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This podcast episode focuses on the origin story and evolution of Creately, a visual collaboration software company. Co-founder Chandika Jayasundara traces Creately's beginnings in 2008 as a research project at the University of Melbourne. He discusses how the platform has grown from a basic online diagramming tool into an intelligent, integrated workspace that connects teams, documents, and data. Chandika also explores current trends like AI and Creately's unique capabilities for diagramming, data integration, and cross-team collaboration.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Creately

In this episode of the Software Spotlight podcast, Michael Bernzweig interviews visual collaboration software expert Chandika Jayasundara, the Co-Founder of Creately. The podcast discusses the origin story of Creately, a visual collaboration software company founded in 2008. It started as a way to create diagrams online and has evolved to be a robust platform for teams to collaborate visually. Key features include deep integrations with Microsoft Teams, data syncing capabilities, and enterprise security compliance. Chandika discusses product trends like adding AI and generative features. He emphasizes Creately's focus on enabling users to capture processes and documents visually in a flexible, centralized workspace.

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Origin Story

  • Founded in 2008 by Chandika Jayasundara and co-founders when they were in a research program at the University of Melbourne
  • Identified a need for a collaborative online diagramming and visual collaboration platform
  • Wanted to create interactive diagrams that contained data and information, not just static images
  • The initial focus was on the diagramming and visual collaboration capabilities

Early Days & Challenges

  • The main challenges were educating customers on the platform, finding marketing channels, and generating awareness.
  • Relied on content marketing, SEO, and advertising to build an initial user base
  • Had to adapt and expand features for mainstream adoption after COVID-19 increased demand for visual collaboration tools

Unique Features

  • Diagramming capabilities with 70+ specialized diagram types and built-in conventions
  • Database and linking allow the reuse of diagrams and data in different contexts.
  • Integrations with tools like Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Slack to bring in data
  • Flexible canvas for visualizing data and information in many formats

Trends & The Future

  • Visual collaboration is becoming a mainstream need for distributed teams.
  • Expect more competition from other platforms adding basic diagramming
  • AI is being added by many platforms for generative diagrams and ideation.
  • Creately focusing on differentiated AI capabilities as a “co-pilot” for teams.
  • Helping teams apply visual frameworks and structures through templates

Enterprise Capabilities

  • Achieved SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications for security
  • Advanced controls for managing users, data, and sharing
  • Integrations with identity providers like Azure AD and SCIM
  • Used by organizations across departments in many different use cases

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