Creately Viz: AI-Powered Visual Intelligence for Microsoft Teams

Exciting AI Announcement

Creately recently unveiled Creately Viz, an exciting new addition to visual collaboration that brings AI-powered capabilities to Microsoft Teams. With Creately Viz and Copilot integration, teams can generate visual workspaces and diagrams directly from conversations in Teams chats and channels with simple natural language prompts.

An ecommerce store owner typing "SWOT analysis for high end women's shoes ecommerce" into a chat prompt in Microsoft Teams. Creately Viz generates a SWOT analysis diagram in the Teams chat based on the conversation context.
This animated GIF demonstrates Creately Viz, an AI-powered visual intelligence capability in Microsoft Teams. It shows an ecomeerce store owner typing a request for a SWOT analysis of the market for high end women's shoes for an ecommerce store owner. The request provides context from the Teams conversation. Creately Viz then instantly generates an expert SWOT analysis diagram summarizing the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats based on the conversation context. This exemplifies how Creately Viz can understand natural language prompts and automatically create visuals to align teams and summarize discussions in Microsoft Teams.
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Seamless Visual Creation with Natural Language

Creately, Viz allows teams to harness the power of AI to create visuals on the fly. Type “@creately generate me a flowchart for X process from this thread,” Creately Viz will instantly produce the visual framework in Teams using the context from the conversation. This eliminates the friction of visual collaboration so teams can focus on ideas instead of creation.

AI Templates for Instant Visual Thinking

One of the most powerful aspects of Creately Viz is its library of AI templates. Teams can now access multiple visual thinking frameworks without needing expertise in those models. Creately, Viz applies your content to these frameworks and delivers expert-level visuals you can use right away.

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Streamlined Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

With Creately Viz, you can summarize meeting notes into actionable plans, brainstorm ideas with your team, and more – all within Microsoft Teams. It transforms conversations into flowcharts, mind maps, SWOT diagrams, and other visuals to align and engage your team.

Creately, Viz simplifies teamwork by automating visual creation so teams can transition smoothly from ideation to execution without disrupting workflow. Its intuitive features ensure collaboration is efficient, engaging, and impactful.

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The Future of Visual Intelligence

Creately, Viz brings the power of AI to Microsoft Teams, enhancing productivity and collaboration. This is just the beginning, as Creately plans to roll out more groundbreaking visual intelligence capabilities to change how teams work with visuals.

The integration of Creately Viz unlocks the potential of teams by removing the barriers to working visually. With AI-powered creation and expert visual thinking frameworks, Creately Viz marks a new era in visual collaboration.

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