Unlocking Amazon Selling Success: A Detailed Review of Jungle Scout

What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a powerful software platform designed to help entrepreneurs successfully sell products on Amazon. This review will provide an in-depth look at the key benefits of using Jungle Scout, including how it can help you find and evaluate profitable products to sell, track vital sales metrics, and manage critical business operations like inventory, promotions, and more.

I'll also compare Jungle Scout to leading competitors like Helium 10, Viral Launch, Sellics, AMZScout, and Seller Labs. Additionally, I'll outline the best use cases for Jungle Scout, walk through the pricing options, provide a setup guide, and advise whether Jungle Scout is the right solution for your ecommerce business. My goal is to give you a comprehensive understanding of how this software works so you can determine if it's a worthwhile investment.

Ultimate Jungle Scout Review: Unveiling Amazon Sales Success
Amazon product launch software

Optimize your Amazon selling strategy with this Jungle Scout review. Find profitable products, track metrics, and streamline. Compare to leading competitors.

Price: 29 – 84

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Amazon seller software, Product research, Product launch, Amazon FBA tools

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use interface and setup
  • Powerful social media scheduling and publishing capabilities
  • Useful analytics and reporting features
  • Good value for money compared to some competitors
  • Excellent customer support


  • Steep learning curve for some advanced features
  • Limitations with content curation and discovery

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Benefits Of Using Jungle Scout

Save Time Finding Profitable Products

Amazon sellers' most significant challenge is finding profitable products in niches with solid demand. Manually searching Amazon to identify these opportunities is extremely tedious and time-consuming. Jungle Scout is an all-in-one platform that provides FBA sellers with software tools for product research, listing optimization, inventory management, and business analytics.

Jungle Scout makes product research fast and efficient with powerful filtering tools, historical sales data, and other analytics. Within minutes, you can compile a list of vetted products ready to sell on Amazon. This enables you to spend less time searching and more time launching and optimizing listings. Jungle Scout's bundled solutions guide sellers through pre-launch research to post-launch promotion to successfully introduce new products on Amazon.

Accurate Sales Estimates

After identifying a potential product, one of the most important numbers is how many monthly units it sells. Jungle Scout provides sales estimate data that is more accurate than any other Amazon software on the market. The solution's real-time sales estimators and analytics tools allow Amazon sellers to accurately track and forecast product sales and revenue.

You get critical insights into historical and current sales volumes so you can confidently assess the earning potential of a product. More accurate sales estimates lead to better decisions and less financial risk.

Optimize Listings

Creating optimized Amazon listings is essential for maximizing sales, and Jungle Scout has tools to streamline the process. The Listing Builder helps you create listings quickly with relevant keywords and formatting. You can also analyze competitors' listings to inform your strategy.

Optimization is hugely impactful, resulting in higher conversions and more organic traffic. Jungle Scout gives you the data and capabilities to create listings that truly stand out.

Amazon PPC and HSA advertising

Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout provides suggested keywords, search volumes, and bid estimates to help sellers effectively target and optimize profitable Amazon PPC and headline search ad campaigns. The solution offers keyword research and competitive analysis to create high-converting Amazon product listings optimized for A9 algorithms.

Sellers can also use Jungle Scout's Opportunity Finder, Product Database, and other research tools to identify lucrative products to promote through advertising. Jungle Scout further enables tracking campaign performance over time with customizable analytics dashboards. With robust data and optimization capabilities, Jungle Scout gives sellers a comprehensive solution for maximizing ROI from advertising spend on Amazon.

Jungle Scout tool showing data for "Coloring Books for Adults Relation
Jungle Scout tool navigates the Amazon site for “Coloring Books for Adults Relation.” In our testing, we found that the solution offers robust web-based software and browser extensions to research profitable products, estimate sales, analyze competition, and optimize listings on Amazon. 

How Jungle Scout Compares to Top Competitors

Jungle Scout vs. Helium 10

Jungle Scout and Helium 10 have extensive feature overlap, but Jungle Scout pulls ahead regarding sales estimate accuracy. On average, Jungle Scout estimates monthly sales units with a 5% error, while Helium 10 is off by around 10%. This can translate into thousands in lost revenue from making decisions based on less accurate estimates.

Jungle Scout offers superior support resources like step-by-step guides, videos, courses, and one-on-one support. This level of training helps you maximize the software's capabilities.

Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch

Viral Launch has fewer features than Jungle Scout and lacks support for core selling operations like inventory and shipment tracking. However, Viral Launch does offer exclusive capabilities like PPC bid automation that Jungle Scout does not provide.

For most sellers, Jungle Scout's end-to-end functionality that covers the entire selling process makes it a more valuable investment long-term. However, advanced sellers may find benefits in Viral Launch's unique offerings.

Jungle Scout vs. Sellics

Sellics positions itself as an alternative to Jungle Scout for product research but falls short regarding sales insights. Jungle Scout provides more granular historical sales data, while Sellics only shows estimates for the past 30 days.

Jungle Scout also features more robust listing creation and optimization tools. Sellics appeals to those wanting basic sales metrics, but Jungle Scout equips you with superior data.

Jungle Scout vs. AMZScout

AMZScout has a lower cost of entry but lacks support for many critical selling operations. It focuses specifically on product research and estimating potential earnings.

Jungle Scout provides a much more comprehensive array of tools to manage listings, inventory, analytics, promotions, and more. So, while AMZScout can get you started, Jungle Scout helps you manage and grow in the long run.

Jungle Scout vs. Seller Labs

Seller Labs offers strong support for creating listings and tracking keywords but has minimal historical sales data. Jungle Scout provides more sales insights and inventory management capabilities that most sellers need as their business scales.

Seller Labs is a good option for optimizing listings, while Jungle Scout enables you to identify and evaluate products using accurate sales estimates and other data. I used the Seller Labs solution for over five years and was an early adopter. While it has come a long way, the solution is still quite bloated and has challenges they have been unable to shake. Their support is via chat only, and it is not uncommon to go for long periods without a response.

Scout Amazon product launch software displaying book keyword data.
Jungle Scout Amazon, the product launch software, shows book keyword data. The software's Opportunity Finder, Product Database, and other tools help sellers quickly discover and validate lucrative product opportunities on Amazon. 

Best Use Cases for Jungle Scout

Product Research

Jungle Scout shines when it comes to identifying profitable products to sell on Amazon. The extensive filtering and historical sales data allow you to validate product opportunities quickly. Jungle Scout is beneficial if you're launching a new Amazon business or adding new products to expand an existing one. Jungle Scout equips FBA sellers with sales estimators, opportunity scores, and market data to identify winning physical product opportunities efficiently.

Listing Optimization

Creating compelling Amazon listings is key to maximizing sales, and Jungle Scout provides excellent support for listing building and analysis. The Listing Builder, keyword research, and competitor tracking tools empower you to create listings that drive more clicks and conversions. The solution offers keyword research and competitive analysis to create high-converting Amazon product listings optimized for A9 algorithms.

Sales Performance Analytics

Once your products are listed on Amazon, you must closely monitor their sales performance. Jungle Scout's Sales Analytics feature tracks vital metrics like units sold, revenue, conversions, etc. You get insights to make intelligent decisions about pricing, advertising, keywords, and more.

Inventory Management

Managing and replenishing inventory is vital, especially as your product catalog grows. Jungle Scout's Inventory Manager integrates with your Amazon seller account to provide insights into stock levels and sales velocity. This enables you to avoid costly out-of-stock situations. The solution gives sellers customizable dashboards, inventory tracking, order management, and other tools to operate their Amazon business efficiently. 

Jungle Scout Pricing Options

Basic $29/month

  • Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)
  • Single user license
  • Review Automation core tool

Suite $49/month

  • Everything in Basic, PLUS
  • Unlimited product and keyword research searches
  • Review Automation with Advanced features
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • PPC analysis
  • AI Assist

Professional $84/month

  • Everything in Suite, PLUS:
  • Track up to 1000 ASINs
  • 6 users included
  • 6 months of historical data in Product Tracker
  • 2 years of historical keyword data


  • Customer pricing and features
Jungle Scout's navigational interface with keyword tab highlighted
Jungle Scout's keyword data for 84 color book-related keywords. Keyword Scout provides accurate search volume data and suggested bids to optimize Amazon PPC and SEO strategies.

Step-By-Step Jungle Scout Setup Guide

  1. Sign up at JungleScout.com to start your free 14-day trial
  2. Install the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for easy product research
  3. Import your Amazon Seller Central product catalog into Jungle Scout
  4. Use the Product Tracker to identify profitable products in your niche
  5. Analyze historical sales estimates and other data to validate products
  6. Add products to the Opportunity Finder to track performance over time
  7. Sync your Amazon orders data to monitor sales and revenue
  8. Setup inventory alerts and forecasts to stay stocked
  9. Create optimized listings with the Listing Builder and keyword tools
  10. Review the Jungle Scout Academy training for tips to maximize success
According to the Michigan Journal of Economics, "On July 5, 1994, Amazon was officially founded under the name “Cadabra” (as in abracadabra) by young Princeton graduate Jeff Bezos within a garage space in his rental home in Bellevue, Washington. However, after just a few months, Bezos switched the name to Amazon Inc."

Is Jungle Scout Right For You?

Jungle Scout is best suited for serious Amazon sellers looking to efficiently identify and launch new products. Key factors that make it a worthwhile investment:

  • You sell on Amazon as a significant source of income
  • Product research is currently difficult and time-consuming for you.
  • You want to expand your product catalog but lack data to validate new products
  • Listing optimization is a priority but time-intensive without automation.
  • You need to track the performance of multiple products closely
  • Managing inventory and avoiding stockouts is challenging
  • You want end-to-end software that supports the entire selling process

For new Amazon sellers doing less than $1,000 in monthly sales, Jungle Scout may be overkill initially when just starting out. But it becomes more valuable as your seller account and product catalog grow.

Jungle Scout Review Conclusion

When I tested Jungle Scout, I felt the Product Database feature was handy for identifying profitable product niches in the Amazon marketplace. It significantly streamlined the product research process by providing a comprehensive view of market data, including estimated sales, revenue, and competition levels. So, based on the ability to uncover high-potential product opportunities with data-driven insights, I highly recommend Jungle Scout for any Amazon seller looking to optimize their product selection and boost their sales performance.

Jungle Scout provides powerful software and tools to start and grow a successful Amazon business. The features that enable efficient product research, sales tracking, listing optimization, and inventory management make Jungle Scout a top choice for serious ecommerce sellers. While not essential when starting on Amazon, Jungle Scout can enable your business to scale efficiently. Accurate data and automation help streamline challenging and time-intensive processes like finding new products, managing listings, and tracking inventory.

If you're ready to take your Amazon selling to the next level, I recommend giving Jungle Scout's free trial a test drive. The extensive features and training resources will equip you to make intelligent, data-driven decisions to boost sales and profits.

Jungle Scout FAQ

Is it possible to utilize Jungle Scout without any cost?

No, the company does not offer a free plan. They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on their standard plan offerings. Prices range from $29 a month billed annually to $84 a month billed annually.

Does Jungle Scout exclusively cater to Amazon users?

Yes, Jungle Scout is only for Amazon sellers. Jungle Scout aims to provide data and insights to help entrepreneurs succeed with Amazon ecommerce globally. Having managed an Amazon store, I can tell you that you must have a tool like this to compete effectively.

Can Jungle Scout be relied upon for accurate information?

Yes, Jungle Scout is widely considered a trusted and reputable platform. According to reviews on TrustRadius, GetApp, and other independent sites, users consistently rate Jungle Scout highly and report good experiences overall. While no software is perfect, Jungle Scout seems to deliver on its core promise of streamlining product research and business management for selling on Amazon. Between its robust features, responsive support, and a 7-day money-back guarantee, Jungle Scout aims to provide confidence and value for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

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