TubeBuddy Review: The Ultimate YouTube Growth Tool

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a powerful software suite designed to help content creators optimize, manage, and grow their YouTube channels. It provides various tools to streamline and enhance every part of the YouTube video creation and promotion process.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Once installed, TubeBuddy for mobile seamlessly integrates with YouTube, providing easy access to its features for creating, optimizing, and promoting videos from your YouTube dashboard.

TubeBuddy Review: The Ultimate YouTube Growth Tool
youtube video optimization

Analyze video performance and engagement with TubeBuddy's powerful analytics and insights. Schedule uploads. Create custom thumbnails for higher conversions.

Price: 6 – 26.39

Price Currency: $

Application Category: YouTube channel management and optimization platforms

Editor's Rating:


  • ood optimization of videos for better YouTube and Google rankings
  • Well thought out tools for creating better thumbnails and titles
  • Offers good analytics to track and improve video performance
  • Easy to use browser extension integrates well with YouTube
  • Generous free version with decent capabilities


  • Some outdated SEO recommendations on website
  • Keyword research tool lacks search volume data
  • Paid plans can get expensive for heavy usage
TubeBuddy dashboard showing metrics on video performance and channel analytics
This screenshot displays the TubeBuddy dashboard with metrics tracking video and channel performance over time. TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified platform that integrates directly with YouTube to help creators optimize and manage their channels. Key features highlighted in this image include video and subscriber analytics, insights into traffic sources, and viewer geography. With optimization tools for titles, tags, thumbnails, and more, TubeBuddy aims to help YouTubers improve discoverability and viewership.

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Benefits of Using TubeBuddy

Video Optimization and SEO

TubeBuddy makes it easy to optimize your videos for better rankings and more views. Its keyword explorer gives you accurate search volume data, helping you identify high-potential keywords to target. The SEO studio analyzes your video titles, descriptions, tags, and transcripts to ensure you maximize their optimization.

Other useful optimization features include bulk editing tools to simultaneously update end screens, cards, and descriptions for multiple videos. The chapter tool lets you add timestamps to your video to target more long-tail keywords.

Analytics and Insights

TubeBuddy for YouTube provides powerful analytics to help you better understand your channel and video performance. You can analyze individual videos as well as your overall channel stats. Metrics like traffic sources, viewer demographics, and playback locations are available.

The retention analyzer is handy, showing where viewers dropped off in your videos. This makes it easy to pinpoint less engaging sections and improve your future content.

YouTube Thumbnail Maker

Create high-converting custom thumbnails and graphics for your YouTube videos using TubeBuddy's thumbnail maker.

YouTube video scheduler

Easily schedule uploads of your YouTube videos in advance with TubeBuddy's video scheduler tool.

YouTube End Screen Maker

Design customized end screens to promote other videos and channels with TubeBuddy's end screen maker.

Competitor Research

TubeBuddy lets you research and track up to 10 competitor channels. You can compare your performance to theirs and even analyze their top-performing videos.

These insights help you learn what's working for the competition and replicate their successful tactics in your own content strategy.

Video Promotion and Distribution

TubeBuddy makes it simple to implement best practices to promote your videos, including sharing them on social media, embedding them on other sites, and promoting uploads in previous videos.

The tool also helps you celebrate milestones like gaining new subscribers in your videos and descriptions to build hype. This social proof helps convince viewers your channel is worth subscribing to.

Thumbnail Creation and A/B Testing

TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator lets you easily create custom thumbnails that grab attention. You can also run A/B tests to determine which thumbnail design delivers the best click-through rate.

This ensures you always use high-converting thumbnails that convince viewers to watch your videos instead of clicking away.

According to 3PlayMedia, "Adding closed captions and transcripts to YouTube videos has been shown to boost views and watch time. It also enables additional SEO opportunities by allowing Google to index the textual content within the videos."

How Does TubeBuddy Compare?

TubeBuddy provides the most well-rounded optimization, analytics, channel management, and YouTube SEO tool feature set. The breadth and depth of its toolkit make it a very versatile solution for creators.

Here's how it compares to some other popular tools:

TubeBuddy vs. VidIQ

VidIQ is TubeBuddy's biggest competitor. It offers similar optimization and analytics capabilities. However, TubeBuddy generally provides more advanced productivity, promotion, and SEO tools for improving your YouTube workflow.

TubeBuddy vs. Social Blade

Social Blade focuses more on channel stats and analytics. It lacks many of TubeBuddy's optimization features but provides detailed analytics on any YouTube channel's growth and performance.

TubeBuddy vs. Morningfame

Morningfame specializes in YouTube keyword research and tracking search rankings. Its SEO capabilities are robust, but other areas like video optimization and channel management are lacking compared to TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy vs. TubeRanker

TubeRanker offers keyword research and rank tracking but has fewer features than TubeBuddy. It's a more limited tool that is best for basic SEO needs.

TubeBuddy vs. Curatora Solutions

Curatora is an AI-based tool for optimizing video SEO. However, it does not provide analytics or channel management features. TubeBuddy delivers a much more comprehensive solution.

TubeBuddy interface showing "1966 ford mustang" search results and related keyword optimization tools
This TubeBuddy interface screenshot displays the search results and available optimization tools when searching for the keywords “1966 Ford Mustang”. As a YouTube-certified platform, TubeBuddy aims to help creators improve video SEO with keyword research and tagging to boost views and subscribers. The search insights were shown to provide data on competition, monthly searches, and top-ranking videos to inform keyword selection and on-page optimization. Additional tools are available to refine and expand searches to uncover more opportunities.

TubeBuddy Product Options

Pro Plan

  • Cost: Approximately $6 per month
  • For creators just starting out on YouTube who want access to growth tools
  • Includes search optimization features
  • Limited access to video engagement tools
  • Access to guides, tips, and information

Legend Plan

  • Cost: Approximately $26.39 per month
  • For established creators looking to maximize their competitive edge with data-driven decisions
  • Access to all 50+ TubeBuddy tools and features
  • Unlimited search rank optimization and tracking
  • Video A/B testing and title generators
  • Predictive analytics and competitor scorecards
  • Unlimited access to AI features

Enterprise Bundle

  • Pricing: Quoted based on needs
  • For brands with 3+ YouTube channels
  • Includes white-glove onboarding, custom plans
  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Dedicated support from YouTube experts
  • Quarterly strategy reviews

The Legend plan provides the most access to advanced optimization features for growing a YouTube channel, while the Pro plan is best for beginners. The Enterprise Bundle offers premium support and service for brands with multiple channels.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to get TubeBuddy installed and set up:

  1. InstallGo to TubeBuddy and click “Install Extension” to add the TubeBuddy browser extension to Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
  2. Create Account – Next, click “Sign Up” to create a free TubeBuddy account. Use the same Google account you use to manage your YouTube channel.
  3. Connect YouTube – Follow the prompts to connect your YouTube channel to TubeBuddy. This allows TubeBuddy to access data needed for its tools.
  4. Explore Features – Once connected, TubeBuddy's panel will appear on YouTube. Explore all the available tools and features tailored to your channel.
  5. Optimize Videos – Use TubeBuddy's SEO tools to research keywords and optimize your video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails. Quickly generate optimized tags for your videos using TubeBuddy's tag generator and tag explorer based on YouTube search data.
  6. Analyze Performance – Check the analytics tools to see the performance of your videos and identify opportunities.
  7. Promote Content – Use TubeBuddy's promotion tools to share your videos on social media, embed them on other sites, and more.
  8. Upgrade (Optional) – If needed, upgrade to the Pro, Star, or Legend tiers to unlock additional advanced tools for your channel.

And that's it! With TubeBuddy installed and connected to your YouTube account, you'll have a powerful suite of tools to create, optimize, manage, and grow your channel right from YouTube.

Is TubeBuddy Right for You?

TubeBuddy can help creators improve their content and channel strategy at any stage. The more videos you manage, the more valuable its advanced tools become. But even beginners see a significant optimization boost from TubeBuddy.

Here are the types of users who can benefit most from TubeBuddy:

New YouTubers

The SEO and optimization tools help new creators refine their strategy and improve video quality faster.

Intermediate Creators

The analytics tools provide deeper insights to take your channel to the next level. Promotion features also help broaden your reach.

Established YouTubers

Advanced creators managing multiple channels will maximize productivity with bulk processing and collaboration tools.


Companies with branded YouTube channels benefit from higher visibility and engagement using TubeBuddy's SEO capabilities.


For influencer-run channels, TubeBuddy helps maintain optimized videos and consistent growth in followers.

Get Started With TubeBuddy Today

If you want to step up your YouTube game, TubeBuddy is a must-have tool for your arsenal. The platform makes it easy to implement best practices for video SEO, promotion, and channel management that drive more viewership and engagement.

With TubeBuddy's detailed analytics and insights, you can better understand your audience and finetune your content strategy. And its automation and productivity tools help save tons of time better spent creating amazing videos.

Stop guessing about how to optimize your YouTube presence. Let TubeBuddy's powerful suite of tools give you the upper hand on growing your channel and getting your videos seen. Try it out today and supercharge your YouTube success!

To start, visit TubeBuddy and install the browser extension connected to your YouTube channel. The free version already provides much value, but you can consider upgrading to unlock more advanced tools.

TubeBuddy FAQ

What A/B testing features does TubeBuddy offer?

TubeBuddy allows you to A/B test different video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails to see which version performs the best. This can help you optimize your content for more clicks and views!

How do TubeBuddy's card templates help identify popular topics?

The card templates make it easy to display topics, formats, and other metadata about top-performing videos in your niche. This helps you spot trends in popular content to inform your own video ideas.

What extra features come with TubeBuddy's Legend plan?

The Legend plan unlocks all advanced features like competitor tracking, real-time alerts, tiered keyword tracking, and enhanced metadata customization for fine-tuning video optimization.

What is TubeBuddy's CTR Opportunities feature?

The CTR Opportunities tool analyzes your channel and highlights specific videos that need optimization to increase clicks. This makes it easy to pinpoint areas for improvement.

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