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It is no doubt that Brian Dean is a legend in the world of SEO. As the founder of Backlinko, he has established himself as one of the foremost authorities on search engine optimization and content marketing. Dean's award-winning blog provides invaluable tips and strategies for growing an online presence. He is also the co-founder of Exploding Topics, a software platform that magically identifies emerging trends using AI technology.

Dean initially studied nutrition, earning advanced degrees from the University of Rhode Island, Tufts, and Purdue. However, he became fascinated with SEO after struggling to drive traffic to his health sites. This led Dean to develop his proven SEO system, which he perfected over time. The success of Backlinko is a testament to the effectiveness of his data-driven approaches.

Riding the Wave of the Future with Exploding Topics Review
exploding topics interface

Review of cutting-edge AI-powered trend spotting market intelligence platform created by SEO expert Brian Dean. Spot emerging trends with Exploding Topics.

Price: 39 – 249

Price Currency: $

Application Category: trend discovery, market research

Editor's Rating:


  • Helps identify emerging trends and topics before they go mainstream
  • Useful for content creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs
  • Key focus on B2C market space and Investment Industry
  • Easy to use interface and intuitive navigation
  • In-depth trend analysis and data-driven insights


  • Limited search filters and customization options
  • Free plan is very limited

With his transition into trend forecasting, Dean is leveraging his marketing genius to help others capitalize on rising topics. As an early adopter of new technologies like AI, he has his finger on the pulse of what will resonate next with audiences. Dean's reputation for creating cutting-edge tools that deliver real value continues with Exploding Topics.

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What is Exploding Topics?

Exploding Topics is a powerful trend discovery and research platform designed to help entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, and business leaders uncover emerging trends before they go mainstream.

The platform's core is the Trends Database, which contains over 13,000 carefully researched and vetted topics spanning 30+ categories. Each trend in the database provides key details like search volume history, growth rate, related topics, and more. This makes it easy to identify promising new trends with long-term potential quickly.

Beyond the database, this market intelligence tool offers several features to take your trend research even further:

Weekly Trend Reports

Get expert analysis of the top trends to watch each week, delivered to your inbox.

Trend Search

Enter any keyword to view its historical search volume data and identify related trends.

Trend Alerts

Get notified instantly when your tracking trend starts exploding.

Trending Products

Browse a separate database of trending physical and digital products.

Trending Companies

View up-and-coming startups to watch.

Meta Trends

See high-level shifts happening across industries to improve your trend forecasting ability.

The platform covers trends across various categories like technology, finance, health, pets, beauty, design, and more.

Screenshot of the Exploding Topics Pro dashboard showing trend tracking, database, search, reports, and more.
Exploding Topics Pro is a powerful software platform that helps users identify emerging trends before they go mainstream. Key features include trend tracking, an extensive trends database, trend search, and access to weekly trend reports. The dashboard makes it easy for e-commerce brands, VCs, marketers, and other professionals to stay ahead of market shifts and capitalize on new opportunities.

Benefits Of Using Exploding Topics

Gain Early Insights on Trends

The main advantage of Exploding Topics is getting insights into emerging trends while they are still gaining momentum. This allows you to create content, develop products, or invest before a topic becomes oversaturated. Acting early will enable you to establish authority and capture the audience's interest.

Enhanced Content Creation

For content creators, Exploding Topics is invaluable for generating fresh ideas and improving content marketing strategies. You can create timely, relevant content that resonates with your target audience. Exploding Topics also helps ensure you aren't just recirculating the same overdone topics.

Identify New Opportunities

Entrepreneurs and investors can leverage Exploding Topics to pinpoint promising new market opportunities. Spotting trends early reveals gaps for new products and services. You can also find niche markets and underserved audiences.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

Monitoring emerging trends gives you a competitive edge across all industries. You can adapt faster to shifts in consumer demand and interests. Exploding Topics empowers you to keep up with marketplace changes and not get left behind.

Improve Keyword Targeting

For SEO professionals, Exploding Topics is a tool for discovering fresh, low-competition keywords to target. Optimizing for trending topics can help improve website traffic and search rankings.

Save Time on Research

Rather than spending hours manually tracking down trends, Exploding Topics compiles all the data in one place. This streamlines the research process so you can quickly gather actionable insights.

How Does Exploding Topics Compare to Other Trend Tools?

Vs. Google Trends

Google Trends is free to use and offers search volume data, but it lacks Exploding Topics, a pre-researched trend database, and expert analysis. You must manually identify trends rather than having them served up for you.

Vs. Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter focuses solely on trend spotting without providing historical search volume data. Exploding Topics combines both aspects to paint a fuller picture.

Vs. Glimpse

Glimpse offers a Chrome extension but no central database to browse trends. Exploding Topics provides a more robust platform for researching trends.

Vs. Trends.vc

Trends.vc primarily aims at investors looking for startups and provides less utility for other business needs. Exploding Topics covers trends across many categories.

Vs. TrendWatching

TrendWatching's reports cover consumer trends rather than technology, finance, and other B2B categories that Exploding Topics covers.

Exploding Topics Pricing Options

Our review compared the features, pricing, and critical differences between the three paid plans for Exploding Topics Pro and summarized our findings below.

Free Plan

  • Receive weekly trend report email

Entrepreneur Plan ($39/month)

  • Full access to premium Trends Database with daily updates
  • View historical trends data
  • Save unlimited trends for projects
  • Access to all Weekly Trend Reports
  • One user seat

Investor Plan ($99/month)

  • All features of the Entrepreneur plan
  • API Access
  • Instant trend alerts
  • Access to past 10 Weekly Trend Reports
  • Four user seats

Business Plan ($249/month)

  • All features of the Investor plan
  • Unlimited user seats
  • Custom consulting, training, and support
  • Advanced filtering and exporting
  • Priority feature requests

The key differences are that the Entrepreneur plan offers core trend-finding capabilities while the Investor and Business plans add more users, customization, API access, and priority support. The free plan offers a weekly trend report email, while paid plans unlock more advanced trend analytics.

An analysis of trending topics and startups. The bar chart shows the volume and growth rate of popular topics that are gaining traction this year.
This data visualization analyzes trending topics and startups popular with e-commerce stores and venture capital firms. The chart displays six topics – core web vitals, undraw, wavve, artgrid, deepl translator, and environmental social and corporate governance. Each graph shows that topic's total search volume and growth rate percentage. This data helps identify trending products and startups to invest in or promote through e-commerce stores. The analysis provides actionable insights for staying up-to-date on emerging technologies and opportunities.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Exploding Topics

Here is a simple 5-step process for using Exploding Topics to research trends:

Step 1: Browse the Trends Database and filter by category, growth rate, and other filters to discover promising trends.

Step 2: Click into any trend to view its growth chart and related topics. Save trends to Projects to monitor them over time easily.

Step 3: Use Trend Search to input any keyword and view its historical search volume data.

Step 4: Read the weekly Trend Reports to stay on top of the latest need-to-know trend developments each week.

Step 5: Set up Trend Alerts to get notified immediately when a trend you're tracking starts exploding.

Business News Daily says, "Market intelligence can help you understand your market better to run a more profitable business."

Is Exploding Topics Right for You?

Below, we have summarized the different use cases and target audiences that can benefit most from Exploding Topics' invaluable early insights. Let's examine how investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and others can leverage these exclusive trend forecasts to get a head start on the competition.


Identify trending product opportunities before competitors.


Discover promising startups and markets early.


Stay ahead of trends to create timely content.

Business Leaders

Spot emerging threats and opportunities.


Get ideas and data for trend-focused stories.

SEO Pros

Find rising keywords and topics to target.

Anyone who wants an edge by knowing what trends are on the horizon needs the intelligence Exploding Topics provides. You can think of it as your secret weapon or crystal ball.

The Business or Investor plans are ideal for larger companies, while solopreneurs can benefit from the Entrepreneur plan.

Exploding Topics Review Conclusion

Exploding Topics provides a powerful platform for discovering emerging trends before they go mainstream. With its comprehensive Trends Database and expert analysis in the Weekly Trend Reports, the tool enables entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, and business leaders to gain valuable early insights.

Unlike Google Trends and Trend Hunter, Exploding Topics offers more robust trend data and actionable forecasts across various categories. The different pricing tiers make the platform accessible for solopreneurs and large enterprises.

For those seeking an edge by knowing what topics and keywords will resonate next with their audience, Exploding Topics is an invaluable resource. Whether creating timely content, developing products, or scoping out new opportunities, the actionable intelligence it provides can make all the difference in getting ahead of competitors.

Overall, Exploding Topics makes trend analysis simple. Bringing emerging topics to users' fingertips allows them to capitalize on rising trends for a first-mover advantage. For any business looking to harness the power of data to gain a competitive edge, Exploding Topics is worth exploring.

Try Exploding Topics Pro now and start spotting trends while they're still emerging.

Exploding Topics FAQ

What do users say about Exploding Topics?

Reviews praised its ease of use and valuable, interesting trend discovery, though some noted high variance and potentially misleading growth metrics.

How does Exploding Topics collect data?

It analyzes millions of web searches, conversations, and mentions using a proprietary algorithm to identify under-the-radar trending topics across the web and social media.

What is Exploding Topics' trend-spotting algorithm?

The algorithm looks for patterns in data like web searches and social mentions to uncover niche topics seeing sudden sharp rises in interest before they become mainstream.

What industries and categories do Exploding Topics cover?

It covers various industries, niches, and categories to identify trends relevant for content creators, marketers, businesses, and SEO professionals. The two biggest markets are e-commerce and investments.

What pros and cons do users mention?

Pros include great UI and uncovering exciting trends. Cons include high variance trends with possibly misleading growth metrics.

How can different professionals use Exploding Topics?

Content creators can find trending topics to make timely, relevant content. Marketers and businesses can identify rising product and industry trends. SEO pros can optimize content.

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