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Watch And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

In this video, Software Spotlight host Michael Bernzweig interviews Waleria Pagowska from Brand24 about their social media monitoring tool. Waleria provides an inside look at Brand24's capabilities, like tracking brand mentions and analyzing sentiment. She shows how the tool helps identify influencers and get insights to protect brand reputation.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Brand24

The Brand24 Social Listening podcast provides an inside look at how this innovative social media monitoring tool empowers brands. Host Michael Bernzweig interviews Waleria Pagowska, a social listening software expert from Brand24, to uncover the startup's origins and capabilities.

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Origin Of Brand24

Waleria explains that Brand24 began in 2011 as a social listening platform and has grown by constantly improving and developing new AI features. The tool is versatile – used by marketing, sales, customer success, and product teams for online reputation management, hashtag tracking, competitor analysis, and gathering product feedback.

Key Features of Brand24

As Waleria shares her screen, the user-friendly dashboard comes to life. The “Mentions” tab displays all brand references from the internet. Filters help narrow down the results by date, sentiment, influencers, links, and more. Brand24's AI even assesses the emotion inspired by each mention – anger, joy, sadness, etc.

The “Summary” and “Analysis” tabs transform all this data into actionable insights. You can view metrics like volume of mentions, presence score, top sites, and hashtags, and how your scores trend over time. Waleria emphasizes that marketers use these insights to report campaigns' impact.

She also explores how Brand24 enables competitor benchmarking. The tool identifies influencers already engaged with your market so you can connect with them. For smaller brands, monitoring relevant hashtags uncovers partnership opportunities. Brand24 also excels at market research – revealing valuable context through topic analysis.

Waleria highlights her favorite feature, weekly AI email reports. These provide data visualizations, trends, and recommendations to inspire your strategy. Ultimately, Brand24 offers an intuitive platform that empowers brands of any size to listen, learn, and engage.

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