Our Commenter.ai For LinkedIn Review

Our Commenter.ai Review

Commenter.ai is an AI-powered tool designed to help users craft engaging and authentic comments on LinkedIn posts. It aims to elevate your online presence and foster genuine connections by generating thoughtful, relevant comments tailored to each post. With Commenter.ai, you can stand out from the crowd of generic “Great post!” remarks and spark meaningful conversations that lead to new opportunities.

Review Summary

In this review, we'll explore Commenter.ai's pricing, usability, features, customer reviews, and support. We'll also compare it with popular alternatives like Engage AI, CommentReply, LinkoAI, Anyword, and TweetStorm.ai. When I tested Commenter.ai, I found the personalization options particularly useful for crafting comments that resonate with my brand voice. Based on its ability to generate authentic, tailored comments and its comprehensive educational resources, I highly recommend Commenter.ai to anyone looking to elevate their LinkedIn engagement strategy.

Commenter.ai Review For LinkedIn : Big Engagement Boost 10X
commenter in use

Ready to level up your LinkedIn interactions? Our Commenter.ai review helps you understand how to create thoughtful comments that resonate & drive engagement.

Price: 0 – 27

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Social Media Management Tools, LinkedIn Automation Tool, Content Generation Tools, AI-powered Writing Assistants

Editor's Rating:


  • Authentic Engagement
  • Time-Saving Efficiency
  • Personalized Brand Voice
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Enable users to engage with a large number of connections


  • Speeds up the process but still requires oversight
  • Dependence on AI Technology
Step by Step Instructions

Ready to level up your LinkedIn interactions? Our Commenter.ai review helps you understand how to create thoughtful comments that resonate & drive engagement.

Commenter.ai Review For LinkedIn : Big Engagement Boost 10X

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Benefits of Using Commenter.ai

Authentic Engagement

Commenter.ai's AI technology generates comments that go beyond generic praise, helping you engage with your connections on a deeper level. The comments are designed to spark genuine conversations and foster meaningful relationships.

Time-Saving Efficiency

Instead of spending hours crafting comments for each post, Commenter.ai streamlines the process, allowing you to engage with more connections in less time without sacrificing quality.

Personalized Brand Voice

Commenter.ai lets you tailor the tone and style of the generated comments to match your unique brand voice, ensuring consistency across your online presence.

Commenter.ai vs. Competitors

Commenter.ai vs. Engage AI

While both tools offer AI-generated LinkedIn comments, Commenter.ai stands out with its focus on personalization and brand voice. It also provides educational resources and a community to help users maximize their LinkedIn strategy.

Commenter.ai vs. CommentReply

CommentReply is a more basic tool focused solely on generating comments, while Commenter.ai offers a comprehensive suite of features, including personalization options and educational resources.

Commenter.ai vs. LinkoAI

LinkoAI is primarily focused on LinkedIn outreach and automation, while Commenter.ai specializes in crafting authentic, engaging comments tailored to each post.

Commenter.ai vs. Anyword

Anyword is a more general-purpose AI writing assistant, while Commenter.ai is specifically designed for LinkedIn engagement and comment generation.

Commenter.ai vs. TweetStorm.ai

TweetStorm.ai is focused on generating tweets and hashtags for Twitter, while Commenter.ai is dedicated to LinkedIn comment generation and engagement.

Best Use Cases

Building Genuine Connections

Commenter.ai is ideal for professionals and businesses looking to build genuine connections and foster meaningful relationships on LinkedIn through authentic engagement.

Elevating Brand Presence

By crafting comments that resonate with your brand voice, Commenter.ai can help you establish a consistent and engaging online presence on LinkedIn.

Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency

With Commenter.ai's AI-powered comment generation, you can save time and engage with more connections without sacrificing quality or authenticity.

Step By Step Guide to Commenter.AI

Our Commenter.ai Testing

1. register and Setting Up

Commenter.ai review signup process.
Overview of the first step of the sign-up process for the Commenter.ai review solution.

2. Take a Video Tour

Commenter.ai setup welcome message from founder with tutorial videos for easy use.
Effortless setup with founder's welcome & tutorial videos for a quick start.

3. Get Guided Instructions

Friendly and informative software tour with founder's guidance.
Next, you will get started with a personalized and friendly software tour led by the founder.

4. Read Some Posts

AI generating unique and relevant comments on LinkedIn post.
Enhance engagement with AI-generated comments on LinkedIn.

5. Post Your Comments

AI-assisted integration for valuable comments with full control over posting, editing, and decision-making.
Experience the AI-assisted integration that provides valuable comments while giving you full control over posting, editing, and decision-making. Kudos to the team for creating a non-spammy and ethical solution.

Product Pricing Options

  • $12/month
  • 300 comments per month
  • 1 emotion tone
  • TextTune™ for short comments
  • GenuYou™ for personalized comments
  • Multi-language support
  • Comment grammar check
  • Standard support
  • Access to Commenter Academy
  • $17/month (discounted from $36/month)
  • 900 comments per month
  • 3 emotion tones (including Natural™ tone)
  • 5 commenting styles
  • Full TextTune™ for short and long comments
  • GenuYou™ for comment personalization
  • Multi-language support
  • SmartReply+™ for basic comment replies
  • Grammar check of comments
  • Up to 40 saved comments
  • Up to 40 engagement lists
  • Commenter Academy
  • “Strategic Commenting” video course
  • Priority support
  • $27/month (discounted from $81/month)
  • 3,000 comments per month
  • 6 emotion tones (including Natural™ tone)
  • 10 commenting styles
  • Full TextTune™ for short and long comments
  • GenuYou™ for personalized comments
  • Multi-language support
  • SmartReply+™ for advanced comment replies
  • Unlimited saved comments
  • Unlimited engagement lists
  • Grammar check of comments
  • Access to exclusive community
  • Commenter Academy
  • 30% referral commission
  • Special discounts for events and courses
  • Commenting on Facebook and Twitter
  • “All-in-one LI Personal Branding” eBook
  • “Strategic Commenting” video course
  • VIP support

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

  1. Sign up for a Commenter.ai account (free trial or paid plan).
  2. Connect your LinkedIn account to Commenter.ai.
  3. Customize your brand voice and preferences in the settings.
  4. Browse LinkedIn posts and select the ones you want to comment on.
  5. Click the Commenter.ai extension or button to generate a relevant comment.
  6. Review and edit the comment if needed, then post it on LinkedIn.

Is Commenter.ai Right for You?

Commenter.ai is an excellent choice for professionals and businesses looking to enhance their LinkedIn engagement strategy. If you value authentic connections, personalized brand voice, and time-saving efficiency, Commenter.ai can be a game-changer. However, if you're primarily focused on Twitter or other social media platforms, alternative tools like TweetStorm.ai might be a better fit.


In the fast-paced world of LinkedIn, standing out and fostering genuine connections can be a challenge. Commenter.ai has a YouTube page that will be a great resource for new users. From where we sit, Commenter.ai offers a solution by generating authentic, engaging comments tailored to your brand voice and each post. With its comprehensive features, educational resources, and personalization options, Commenter.ai can elevate your online presence and help you build meaningful relationships on LinkedIn.

Don't settle for generic “Great post!” comments – take your LinkedIn engagement to the next level with Commenter.ai. Sign up today and experience the power of AI-powered, authentic commenting.

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