Crudgen Review: Accelerate App Development With Low Code CRUD Code Generator

What is Crudgen?

Crudgen is a code generator that allows developers to instantly create a feature-rich user interface for CRUD operations based on their database schema. In this review, we will cover the solution in detail and compare it to alternative solutions so that you can make an informed decision. The key benefit of Crudgen is that it automates building admin panels, dashboards, and other interfaces that involve viewing, adding, editing, or deleting records from a database.

With Crudgen, developers don't have to manually code the backend and front end from scratch for basic CRUD functionalities. The tool analyzes database tables and columns to generate a modern UI with full CRUD capabilities automatically. This significantly reduces development time and effort.

Crudgen Review: Accelerate App Development With Low Code CRUD Code Generator
crudgen templates

Low code development with Crudgen. Automates building admin panels, dashboards, and other interfaces for CRUD operations, based on your database schema.

Price: 50 – 500

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Rapid application development (RAD), CRUD automation

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Cuts down on development time significantly


  • Reporting and analytics could be more advanced
  • Still a relatively new product with limited integrations so far

Some of the key features provided by Crudgen include:

Automated UI code generation

CRUD screens are generated automatically based on the database schema, so developers don't have to manually code the UI.

Multiple frontend frameworks

Supports React, Vue, Angular, and other popular frameworks. The generated UI integrates seamlessly.

Responsive design

Fully responsive UI that works well on all devices and screen sizes.

User management

Inbuilt user registration, login, roles, and permissions management.

Customizable templates

Pre-built templates can be easily customized via CSS and theming options.

Database integration

Seamless integration with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and other databases.


Supports integration with Auth0, Firebase, and other authentication providers.

Deployment support

Generated code can be readily deployed to hosting platforms like Netlify.

The Crudgen dashboard provides a graphical interface to connect to databases, generate codebases, manage users, track activity logs, and more. The generated UI can be used as is or customized further as needed.

Screenshot of CRUDgen field validation settings including input type, required, editable, unique, min/max length, regex, and more.
This screenshot from CRUDgen shows the field validation settings available to ensure secure data entry. Options include specifying input type, making a field required or editable, setting unique field values, min/max text length, regex matching, max file size and type, number range, and more. Field validations can prevent incorrect or malicious data from entering the database. CRUDgen auto-generates the validation code based on the field settings selected in the interface.

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Benefits of Using Crudgen

Crudgen provides several benefits that make it an invaluable tool for developers:

Saves development time

CRUD screens that would take days or weeks to code manually can be generated in seconds with crudgen, resulting in substantial time savings.

Improves productivity

Developers no longer worry about repetitive CRUD coding and can focus on other essential tasks.

Easy customization

The generated UI can be easily tweaked and customized without building from scratch.

Accelerated development

Crudgen enables faster release cycles and rapid prototyping of ideas.

Code consistency

Automated code generation results in consistent coding standards and patterns.

Reduces errors

Manual coding of repetitive CRUD functionality often results in bugs. crudgen eliminates this.

User management

Inbuilt user management saves additional coding effort.

Responsive UI

Getting a responsive UI is complex to code manually. crudgen generates it automatically.

Frontend integration

Seamless integration with React, Vue, Angular, and other frameworks.


Team members can collaborate via shared folders, comments, logs, etc.

Crudgen supercharges development by automating the most repetitive parts of coding – building CRUD user interfaces connected to databases- allowing developers to focus on more high-value tasks.

Screenshot of the CRUDgen template options including Custom templates, Default view only, Default editing, Cards, Editing with caution, Quick-editing, Clean view only, Clean Editing, Blog, Cards, Gallery.
This screenshot shows the different template options available in CRUDgen to customize the look and feel of the generated CRUD UI code. CRUDgen is a tool that produces CRUD user interfaces quickly based on database schema. The templates allow customizing the UI with options like view-only, editing, cards, caution editing, and more. The optimized code generation ensures only necessary code is generated based on the template and field types selected.

How Does Crudgen Compare?

Here is a comparison between CRUDgen and some of the top low-code platforms:

CRUDgen vs. Appian

  • CRUDgen focuses solely on auto-generating CRUD code and UI based on the database schema. Appian offers a full-stack, low-code platform for workflow automation, data management, integration, etc.
  • CRUDgen aims to accelerate development by removing repetitive CRUD coding. Appian enables the rapid delivery of complex enterprise applications.
  • CRUDgen has a simple UI for configuring CRUD apps in minutes. Appian provides a visual canvas for modeling business processes and data flows.
  • CRUDgen is a lightweight tool, while Appian is a complete platform with extensive capabilities.
  • CRUDgen is more developer-focused. Appian targets both developers and business users.

CRUDgen vs. OutSystems

  • OutSystems is a leading low-code platform, while CRUDgen does a narrow task of CRUD code generation.
  • OutSystems offers strong integration, scalability, and security features for enterprise development. CRUDgen does not compete on those aspects.
  • OutSystems has broader capabilities for the entire application lifecycle – development, testing, deployment, etc. CRUDgen focuses on development only.
  • CRUDgen's unique selling point is auto-generated CRUD UIs. OutSystems provides a visual model-driven development approach.
  • OutSystems enables building complete solutions. CRUDgen is for accelerating a part of development – the CRUD operations.

CRUDgen vs. Mendix

  • Mendix is an enterprise low-code platform. CRUDgen is a lightweight code-generation tool.
  • Mendix enables collaborative application development across business and IT. CRUDgen is a developer-focused tool.
  • Mendix offers extensive customization and extensibility features. CRUDgen generates standardized CRUD code.
  • Mendix can build complex solutions for digital transformation. CRUDgen accelerates simple CRUD app development.
  • Mendix provides governance, security, and deployment capabilities. CRUDgen does not compete on those enterprise features.

In summary, CRUDgen serves the narrow purpose of auto-generating CRUD code, whereas platforms like Appian, OutSystems, and Mendix provide a complete low-code development suite for enterprise application delivery. CRUDgen aims to simplify and accelerate a small part of app development.

CRUDgen vs. Betty Blocks

  • CRUDgen is a developer-focused tool for auto-generating CRUD code and UI based on database schema. Betty Blocks is a full-stack enterprise low-code platform.
  • CRUDgen aims to accelerate the development of CRUD operations. Betty Blocks enables the building of complete business applications.
  • CRUDgen requires no coding knowledge. Betty Blocks uses visual modeling but still involves some coding.
  • CRUDgen has a simple interface to configure CRUD apps in minutes. Betty Blocks provides a visual canvas for application development.
  • CRUDgen generates standardized code. Betty Blocks allows heavy customization of applications.
  • CRUDgen is a lightweight code-generation tool. Betty Blocks is a complete platform with extensive capabilities.
  • CRUDgen is free to use. Betty Blocks is a paid platform with licensing costs.
  • CRUDgen does not compete on advanced features like security, scalability etc. Betty Blocks excels in enterprise capabilities.

CRUDgen serves to generate CRUD code quickly, while Betty Blocks is a full-fledged enterprise low-code platform for delivering complete business applications with robust enterprise features. Crudgen is reasonably priced, given the amount of development work it saves. Options are available for individuals, small teams, and enterprises. Bulk discounts are also available for larger teams.

According to InfoWorld, "Data sources can also be added in the cloud and wired up to components so that common CRUD apps can be put together very quickly."

crudgen Product Options

Here is a comparison of the CRUDgen pricing options:


  • $50 per month
  • One user
  • Three projects


  • $150 per month
  • Three users
  • Nine projects


  • $500 per month
  • Ten users
  • 30 projects

The plans differ in the number of allowed users and projects, with the Business tier supporting the most users and projects. The pricing increases accordingly from the Starter to the Business tiers.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide for crudgen

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to get started with Crudgen:

  1. Sign Up – Create a free account on the Crudgen website with your email.
  2. Install Integration – Install the crudgen integration for your database, like MySQL, MongoDB, etc.
  3. Connect Database – Connect your database to Crudgen by providing credentials and schema details.
  4. Generate Code – Select tables and columns to generate a full-stack CRUD application with frontend and backend code.
  5. Customize UI – Use theming options and custom CSS to modify the generated UI templates.
  6. Manage Users – Create user roles and permissions for access control.
  7. Deploy App – Deploy the generated application codebase to your hosting platform.
  8. Enhance App – Extend app functionality by integrating APIs, payments, analytics, etc.

That's it! Within minutes you can go from zero to a fully functioning CRUD application by leveraging crudgen's automated code generation and customization capabilities.

Is Crudgen Right for You?

Crudgen is an excellent fit for:

  • Developers who need to quickly build admin panels, dashboards, and internal web apps for data management.
  • Startups that need to prototype and iterate on product ideas rapidly.
  • Teams that want to standardize and accelerate CRUD development workflows.
  • Organizations looking to improve developer productivity and reduce technical debt.
  • Companies that require rapidly building interfaces for managing various business data.
  • Developers evaluating low-code/no-code tools to boost efficiency.

Crudgen is ideal for any scenario where you must build performant, secure, and robust CRUD interfaces connected to a database without getting bogged down by repetitive coding.

Screenshot of the CRUDgen interface showing options to easily build reactive UIs, integrate CRUD operations, and generate code with no learning curve.
This screenshot shows the CRUDgen interface and its key features that allow developers to quickly build reactive user interfaces for CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations. By connecting to the database schema, CRUDgen requires a zero learning curve to generate full-featured CRUD code and UI in minutes. It allows seamless integration of the generated code into any tech stack. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes building UIs fast without writing repetitive CRUD code.

Get Started with crudgen Today

Ready to start leveraging Crudgen to build CRUD apps faster? Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Sign up for a free account to try Crudgen hands-on with an example database.
  • Go through Crudgen's documentation and video tutorials to familiarize yourself.
  • Start with a simple table to generate your first CRUD interface in minutes.
  • Progress to connecting your actual database and generating a production-grade application.
  • Customize the UI templates to match your branding and style preferences.
  • Integrate authentication and deploy the application following crudgen guides.
  • Provide feedback to the Crudgen team on your experience for future enhancements.

With crudgen's intuitive workflows, getting started is quick and painless. Sign up today and accelerate your CRUD application development by leveraging smart automation!

Sign up for a Free trial of Crudgen today.


What do users think of Crudgen?

Users find Crudgen easy to use to generate CRUD interfaces quickly. However, some users feel it lacks customization options compared to building UIs from scratch.

What are some specific uses for Crudgen?

Crudgen can quickly generate admin screens and dashboards that interface with databases and APIs. It reduces time spent on repetitive CRUD coding.

What are the limitations of Crudgen?

Limitations include less flexibility than custom coding and limited options for visual customization, analytics, and integrations.

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