment analysis

Analyzes Sentiment of Brand Mentions

Brand24's sentiment analysis uses natural language processing to classify brand mentions across social media, news, forums, and blogs as positive, negative, or neutral. This allows companies to track overall sentiment trends and identify potential reputation issues quickly. The advanced AI can understand the context and detect sarcasm to provide more accurate results than fundamental keyword analysis.

Brand24 analyzes millions of mentions every day to provide real-time monitoring of brand sentiment across the web. Waleria noted, “As an AI solution, it showcases how people perceive your brand and the mentions we collect. It quickly categorizes these mentions as negative, positive, or neutral. This helps you understand how your brand is being perceived in the market. For instance, if you receive a lot of mentions, it's great news, but you need to be wary if most of them are negative. You can easily identify these negative mentions by checking your mentions tab and reviewing them to protect your brand's reputation. This is especially important when participating in a risky campaign that may provoke negative feedback.”

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Advanced Emotion Analysis

In addition to classifying sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral, Brand24 can detect emotions like joy, sadness, disgust, and more. This granular emotion analysis provides deeper insights into how audiences react emotionally to marketing campaigns, new products, crises, and other brand-related content. Brand24's AI can correlate emotion spikes with specific events to help inform strategy and messaging. The emotion analysis also aids social media monitoring by detecting rising negativity or unhappiness that may signal an impending PR crisis.

Waleria explained, “Based on what we see here, most of the emotions expressed online are neutral, as not everyone wants to share their true feelings. However, you can explore beyond neutral emotions and see what other emotions are prevalent, such as joy, sadness, admiration, and disgust. Observing how these emotions perform over time allows you to understand what topics or events trigger them. The mentions displayed here are from the current week, but you can also check the past months and days to see what caused the spikes in the charts. This way, you can determine which posts or campaigns successfully elicited certain emotions from your audience.”

Tracks Sentiment Changes Over Time

An essential capability of Brand24 is tracking sentiment over time to identify trends and changes. The platform's dashboards and reports visualize sentiment data across custom date ranges. This lets companies see how sentiment evolves across days, weeks, or months. Users can analyze sentiment fluctuations around product launches, ad campaigns, PR crises, and other brand-impacting events.

Waleria emphasized, “As a company, we believe it is essential to ensure that our customers have a pleasurable and fun experience while we provide them with insights into their brands, projects, and the keywords they want to track. We strive for continuous development, constantly adding new features and AI solutions to improve our service.” Tracking sentiment over time is crucial for monitoring reputation and reacting quickly to sentiment dips that may require intervention. Brand24 makes ongoing brand monitoring effortless.

AI marketing tools integration

Influencer Scoring for Identifying Relevant Influencers

Brand24 provides detailed influencer scoring based on an influencer's reach and engagement. This allows brands to quickly identify influencers already talking about their products or topics relevant to their niche. The influencer score shows the influencer's potential reach and engagement levels so brands can evaluate which influencers have the most significant impact and would be most worthwhile to collaborate with. This is extremely valuable for influencer marketing and acquisition. Even smaller brands just starting can use Brand24 to find micro-influencers in their space to partner with.

The context analysis features in Brand24 are great for conducting market research and identifying trending topics and discussions. The context of the discussion analysis shows related keywords and hashtags to a brand's niche, even if they do not directly mention the brand name. This allows brands to research the broader conversations happening around their market. They can find trending hashtags to tap into and new potential keywords to track that are relevant to their customers. The context analysis provides topic clustering to see keyword connections and similarities. Brands can use this to research competitors, find opportunities, and get inspiration for their content and campaigns.

Presence Score for Measuring Brand Awareness

Brand24 offers a presence score metric that tracks a brand's online presence and awareness over time. This shows how well-known a brand is online based on the volume of mentions and search visibility. Large brands like Samsung have a high presence score, while smaller brands have lower scores. The presence score in Brand24 gives brands a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and efforts to improve brand visibility.

Brands can monitor their presence score to see if partnerships, events, or other brand-building activities help increase their online awareness. The presence score data can identify gaps and opportunities to grow brand recognition further. Waleria noted, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) can gain insights from large data sets. Waleria confirms this and mentions that Brand24 has utilized AI to the fullest. They have a dedicated tab called Lab24, their go-to place for AI solutions.”

Video On Safeguarding Your business Reputation with Brand24

Brand24's AI-powered social media analytics help businesses monitor their online reputation, track competitors, identify influencers, and gain actionable insights to protect and build their brand.

AI-powered media monitoring

Real-Time Brand Monitoring

Brand24 allows users to monitor brand mentions across social media platforms in real time. Customizable filters enable users to focus monitoring on specific author types, date ranges, and domains. Alerts can be set up for crisis monitoring and reputation management. This allows brands to stay on top of what's being said about them online and respond quickly to emerging issues or opportunities. Waleria remarked, “It's always helpful to gather some inspiration and explore new directions to focus on. Waleria agrees and adds that Brand24 offers a range of AI-powered solutions. She also mentions that the company is continually developing new solutions, so it's worth watching for future updates.”

In-Depth Data Analysis

The tool provides robust AI-powered social media analytics on brand mentions and social media conversations. Users can view top profiles and sites influencing brand perception. The summary and analysis tabs give metrics like volume of mentions, sentiment, influencer reach, and changes over time. This empowers brands to derive actionable insights from social data to guide strategy.

Waleria explained, “Topic analysis can be useful if you're unfamiliar with your market and want to gain some insights and inspiration. By analyzing the most popular topics related to a particular subject, you can identify benchmarks and discover new insights. For instance, if you analyze topics related to Lego, you can see that Lego Star Wars is a popular topic. You can also observe similarities between topics based on their location on a map. If topics are far apart, they are likely unrelated and rarely come up together. Conversely, if they are close, they may be related and more likely to come up together.”

AI for Deeper Insights

Brand24 utilizes AI to extract deeper insights from social data. Features like topic and emotion analysis go beyond basic sentiment to identify key themes and feelings associated with brand mentions. The new AI reports even provide pre-packaged weekly insights to users. This allows less social media-savvy teams to leverage the power of AI-driven social listening easily.

Customizable Monitoring

Users can customize projects to track specific products, campaigns, or keywords. Required and excluded words fine-tune monitoring to users' needs. This allows specialized teams like product marketing to monitor metrics on their area of focus within a broader brand. The extensive filtering options let users analyze social data from different angles.

Reputation Management

A core use case is online reputation management. Brand24 tracks all brand mentions and sentiment over time. It surfaces potential reputation threats quickly through alerts. Users can then take action to mitigate crises and balance negative feedback with positive engagement. This protects brands by keeping them in control of how they are perceived online.

Waleria commented, “The following information shows the most popular topics related to Lego. One of the most popular topics is Lego Star Wars. The location of these topics on a map can show their similarities. They are unrelated and rarely come up in the same conversation if they are far from each other. If they are close, they may be more familiar with each other. This is a great way to get insights. You can click on these topics to see more information such as popularity, hashtags or phrases used in related mentions, and the general sentiment surrounding them.”

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We believe that AI-powered social media analytics provide actionable insights that help businesses make data-driven decisions to engage customers, understand market trends, and optimize their brand strategy. Harnessing AI to analyze massive amounts of unstructured social data transforms it into strategic intelligence that drives growth. Harvard touches on this.


In today's social-driven world, brands can no longer afford to fly blind. AI-powered social media analytics provide the visibility they need to navigate complex digital conversations, understand their audiences, and react quickly to opportunities or issues. As we've explored, these tools analyze mentions, conversations, and trends across social platforms to offer data-backed recommendations and insights.

Features like sentiment and topic analysis reveal how audiences perceive a brand and what they care about. AI-powered social media analytics empower strategic decision-making by generating automated reports, identifying key influencers, and tracking performance over time. For organizations seeking to optimize their social presence and engagement, the time is now to implement these intelligent technologies. Visit today to sign up for a free trial and see how AI can elevate your social media game firsthand.

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Listen to our podcast on Brand24: In this episode Software Spotlight, host Michael Bernzweig interviews Waleria Pagowska of social listening leader Brand24 to uncover the Poland-based company's origin story, beginning with their 2011 founding and mission to provide real-time social monitoring to help brands manage online reputation. Pagowska explains how Brand24 has evolved its platform through constant innovation to serve over 1500 customers globally, including major brands like Intel and Samsung, with cutting-edge AI and analytics to extract actionable insights from 25 million online sources.

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