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Talos Growth's software helps businesses expand their reach on LinkedIn by algorithmically liking industry-relevant content to grow followers. Co-founder Max Lammertink shares how the tool taps into LinkedIn's algorithm to generate genuine, high-quality followers interested in clients' businesses.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Talos Growth

Talos Growth - Boost your LinkedIn presence with targeted likes, more followers, engagement, and valuable insights.
Increase your LinkedIn presence with Talos Growth's targeted likes and increase followers and engagement.

How One Company Taps into LinkedIn to Help Businesses Expand Their Reach

Founded in 2021 in the Netherlands, Talos Growth has quickly become a leading software solution for companies leveraging LinkedIn to find new customers.

The startup was created by entrepreneur Max Lammertink, who shared his story and insights on the Software Spotlight podcast hosted by Michael Bernzweig.

Accidental Discovery Leads to Business Idea

As Max explains, the idea for Talos Growth emerged when he created a LinkedIn Company Page for one of his other startups several years ago.

At first, he only had a handful of followers – mainly his mother and friends. Then, one day, he received a notification from LinkedIn suggesting he respond to a post on his Company Page.

Intrigued, Max realized he could set up the Company Page to respond to any post on LinkedIn automatically. He built a system to do this and noticed an interesting result.

“If you respond to someone because they will think, hey, who's this person or this company page who's responding to me? And then they tend to check you out.”

When people received responses from Max's unfamiliar Company Page, they would visit his LinkedIn profile and website to learn more. Many eventually became followers or even clients.

Seeing the potential to help other companies, Max refined the software into Talos Growth.

Tool “Likes” Relevant Content to Attract Followers

The Talos Growth tool enables businesses to expand their LinkedIn follower count by algorithmically liking posts related to their industry.

Max explains, “If people say anything about marketing, they fall within our filters; they get a like from us.”

According to Max, when people receive likes from companies they don't know, they tend to “check them out.” He states, “If they like what they see – i.e., content that is interesting to them – they will, in most cases, follow you.”

Real, Engaged Followers Convert to Customers

Talos Growth focuses on generating “real and engaging” LinkedIn followers who are potential customers, not just increasing follower numbers.

Max shares that some clients grow slowly but gain higher-quality followers. For example, one company selling smart vessel automation for ships may only gain two more followers. However, those followers are highly interested in their niche and more likely to buy the product.

Expanded Reach Drives New Business Growth

For Talos Growth clients, expanding reach and followers on LinkedIn opens doors for new business.

As Max advises, “getting your name out there and, yeah, letting people know what you do” is key.

The Talos Growth tool offers a simple way for companies to tap into LinkedIn's powerful platform and connect with potential new clients.

How the Talos Growth Tool Works to Increase Engagement

The Talos Growth software enables businesses to set parameters to like relevant LinkedIn posts automatically.

Customized Search Based on Keywords

Clients input industry keywords and phrases into the platform. Max explains, “You can use anything…you can use hashtags, you can use normal words, you can use a combination of words.”

The tool then searches LinkedIn for posts containing those keywords using LinkedIn's own search algorithm.

Additional Filters Target Ideal Followers

Talos Growth also allows users to set filters around language, country, and other attributes to define the target audience further.

As Max notes, filters help avoid liking posts that seem related based solely on keywords irrelevant to the business. For example, an architecture firm may start liking posts about IT architects without exclusions.

Simple Yet Powerful Approach

While customizable, the tool itself remains simple to use. Max states, “Normally when I also have introduction calls, they are pretty short because we try to keep the tool as simple as possible.”

Essentially, Talos Growth automates identifying and liking posts aligned to a company's industry – the critical action that sparks potential new customers to follow their LinkedIn page.

Optimizing LinkedIn Presence For Business Growth

For the Talos Growth tool to effectively attract ideal new followers, companies must also nurture their LinkedIn presence.

Content Cultivates Interest

According to Max, clients must post engaging content that establishes expertise and relevance.

An inactive Company Page with outdated information will not convince followers to learn more or build relationships.

Connections Strengthen Leads

Max advises responding personally when someone tags or inquires about the Company Page to foster connections.

While the tool automates liking, individual outreach helps convert followers into strong leads and sales.

Future Opportunities to Monetize LinkedIn's Growth

With over 830 million members, LinkedIn provides immense potential for B2B customer acquisition.

Talos Growth aims to keep optimizing its platform to help businesses capitalize on this expanding professional network.

As Max shares, enhancing analytics to uncover more audience insights remains a key near-term focus. Long-term, pursuing options like Instagram may be considered once the company's LinkedIn solution has matured.

For now, Max and the team remain dedicated to perfecting their novel approach to LinkedIn growth.

As the platform rapidly evolves, Talos Growth appears well-positioned to keep companies on the cutting edge of turning LinkedIn's algorithm and audience into new sales.

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