Entail AI CEO Reveals Secrets to Winning the Organic Marketing Battle

Organic Marketing Strategy

As Google faces unprecedented disruption from AI and the meteoric rise of TikTok, the war for consumer attention has taken an epic turn. In this exclusive interview, Entail AI co-founder and CEO Tom Amitay reveals why businesses are struggling to compete with influencers for organic traffic and how his innovative marketing platform is leveling the playing field.

“Influencers are dominating. They're getting all the attention,” Amitay bluntly states. “If businesses want to create content to compete with influencers, it's super difficult because to compete you have to have the expertise, the charisma, the time, and so on.”

While influencers can leverage their brands and authenticity to attract audiences organically, businesses face immense hurdles. The executives who could potentially create influencer-level content are too strapped for time, and their opportunity costs are too high.

“The people in the business that can potentially create content at the same level as influencers are the executives…and their time is too expensive,” says Amitay. “They have too many things to manage. So the ROI on that type of content would be very, very negative.”

Listen And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

Watch And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

In this exclusive interview, Entail AI CEO Tom Amitay unveils his company's groundbreaking approach to organic marketing that helps businesses cut through the noise and earn audience attention. By combining human expertise with AI optimization, Entail enables companies to create authentic content that outshines influencers on search and social media.

Entail's Three-Pronged Solution

To solve this pervasive challenge, Entail has developed a comprehensive AI-powered marketing automation platform with three core components:

  1. Text Content CMS: An all-in-one system for content strategy, expert content creation, publishing, and on-page SEO optimization.
  2. Video CMS: Enables production of authentic, human-centric SEO videos optimized for social media virality.
  3. Conversion Optimization: Leverages AI to identify user intent and guide visitors through the conversion funnel with personalized content recommendations.

Expert-Driven Content, Not AI Generation

What truly sets Entail apart is its contrarian stance on AI content generation for organic marketing. As Amitay emphatically states:

“If you're generating content with AI for organic purposes, not for paid ads, but for organic purposes, then you can stop. There's no need for that content…You can get that content elsewhere. There's no reason to index that.”

Instead, Entail focuses on facilitating expert-driven content creation powered by human expertise, perspectives, and personal experience.

“We create all of our content with experts…based on unique perspectives and personal experience and expertise. So really human and authentic content, whether it's articles or videos,” Amitay explains. “And then we use AI to edit it, to streamline the editing process, to make it quicker, simpler, cheaper.”

By combining human ingenuity with AI's content optimization capabilities, Entail aims to produce the type of differentiated, high-quality content that can earn audience attention and rise above the noise created by AI-generated fluff.

Mapping the Content Landscape

A key part of Entail's strategy is using AI to map the entire universe of relevant topics and quantify their potential value to a business based on predicted sales impact.

“We're using AI to generate content strategy, to know what topics to target. What is the value of every topic?” says Amitay. “We take the complexity of SEO and we reduce it into one number…that signifies the value of each topic.”

This data-driven approach ensures businesses can prioritize content creation efforts around topics with the highest ROI potential for driving conversions and revenue growth.

Standing Out in a Crowded Content Landscape

In Amitay's view, the key to organic marketing success is standing out by offering something unique that AI and the competition cannot replicate.

“You're not going to stand out by doing more of the same, by doing what everybody else is doing,” he states. “You need to do something different. That's why almost everything we do at Entail goes against the grain.”

By combining human authenticity and expertise with intelligent AI optimization and analytics, Entail is charting a bold new path to help businesses earn the attention they need to thrive in today's hyper-competitive marketing landscape.


What makes Entail's marketing platform different from other AI content tools?

Unlike AI writing tools that generate synthetic content, Entail facilitates the creation of authentic, expert-driven content based on real human perspectives and experience. AI is used for content optimization and strategy, not generation.

How does Entail's content mapping work?

Entail uses AI to map the entire topic universe relevant to a business and quantify the potential value of each topic based on predicted sales impact. This data-driven approach guides content strategy.

What are the three core components of Entail's platform?

 1) Text Content CMS for expert article creation and SEO, 2) Video CMS for producing authentic social videos, and 3) Conversion optimization to guide customers through the funnel.

Why is expert-driven content important for organic marketing?

To earn attention and rise above the noise, businesses need differentiated content that offers unique expertise and perspectives that AI cannot replicate. Expert-driven content stands out.

How does Entail's platform help businesses compete with influencers?

By enabling the production of authentic, high-quality content at scale, Entail's platform allows businesses to create influencer-level material without the high opportunity costs of executive time.

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